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February 4th, 2003

A fine festuche

Years ago, I was a communications manager for IBM. There was one of us at every plant and every division hq making about 50 of us total around the United States. We were a kind of club. One member of the club had this theory about word usage. He allowed as how if you made up a good enough word and got three people to use it, within a year it would get back to from a fairly untraceable source. I'm obviously forgetting the details of the deal but I do remember the word that proved his theory.

Festuche. It's pronounced fess-toosch (accent on the second syllable). A festuche is a brohaha or a big deal or a tado. "He forgot to get the approval and pretty soon we had a major festuche." or "She's such a drama queen. She could make any staff meeting into a real festuche."

It's a great word and one that doesn't have much competition. When something is a real festuche, the other options for describing it just do not measure up.

About two years after this guy introduced festuche at a bar in White Plains, NY (a few of us gathered to discuss the day long meeting we had just been subject to), the head of communications at IBM stood before a gathering of about 300 IBMers and urged us not to make 'a festuche out of today's announcement'. It was a major coup and one that called for a festuche of a celebration.

This morning I had to use the word with a guy here at work. He allowed as how he had never heard the word before and thought it was a great word and planned to use it a lot. Maybe we'll see a revival?

Edited on September 7, 2006:
I'm so sorry I can't remember the name of the guy who first proposed festuche. He should get the credit. I can remember that it was first proposed in that bar in White Plains over the winter of 1986/87. It was 1989 when Bert (or Burt - that's all I got left of the executive's name) used it in the big meeting - this time in Somers, NY.

Edited on May 9, 2012:
Over the years this entry has attracted a fair amount of spammers. Lately the traffic has increased substantially, so I'm screening them from now on. I'll be fast, I promise and if you have something to add - that's not a Nigerian plea for money, or links to buy fake Coach bags - I'll add it right away. Nigerians selling fake Coach bags, don't bother. Thx. S.

Stiches out tomorrow and stuff.

Yahoo! I'm tired ot these suckers and ready for them to be gone.

Poor Jake, he was napping peacefully on the bed when I got home. I hadn't heard him sneeze much at all - not last night or this morning. But, I dutifully gave him a shot of his medicine. Sneeze city! And, the medicine is hot pink - a very staining hot pink. He sneezed hot pink all over everywhere. He seems otherwise fine. Eating fine. No change in personality. Just very annoyed at having to have the medicine. I think maybe, unless he sneezes from now until in the morning, we may just forgo the medicine and see how we get along. Poor guy.

I saw my first Segway today! Some dude was rolling down the sidewalk that runs from my condo, he crossed the street and went by my office and on up the street. Funky.

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