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And the record is broken

My tracker is set with a goal of 17,000 Misfit points a day. In my case that's a combo of swimming and actual steps. A while back I had a streak going of 65 straight days of reaching my goal. And then, somehow, I slipped. Now I'm back on track and today was day 66! Goal met. Whew. My only shot really at exercise is in the first part of the day. Afternoons aren't great and evenings are a lost cause. So if I don't hit my goal by 4 pm it's a problem. The rest of the day is gravy.

I did work hard to win the baseball game and was, thankfully, 100% successful.

Then I made some dolls.

Now I'm going to watch some TV. Pizza for dinner. Life is good.

Kenny Chesny Parade...

Kenny Chesney is doing a concert tonight in the football stadium. When I left for the pool this morning at 7:15, there were already local radio stations setting up their tents and the Porta Potty Enclave has been built. When they have country music concerts (and maybe other concerts - I don't remember) they bring in a bunch of porta potties. Some they put in the parking lot but about 25 or so are clustered in one spot next to and only accessable through the actual stadium. Apparently there are plenty of bathrooms for sold out football and soccer games but concert people need more pee options.

Then when I got to West Seattle (where the gym is), I ran into the Summer parade prep. Their Summer parade is a BFD - bands and floats and marchers of all kinds and it's about 13 miles long. It's a perfect morning for it. Not too hot and not too sunny. I gave a passing thought to sticking around to watch it. I love marching teams and marching bands.

But, I decided to come on home and watch the baseball game which started an hour before the parade. Plus, I didn't have any parade supplies with me. So I came home, made a lovely breakfast and now I am actually watching the game. Meanwhile Chesney frenzy is building across the street. Those people need to learn to pace themselves.

I was just flipping through news and spied a short piece about an upcoming NBC show. The work life of my long time LJ friend angelamermaid on TV!!

Emily, a spunky young insurance adjuster specializing in regular-people coverage against damage caused by the crime-fighting superheroes.
As a TV show, it could go either way. I sure hope it's great fun and a huge success.

My husband and his first wife (I was #2 out of 4 (that I knew of)) had 5 children. When we got married, they ranged in age from 2 years younger than I was at the time to 14. A couple of the younger ones (boys) were ambivalent about me, they rest thought I was evil. I didn't think much better of them. It was swell. One of the daughters was particularly difficult. Her name was Darby and whenever she would visit, I'd talk about Storm Darby.

Today there is a storm off of Hawaii. Storm Darby. I wonder what the human storm is up to these days.

And, yeah, if I were you, I'd judge the fuck out of anyone who marries someone 20 years older with five goddamn kids. Not my finest hour.

So far, the Mariner game is not working out great for the Mariners but it's early yet. I think maybe it needs my total attention.

Zoey scores on the free shelf

I just went down to the recycle bins to donate some boxes. There is a 'free' shelf next to the dumpsters where people leave stuff they don't want but someone else might. I've gotten many wonderful things there and left my share of cool stuff as well. Today was Zoey's day.

Someone left this brush thing and after sniffing around it for a bit, she totally claimed it and is still there 0 in this same position.

The cool thing is that she'll abandon it soon enough and then ignore it. And when that happens I'll take it back to the free shelf for the cat to enjoy.

This morning when I got out of the shower at the gym, my lower back was already tired like it sometimes gets at the end of the day. I've been trying to walk around, change positions, sit differently, and it's not agonizing but it's not comfortable either. I wonder if I did something to it last night while I was sleeping. I think some stretching exercises might be in order.

I did get some good sewing in.

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Nothing like a gloriously cool, rainy day to empty out the gym. I swam for 65 minutes in my own private pool all by myself.

Next week starts a string of hot sunny days so today is to be treasured. The a/c is off, the door is open. Nice.

I also remembered to stop and get gas on the way home. Win. One load of laundry is already in the dryer and the second and final load is washing now.

Another nothing-going-on day. Which is fine by me. Baseball is in Toronto so on at 4 here. I think I'll go fold laundry and make dolls.


I'm starving and I have, in house, ready to go, at least 4 great dinner options and another 4 mediocre ones. All of them will keep for several days so it does not really matter which goes tonight and which go on the next 7 nights. It's a plethora of dinner riches and a very hard choice. Kind of makes first world problems look like real problems!

I did go out this afternoon and should have waited until tomorrow. The sun was too bright and it was too hot but I survived. I really am driven by my stupid fitness tracker. I keep hearing how fitness trackers are just a waste of time and money. Not in my case. Not by a long shot.

But, I'm totally done for the day - hit my goal so it's ass on the couch until it flips to zero again at midnight. I have two more episodes of House of Cards and some other stuff on TiVo. And bears to knit.


I had to make an emergency stop at Safeway this morning after my swim because while I am not completely out of ice cream, I didn't have enough for tonight's dessert. All fixed now. Whew. I did have a lovely swim.

I'm loving summer at the gym. So many of the regulars have either given up swimming or have taken to the outside. I rarely have to share a lane and always get the middle one (my fav) and often am the only one in the pool. It's really luxurious.

Today there is nothing on the calendar. The Mariners have the day off. I might trot over to my favorite teriyaki place and pick up my usual which translates to dinner tonight + one dinner in the freezer for later. It's supposed to be hot today and not so hot tomorrow so if I were smart I would wait. But, then if I were smart, I'd be a whole different me!

I love the way my blinds cut the sun into slivers in the mornings.

I remember after my dad died and my mom was on her own and old, she would sometimes just sit there and stare into space. Until then, she's mostly been a dervish all my life - doing this, reading that, moving here and there always. And now she just stared. I asked her about it once and she said 'well, when you get old, it takes longer to get your mind together.' At the time I thought 'stupid answer!'.

Just now, this morning, I just killed about 30 minutes staring into space and getting my mind together.

I truly hope there is a way that she can know how many times every day I finally concede that she was, indeed, right. On a whole bunch of different topics. Including this one. My mind is not particularly together but I think I'll go sew anyway.

Oh here's last night's bear.

Jul. 20th, 2016

Zoey rarely sleeps with me any more. Probably the heat. But, the other day I noticed a patch of Zoey hair on the sheets... And then last night, when I kept waking up at one point, I caught her sitting on the edge of the bed - staring at me. A black cat just watching me sleep. Now there's something to ponder.

My house is all clean. And my house cleaner brought me a tuna sandwich for lunch. She makes the most delicious tuna sandwiches on the planet. I just ate mine and yum.

I got a bunch of doll bits cut out and ready. Here are 5 of the stacks of dolls ready to assemble.

And here's one getting put together.

And here she is all finished.

And here's her sister.

Next up some bearing while I watch the baseball game.

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close but not spot on

I just got an email from Redfin with a link to what my house on sale would be like. Fascinating! They have a couple of things not quite right, but still kind of cool.

The photo is an old one of one of the retail units down on street level. I only paid $167,000. I took ownership in December 1991 and moved in that January but they aren't wrong about the February. IBM hosed up the closing by not turning over payment from my California condo in time. But the developers let me rent for a $1 til closing which was really cool of them. I swear my actual papers say I have 1,300 square feet in total but I'm too lazy to look that up. But, still, their selling scenario is quite lovely. My dream is to die here (in my sleep, thanks) so my brother will be the sell/keep decision.

I did not sleep that well last night. Too hot, I think. I finally gave up about 5:30 so I got to the pool a little earlier and so hit a little more traffic. None of this was consequential or even a little bit annoying. The freedom of retirement.

Today is house cleaner day. I'd plan some time out but she's bringing her daughter today which means they will finish promptly and I don't want to turn off the a/c. Once in a while - mainly with the old unit - her vacuum breaks the circuit when the a/c is on and it's better if I'm here to turn the juice back on. She gets all frazzled. No biggie. I don't have anywhere I need to go anyway. Oh and there's an afternoon Mariner game so not a good day to wander off and hope to get home.

And she's here early! Nice. Ok.

Donut hole escape for 2016

Medicare insurance is designed so that you get drug coverage A until you have spent xxx and then you get no coverage until you have spent xxx+yyy. So after you've spent xxx and before you have spent xxx+yyy, you have no drug insurance - it's a donut hole of coverage. With coverage, my drugs cost me $50ish a month. With no drug coverage, my drugs cost me $850ish a month. My math tells me that the donut hole is not a good place for me to be.

And this year, I've managed to skip it. I now have, in house, enough of everything except one cheap one to last me until next January. Whew!! A little inhaler hoarding last year when I changed insurance companies, paid off. Next year, I'll probably get screwed but this year, I b kewel.

And if that weren't enough excellent news, I just got a $100 gift certificate to a fancy restaurant across the street. They are building some fancy assed condos and making a big, loud, noisy mess in the process. A few (maybe an 8th) of the units in this building are being annoyed by this. So to make it up to them, they gave us all - every unit - a $100 gift card to the two fancy assed restaurant in that building. Nice. Very nice. I'm not a fan of the big, formal restaurant but the bar is lovely and they serve nice bar sized portions of fancy stuff. So, yep, I will be going over there at least a couple of times for a nice cocktail and light dinner.

Not on a Mariner home game night, though. So not tonight. They are going out of town next week so maybe then.

The ball chair and I are getting along way better. I'm about a day away from throwing out the box which means no chance of returning it.

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Light and bright

My swim was good. I meant to get out a little early and ended up swimming a little longer than usual. 1.3 miles according to Misfit. And then on to the eye doctor.

I don't really mind eye exams but they do seem tedious and mechanical. Sit here, look at that, look at this, follow my finger, drops and now do it all again. And this is with NO glasses or contacts needed or wanted. Whew.

When I finally did get to the doctor he said that my inability to tolerate sun and glare was because they removed my cataracts and now there's a bit of a film on one of the permanent lenses. There's a laser thing they can do that might fix the glare but not the 'too much light'. I have one eye for distance and one eye for closeup. The closeup eye is the one with the film so it will be easy to tell if it's a problem. Meanwhile sunglasses and call him if I want the laser thing. No change in anything else and all is excellent see you next year. I got no problem staying inside and/or wearing dark glasses if I have to go out in the sun. So I think I'll pass on the laser but nice to know 1. it's not my imagination and 2. it's an option.

OK! Down to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions and then on to Goodwill. It was a good day. I got a shitload - I mean shitload of excellent doll fabrics. Some very big pieces (yard or more), about a dozen pillow cases and another dozen half yards. The average cost of fabric for doll stuff is about $9-10 a yard so today's haul was easily $150-200 worth. I paid $28.

What's even more impressive is what I didn't buy. There was this really nice solid wood CD tower. It had removable, repositionable shelves and would have been perfect for fabric storage/display. Six feet+ tall. $20.

BUT. 1. No place to put it in my house. If it had been painted, I probably would have squeezed it in someplace and yes, I could paint it but I really don't have any good place to paint and don't like to paint. and 2. It was way too big for the Smart Car. I seriously considered renting a Relay Ride (BMW plenty big enough) But then we're back to the painting/no room thing.

PLUS history clearly shows us that when I have room for more fabric, I instantly have more fabric than I have room for. Every.Single. Time. So, no, I'm going to be strong and not give in. This time.

Last night's game was a snoozer until the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs when we went from 0-3 to 4-3 in a walk off home run. It was pretty dramatic and fun. And then I went to sleep and dreamed that I lost my purse and everything in it AND that the ceiling fan in the bedroom fell out of the ceiling.

It was a busy night all the way around.

Now I need to fold all this amazing fabric and figure out how/where to put it for now and make a couple of dolls out of it!

Weird Day

My gout got gone. Whew. But it was replaced with some kind of some other vague malady. It's weird. I don't feel horrible, I just don't feel great. I took a nap in the middle of the day which I hate to do but I thought lying down for a bit might help. It kind of did.

I made two dolls and actually did clean out two drawers in the bathroom. They are all nice and tidy now.

Our local PBS station ran a show about the White House which I recorded assuming it was old and I had seen it. Turns out, it's not old and I had not seen it and it a nice, long (2+ hours) look into the building and it's history including interviews with lots of staff and residents - current and past. Really interesting and I'm only half way through it.

I just got a text from Goodwill that tomorrow is 30% off linens! The last time they ran this promotion, I made a killing on adorable children's pillow cases that are now dolls (including the bottom one below!). I have an eye doctor appointment after my swim tomorrow and then I think I'll swing by and see what they got!

Meatloaf for dinner. With a twice baked potato. Yum

Toe whoa

My toe got all gouty over night. Gout goes one of two ways - it either clears up quickly or gets really really bad. I've voting for the former. It did not get in the way of my swimming this morning so I'm hopeful.

When I went to get my gout pills this morning, I discovered that my two bathroom drawers need a complete cleanout as does the under the sink. As does the closet but I think I'm going to start with the bathroom. This morning. The goal for today is one drawer. But, I could get on a roll.

Otherwise, nothing big on the schedule. I have a WTF note going out to the oven guy this morning. I'm waiting until he gets in and has time to send me an update which I'm sure he will not and then he'll get my note. It's been eight weeks since they first tried to install the oven. It's been 1 week since he promised an update the next day and then did not. Over the years I have bought a fridge, an stove, two dishwashers, a washer and a dryer from these people. Plus newest oven. I have my next appliance store all picked out so if/when he finally gets this damn thing installed correctly, I will not have to deal with this store again.

I think I'll go tackle that first drawer now while I'm still inspired.


I took a break from sewing and moved to the living room to knit and watch the Mariners lose. And when I went back to make another doll, my back was way better able to handle it. So now I'm hopeful again.

I also took some trash down to the dumpster which was a little of a walk which does not hurt. It's getting warm again outside (and by the dumpsters). We are overdue for some 80 degrees+ weather. I'm not bitching, I'm just steeling myself but my trusty weather app says it's not happening - at least not within the next 10 days. We have a couple of near 80 days but nothing outrageous. thankyoujeasus.

The Mariners loss was painful and is now final so I think it's time to find out what's up with Frank and Claire Underwood.

ass and teeth

I think I may have started the sewing chair victory dance a little too early. I used it today to sew a doll and I have to say that it was not comfortable enough for me to sew a second doll. BUT, I am fully willing to consider that my discomfort could be a result of getting used to it. So, I'm giving it a week. At least one doll a day for a week using no other chair. Hopefully, I'll be able to do more than one a day but one a day is a minimum and no using the old stool.

In the past few days I have seen or heard conversations about the tooth fairy. There have been no children in my life in pretty much forever. I am pretty intimately involved with the life of children up until the year about 1970 and then after that... nothing.

This means while I know about Sesame Street, I don't know much. There was no such street when I was growing up. Certainly no Pokemon (and I don't know a thing about that). No elf on the shelf (again, no clue there either).

I know these things from passing references but not from personal knowledge.

I learned this week that parents now leave enormous sums of money under pillows and sprinkle the bedroom with glitter for EVERY SINGLE TOOTH a child loses. WTF??? I was shocked.

In the 50's the tooth fairy must have had a second or third job and did the tooth fairy thing as a side gig or hobby.

Very rich kids got a quarter. The rest of us got a dime. FOR THE FIRST TOOTH ONLY. Losing tooth number 2 got you nothing. Ditto for the rest of the mouth full.

Getting paid for every tooth is just a bad economic situation.

I'm getting ready to start week 2 of no TV news and I think, with the Republican Convention looming and people shooting people left and right, I'm not going to have any problem keep the TV news free.


I went to bed last night believing today would be Monday so when I woke up this morning to NPR in the middle of the Sunday puzzle, I was massively confused. I lay there and tried to figure out why they were doing the Sunday puzzle on Monday. Because of the Republican convention? Maybe the local station fucked up? I tried a bunch of very unsuccessful scenarios and then went to So it's Sunday? Really? No. Really? It was a rather large bought of very heavy mental gymnastics.

I finally realized that it was the baseball that fucked me up. Saturday home baseball is rarely - very rarely in the afternoon like it was yesterday. So that led to last night feeling like Sunday night. I felt better once I got a credible reason figured out.

I got to the gym at 7:45 and had nice visit with Barrie, my swim buddy. And then 8 am came and non opened the door. A crowd gathered but it wasn't until 8:15 that someone who knew where the key was showed up. Averages out the times we've been able to sneak in early. Plus I had no where I had to be at any particular time. So no biggie.

I'm home now and properly breakfasted. The shades are down and the sun is on the other side of them. The air conditioner is keeping it comfortable in there. And I have nowhere I have to go. I have food and ice cream and cookies and Netflix. I am very grateful.

The baseball game starts at 1:15 and this time it is actually Sunday. I'm off to sew.

More Saturday

I did some sewing. I did some baseball. I did some eating. It was a pretty nice day all together.

The ball chair is not an immediate back soother but 1. the general consensus is that you need to give it a few days and 2. at least it keeps me moving and not frozen. Even if it turns out to be not a great improvement, I already know it's a little better at least than what I have and certainly more colorful.

I have also been very much better about getting up and taking little walks. Like down to the dumpsters. Or like washing the dishes. It's probably cool enough now to go outside but for the life of me I can't find the interest!

I got $20 towards Amazon restaurants! Somehow in the Prime Day deal there was a $20 reward. And it doesn't look like a first timer deal either. Seeing as how my favorite Prime delivery deal is $35 total with tip (that's a minimum order but generally gives me 6 dinners so pretty much a steal even at full price), I'm seeing some stir fried Mongolian beef in my future.

I'm thinking more House of Cards this evening along with bear knitting.


After my swim today, I went to the grocery store. I went back to the one where I found a bunch of excellent goodies in the deli section. Today, nothing good. Which is really fine because the store really isn't convenient and I didn't want to love it.

Then onto the Plan B store. More expensive, more different and a little more convenient. Got some good and interesting things and spent WAY too much money. But, what. Ever.

Last week I lost my credit card. Today I found it. 3 days after the replacement came. The minute I saw it on the floor by the shotgun seat window, I remember exactly when my bag went upside down last Saturday. I had actually been about one or two thoughts away from solving the crime when I pulled the replacement trigger. Oh well, no harm, no fowl (hahahah) since Capital One made replacing so easy.

The baseball is an afternoon game today. I need to put away the groceries and then maybe get a doll made before the game starts. I want to sit on that new chair!

If this then that

I keep seeing about the tragedy in nice or the nice disaster and keep reading it NOT as neece but as the kind and gentle and sweet tragedy or disaster. And now turkey's in trouble. I'm not likely to misread that.

I had a package for UPS. The UPS guy delivered and didn't pick up the package so I decided to take it to the UPS office which is just on the other side of McDonald's. I figured a mid-afternoon-end-of-the-week Diet Dr. Pepper Float was in order. BUT, then I pulled out of my garage and there was a UPS truck. So I handed my package to the driver. Heck, I was already out of the garage. McDonald's was only a mile away. No reason to let that UPS driver stand between me and my Diet Dr. Pepper Float. It was delicious.

My ball chair arrived. And I love it. It came in a nice box with a handle. So if I need to return it, no problem.

Mucho assembly and blow job required. That hand pump did not look up to the job and I was worried but, as it turns out, needlessly.

And... damn if it isn't perfect!! The instructions say to wait 24 hours, deflate by half and reblow. So I will but already I love it. It's the perfect height and it feels way better than its predecessor.

And I actually do think I could tuck it into the closet for hiding, if necessary. So, whew. Problem solved.

And dolls made. Baseball soon!

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It's really amazing to me how empty the gym is these days. I feel like I missed the 'don't go near the gym' memo or something. There are way fewer cars in the parking garage and this morning I spent most of my hour swimming in the pool by myself. Weird but fine by me!

The young woman who staffs the front desk there is annoying but this morning when I got there as she checked me in she said "you always have the cutest shirts on!" Kind of deflated a little of my annoy which, of course, is annoying. ha.

It's another sunny, warm day. However, there's a woman at the front door (Front Door TV Network) wearing a coat, a felt hat and a scarf. Seattlites do wear some weird shit sometimes.

I got my first ever water teeth flosser this week. And I'm not quite sure what to think. It's very messy. I'm not opposed to water but yikes. This thing is rather out of control. The first time I used it I was very underwhelmed. But last night, after dinner, I used it and was shocked to see all the crap it broke loose from in between my teeth. I am not at all inclined to floss my teeth with actual floss. The closest I come is knocking out the big pieces with a plastic pick. Using the water is way more likely to happen in spite of the mess and the valuable bathroom counter real estate it requires. I motivated at least for now to give it a go daily.

2 of my prescriptions pills and my main inhaler are up due for a re-up so today I tried out the pharmacy's online refill deal. I'm going to be there next Tuesday for an eye doctor appointment so I figured it was a goo test. Ran into one glitch but tried it again and easy peasy. I was even able to set it for pick up Tuesday morning.

Nothing going on here today particularly. Chicken's out for thawing for dinner. Ham sandwich for lunch. Dolls to make.

And baseball is back tonight. Yahoo.

2 + 1

I was very careful with my sewing back today and it paid off. My new ball chair comes tomorrow. I think I can make it. I made two dolls and a swim suit. And it was nice and cool back there thankfully.

I toyed with the idea of going out to eat tonight but 1. it's hot out there and 2. I've got food here.

So it will be me and the House of Cards and the bear du jour.

The suit does not photograph well but I do love this fabric! So cheery. I'll give it a test swim tomorrow.

Today's dolls...

And last night's bear...

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Two things keep amazing me. 1. How quickly the inside of your mouth heals. Last night, I somehow got a divot in the inside skin of mouth - a hole with edges of loose skin. It was a little painful but more annoying. In hours it was nearly gone and it was all gone this morning. Amazing.. 2. How many thoughts you can have in a mere nano second.

I walked into my condo after my swim this morning and it was hot. I could hear the a/c going but it was not cool. Fuck. By the time I was half way down the hall, I'd decided that I'd first go to Home Depot for a replacement or maybe Costco. And then by the time I got to the unit, I'd decided probably one day Amazon delivery would be better. And I also had reviewed the week's forecast to see if maybe this was a good time to take a little trip (to an air conditioned hotel).

Less than 30 seconds from the time I opened the door and made all those decisions, I discovered that some stupid idiot had set the temperature for 77! I apologized to the air conditioner and promised I wasn't going to replace it and turned it down to 72. Already in the ensuing 20 minutes, the temp in the living room is at 75 and falling. Hopefully the sewing room (next to the front door) will be coolish soon.

My fitness tracking software (Misfit) is broken this morning and it's driving me nuts. It appears they are working on it (varying error messages) but the OCD in me keeps trying to log in. At least my swim is still on my watch so when they come back up, it should sync fine. But waiting is not my strong suit. I can't leave it alone. I have a streak going (continuous days of 17,000 steps every day) and I do not want it broken especially when I will have done the steps and it's just the accounting that's the problem.

Today will be a usual day. Sewing and trying to keep cool. Reading about Josephene Earp and watching more House of Cards. The sun is out so the shades are down. All is good.

Ok Corral

My brother got me hooked on a book I would have never thought I'd be interested in. Lady at the O.K. Corral: The True Story of Josephine Marcus Earp by Ann Kirschner. Wyatt Earp's common law wife or long time girlfriend was born during the time of the Civil War and lived until 4 years before I was born. And spent 47 of those years with Wyatt Earp. It's fascinating.

When I first moved to Seattle in 1992, the Seattle library had a very crude, convoluted but nonetheless magical way you could tunnel into their system and request holds and check on what holds were ready for pickup, etc. Even though my office at the time was next door to the downtown library, I'd check their system before I walked across the street.

Today, my brother in Texas casually mentions this great book he's reading. I log into the Seattle Public Library and check out the Kindle version. I put a copy on my tablet and a copy on phone. I have 30 days to read it.

Honestly, that all just feels so magical to me.

My folding bridge chair did NOT work for sewing. At all. But I did manage to finish the shirt and then give the machine a thorough cleaning and make a doll. And then my back said 'that's all for you today'.

But, mainly, I spent a lot of time getting my credit card number changed on various websites. Amazon and Google tie for easiest and most convenient. Change it one place and the change is propagated throughout all of the various Amazon and Google properties. T-Mobile is just confusing. But, Etsy is the worst. You actually cannot add a new card until you check out. Lame. But, at least I had a master list. I'm becoming quite a fan of Capital One. I'm still waiting for the debit card from the credit union. I got the pin number in the mail yesterday. Lordknows where the stupid card is. But, I really don't need it. I have a Capital One debit card. I don't really need both anyway.

I think I'll go back to my book for a bit.

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Zip codes and office chairs. Those were today's swimming thoughts. Last night on Jeopardy, there was a q/a about zip codes which were first used in 1963. Prior to that the only numbers in U.S. mailing addresses were house or post office box numbers. Except for some big cities that had numbered zones.

Zip codes made mailing stuff grow up. I just looked it up. A stamp cost a nickel. (BTW. Neither the Echo nor OK Google gave me the answer when I asked them. They are both in time out.)

My paternal grandparents (Momoo and Popoo - my cousin named them) lived in a tiny town in Missouri. We used to address cards and letters to them like this:

Momoo and Popoo Schubert
Chaffee, Missouri

They always got everything we sent. Really.

That led me to why I remember that so clearly. From the time we could hold a writing implement, my Mom required thank you notes. On birthdays and Christmas, we could play with our presents to our hearts content on the day. We were not allowed to touch any of it on the day after until all gifts were acknowledged with a hand written thank you note. No exception. NONE. The first years were drawing a picture. Then Mom would write out a note and we would copy it and then we were on our own. Once all gifts had a note written, addressed and stamped, we were allowed to play. It was torture. We cried and whined and bitched and made her life miserable - especially as we got older. She never wavered even a tiny bit.

And yes, I have really appreciated the lesson over and over again. To this day, I honestly cannot enjoy a gift until I have let the giver know how much I appreciate the gesture.

My back is just exhausted from sewing. Swimming helps a bit but I think it's time to rethink the ass accoutrement for sewing. I'm currently using an elcheapo doctor's stool. Clearly that needs to be replaced. But with what? A better stool? A chair?

I love the stool because I can tuck it under the table or hide it in the closet easily. I don't want something big that I cannot easily make disappear. So this morning I've been combing the internets. I've found several options that look like they may work but I think I'm going way out on a limb here and getting this one.

Screenshot 2016-07-13 at 9.57.39 AM

Actually, I just ordered it. And, for some reason, got $10 off! It will be here Friday. It won't be anything I can hide in a closet and it may not work at all. But, heck, if it does... woo hoo! I think today, I'm going to try using one of my folding bridge chairs.

Yesterday, I spent some time investigating and gathering local news sources. I got a list of the best neighborhood blogs and other sources and gathered there rss feeds into one place for easy reading. AND, oddly, a guy behind a new app called Zolt sent me Tweet asking me to look at his news app. I did and my initial reaction is KEWELL!! It grabs a photo and headline and adds a 60 word summary with a link to the source - grouped in like bundles - national, international, tech, entertainment, etc. I spent all of dinner last night being gracefully updated in a very handy way on all the news.

I may well have a viable plan created!

OMG Capital One scores again. They are sending my new credit card via Federal Express. This ensures it will not get lost in the junk mail pile that I routinely toss. But even that is not good enough for them. They just sent me the freakin' tracking number!! I plugged it into Google to discover that it's already here! Holy crap. Discovered it missing on Monday. Filled out form. New card on Wednesday. I love these guys.

Guess I'll go down and get it and start changing the number on my online accounts.

Edit: The card has a new number BUT they kept my online account as it was and just swapped numbers so all my charges are the same - even the pending ones. WAY nicer than the way Discover does it.

From my ears to my spine

I had to stop sewing because my back was killing me. So I moved to the living room and turned on the TV. I'm now watching (while I create this entry so, of course, not really watching) a 30 minute program I recorded off of PBS on stretching. If it's on in the background and my spine hears it, it will feel better, right?

Divorcing myself from TV news has been a bit more difficult than I envisioned. Like any bad habit, it's tough to break. Although I've watched the evening news since I was a kid, it didn't get into my DNA until about 15 years ago when I started working from home. 5pm was pretty much my clock out time. I didn't always clock out but it was mentally when I knew the day was over. Time to turn on the news and see what happened while I was heads down.

Even though it's difficult, it has been good. I still kind of mark 5 pm with a change in my day but I don't mark it with TV news. Sometimes it's with NPR but I'm hearing the same stuff I heard on NPR this morning so I think that's not going to be a regular. Sometimes it's House Hunters. And sometimes the TV is off. I want to try different things. Today it is this annoying stretch lady. I think she's going to get muted here pretty soon.

I nearly finished a shirt and cut out a new swim suit and made two dolls.

My tweets


Piddling the morning away

The a/c was out at the gym again today. To get to the pool you have to go to the back of the gym. The pool has gynormous glass windows looking into the gym and, on the other side, looking out to the street. Today they were completely fogged up. It gave the pool a really weird feeling. Kind of creepy, kind of cool. I had a great swim regardless.

And then I got home - nearly an hour and a half ago and I have done nothing but piddle on the laptop since. I looked around the Amazon deals and decided I didn't need any of it. I did buy a $50 gift card because it comes with a $10 rebate.

Nothing particular on the agenda today. I do have a load of wash that needs to go to the dryer but that could be it for massive excitement. I cut out a new shirt last night and will probably sew it up today. I have some new swim suit fabric that I love but I'm already the Emelda Marcos of swimsuits. I have a winter shirt pattern in mind that I want to experiment with...

Just a regular day. I think I'll get on with it!

The rest of Monday

I actually didn't do much of anything today except sew. I feel like I should have done something else. I may make a trip down to the dumpster later but I'm not sure that counts. I don't feel like I wasted the day but I probably could have made more out of it. At least I got some dolls and a bear finished.

Well, that was weird in the very best way.

After my swim this morning, I stopped in at Safeway and when I reached into my purse to get out my credit card it wasn't there. PHUCK. I traced back my steps to the last time it was used and that was QFC on Saturday morning. At home I checked backpack, nope. pants, nope. Took everything out of my purse. nope. Phuck.

I steeled myself for the long, involved conversation with Capital One's fraud department. I gathered the card number and then went to the website to make sure no one had used it. nope and then get the phone number. I clicked on Lost or Stolen or Damaged Card. And it asked me about 5 questions and then said my new card would be here in 2 to 3 days. It will have a new number, a new CVV and it will cost me nothing. Totally painless.

Whoa! Capital One! You totally rock. Wow. Thank you. A world without talking to companies on the phone is my kind of world.

Oh and that was #2 for the day. joyce broke her Misfit device and asked me about fitness trackers and I quickly unloaded all my old fitness trackers with a boatload of colorful wrist bands on her. I mean quickly. I took them right up to the post office and dumped them all into one of those flat rate boxes and off they went.

And, then, I got home and realized I'd forgotten to deactivate the most important one so when she tried to use it, it would be blocked for her. Phuck. So I sent an email to Misfit. They have been, in the past, kind of a bear to deal with. You send them a note asking a simple question and they reply with one asking for 10 different totally irrelevant pieces of info. But, they were bought out recently so maybe that's turning out to be a good thing because this morning's email said that the tracker had been removed from my account and, sure enough, when I opened the app it was gone!

So now all that's done. It's yet another cool and cloudy morning. This summer has, so far, been a winner weather wise. And less than 8 weeks left. I think I can make it.

Nothing going on this week. I had planned to make a run down to the south of the county where Ikea and Walmart (and Popeye's fried chicken) are on Saturday. I'm now thinking maybe I'll go one day this week. Maybe tomorrow.

Today, I think I'll do a load of laundry and make some dolls. Starting... now!

Sunday addendum

It's hot. I'm cranky. Zoey is working my last nerve. I need an attitude fix. Which is ridiculous. I got nothing to be bummed about at all. It's really not even that hot. I need to get over myself.

The Mariners won. I have meatloaf for dinner. I did make a couple of dolls and they are smiling at me. So there's that. I think I'll watch a little HGTV and judge others for their silly opinions.