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The Joy of the Festuche

Not long ago someone suggested to me that I should turn off the ability to leave anonymous comments. I didn't and I won't and the reason is the anonymous comment I got yesterday that is still making me smile. I won't even make you follow a link. Here it is:
Hi - just wanted to comment about your (three year old) entry about the origin about the word "festuche" - my mother (an IBM employee) used it when talking to me last weekend while I was home visiting, and caused quite a dinner table discussion. We broke out the OED and couldn't find it there, and my little brother booted up the computer and tried Failing that, he googled the term. Imagine my surprise when the usually somber and sullen 22 year old burst out in hysterical laughter upon finding your story. It was good to hear him laugh, and makes for a great story.
Isn't that the most wonderful comment? Festuche is a gift that just keeps on giving!

In case you need a festuche booster shot, here's the original entry
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