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This 'n That

I swum. It was great. Yesterday and today (and, actually Wednesday) there were a fair number of regular swimmers missing which made for nice, open lanes.

I think today I'll head out to Walmart to pick up some more polyfil stuffing for the bears. Walmart sells a 20 pound box for less than half that I can find it anywhere else. I'm always sure they will wise up and raise the price or not have it any more but so far, so good. Fingers crossed today. I'm not out yet but I'm getting there and there's nothing else much going on today.

There are two condos in this building for sale. It's been a while since there have been any available. Both of these have been rent by owner units. Both have original carpeting and appliances - so, 25 years old. One is a bit bigger than mine in square footage and one is a bit smaller. Bit being 100 sq feet. Both are one floor below mine. One is listed at $449 and one at $479. Astounding but satisfying to know that there's value in this joint. It's going to be interesting to see how long they take to sell at what price. I think the last unit to sell was in December and it was sold at asking in one day.

Breakfast time now.

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One of the pairs of shoes in my closet is a pair of upscale flip flops that is actually on the 'great shoes for flat feet' info sites! But, the minute I put them on, I knew why they were living at the back of the closet. The between-the-toes thong feels like it is made from a brillo pad.

So... I found some soft fleece scraps and wrapped them around the posts and sewed them on and BINGO!! New shoes that don't hurt. Closer to barefoot, too. Win


Via my brother's shop's webcam. Old guy in just now who fell for the 'I'm from Microsoft and I need access to your computer.' He gave them access and they locked him up. He's gone past the angry stage of grieving and is now in 'is there anyway we fix this' mode. Jake, my brother's tech, is being so sweet and understanding and respectful. It's a sweet exchange of humanness. And, yeah, of course, there are lots of options for him.

My brother's shop is very near a giant retirement village. Giant and growing. Old people and computers are a nice little profit center for him.

Zoey's secret

Zoey has a new sleeping spot and I don't know where it is. She sleeps there at night and sometimes for a daytime nap. I thought it was in one of the closets (which have curtains for doors) but now I'm not so sure. This morning she came in from the living room - there aren't too many hidden spots in there. Right now she's curled up in my lap and not revealing any secrets.

I think I'll go back to my regular swim place/time today - 11. Last Thursday, it wasn't too crowded. Here's hoping for the best. The baseball game starts at 9:30. So I think I'll watch the start and then the recording when I get home.

I took my return to the USPS yesterday and learned that they no longer charge extra for tracking numbers. And, in fact, the entire cost was under $5 and it will get there Saturday. Pretty good deal. I have contacted the seller with no reply. BUT I did charge this on my credit card less than 30 days ago so yeah. I'll get the money back one way or another. (While I was writing this, I got an email from them saying when they got my return they would issue a refund.)

In 2013, I met this interesting lady at CES who had an interesting product that measures effort while swimming.I pre-ordered one. It was and is a good idea. It was a better implementation than it is now. In the ensuing 18 months, technology has moved on and this gadget hasn't plus, it hasn't even shipped yet. It requires a PC or Mac. So you plug it in every day after your swim. Sorry, I'm passed that. I need it to talk to my phone so I can leave it in the car with my swim stuff.

So I wrote and asked for my money back. It took 3 notes and 3 days (time zone difference... she's in Lebanon) but I got the money back yesterday. Nice. $150.

And in other money saving moves, I've been shoe shopping on line looking for shoes for flat feet and shoes that will take inserts. I have not hit 'buy' yet. I've been waiting for those inserts the doctor recommended. They arrive today. Yesterday, I dug back in my closet and found a couple of pairs of fabulous Summer shoes that I love that I cannot wear because they kill my feet. I'm so hoping I can 'fix't them with the inserts. I'd much rather fix what I have than buy (and break in) new.

On the one hand, I hate wearing shoes all the time. I'm such a barefooter. BUT my feet are much better. No cramps, not muscle knots, no seizing. So... I guess my barefooting days are truly over. Oh well, it was a good run.

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2 birds down

I was sitting here knitting and watching a podcast and my back was hurting. I couldn't get comfortable. I needed to raise my feet up a bit but not as high as the ottoman. And, while I had already done my 20 minutes, I thought maybe moving about would help my back so off my ass.

There's are two Goodwill stores within a 1.5 mile radius of here. One is a warehouse kind of place and one is a regular store. And it is Wednesday! Wednesday is 20% off for Seniors day. I went to the regular store and wandered around looking at all the goodies. I picked up a few things AND found a cute little solution to my foot raising issue.

Right now, this beauty is up side down with my feet on it. Perfect.

This, plus all my goodies with my old people's discount was $12.09. And then, the cashier said, 'would you like to round up to the nearest dollar?' She didn't say but the implication would be that the extra would be donated to Goodwill. Actually pretty cool idea. Kind of a sweet and easy way to give a little. I still got way more than $13.00 worth.


I'm trying to get close to just in time meals. I'm gradually working my way through the freezer and organizing the fridge. My ideal would be to have shelf stable emergency food - not too much but some - and then maybe a meal or two in the freezer and little else. I want to get in the habit of more efficient grocery shopping which for me - eating my myself - is buying today's dinner today and maybe tomorrow's dinner today but any more just gets lost and wasted. It's way too easy to get a freezer so full I can't add anything else. And, have nothing for dinner. That's the problem I'm trying to solve.

There's a lot of chicken in there and I'm already tired of chicken. See, that's what happens. But, not this time. Chicken for dinner it will be. Until the last cluck is out of the freezer.


This morning's puzzlement is why did I pay the outfit that insures my condo an extra $60 last year? I went to check on exactly what my premium was and when it was due this morning and discovered that last year, on the same day I paid the premium, I paid them and extra 10%. No clues that I can find. Weird. It's due at the end of June so maybe there will be a clue this year.

Went swimming today and it was nice. It kind of felt like yesterday I cheated on my pool so it was nice to be back today.

I bought a new wireless charging car mount for my phone last week. It is such a total fail in a half dozen really frustrating ways. I did not buy it from Amazon - they don't sell it - so returning and getting my money back is going to be a PIA but the little bugger was $100 so I am totally going to fight the fight.

There will be a trip to the post office today.

But, that's it for the plans. I got nothing else going on today. So I think I'll start the nothing with a nice breakfast.


My Plan B pool is going to be very good, I think.

On Tuesdays/Thursdays, I would probably do better leaving here closer to 9 than 8:30 both traffic wise and pool wise. When I got to the pool's edge it was 9:20 and the 3 lane pool had six people swimming in it - 2 per lane and they had split the lanes so there was no room for a 7th swimmer.

I sat on the edge for not very long when a woman stopped and asked if I wanted in and volunteered to circle swim 'but you need to check with that guy' - the other guy in the lane. When he came back around I asked and he said great and I got in and when I looked up he was gone. So I shared a lane for 15 minutes and then the next lane cleared out and the other swimmer moved over and soon - like half way into my swim, there were only 2 of us in the pool. It was great.

It's a 25 yard pool. Saltwater but not as salty as the city's saltwater pool. AND... this is big... it was NOT too warm! Perfect would be a degree or two colder but this was fine. Just fine. It was really very nice. The showers are very nice. The whole thing... very nice! I stopped in Trader Joe's and was going to go through Jack in the Box for some breakfast but came on home instead and got a snack here. So I am swum and showered and fed now and, had I gone to the city pool, I'd just now be getting ready to get out.

I think I may, next time, vary my route a bit and see if I can make the to/from a little smoother. I'll go back to the city pool on Thursday and do a crowd check. If crowded, I may move to the LA Fitness pool on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I will absolutely give it a shot on Memorial Day. I had thought about going to the outdoor city olympic sized pool that opens up next weekend but, 1. the LA Fitness pool is really better for me and 2. it looks like the weather will be nice which means the outdoor pool will be crowded.

So good. very good. and free! So glad I looked into this.


Today's big plan is the new pool. I wore Google out last night trying to get info about the swim experience in this pool and really came up with more questions than answers. My main question is will I drive all the way across town to find the pool too crowded to enjoy my swim? It is only 3 lanes.

My current plan is to see what it's like at my first choice of swim time. I'll leave here about 8:30ish which should land me at pool's edge about 9ish when people who work should be at work and people who don't work are maybe not ready to hit the gym yet. That's my hope. We shall see.

Besides Trader Joe's right there, there are easy stops at various groceries from there to home. I need bread and one other thing that I can't remember now - not enough for a specific grocery trip but nice to pick up on the way home. This is the up side of this pool. If I can go swim and combine with other errands. A plus. I so hope it works out without hitches.

Other than that today is the baseball game. Conveniently (for me) on TV at 4. I have online shopping I need to do or decide not to. I have a free shipping code for teddy bear yarn that expires today. I really don't need yarn right now but it's free shipping! I probably will pass. There will be another free shipping deal probably before I run out.

And then there's shoes/inserts. The insert that my doctor directed me to, requires shoes that accept inserts. I don't really have any unless Crocs work. Which they might. I need to order the insert and see. If not, I need to find a pair of sandals that come with their own arches. This may involve a trip to an actual shoe store. We have a couple of shops downtown that specialize in specialty shoes.

I'm not rushing in because I'm still testing the Skechers. Since it takes several days for the problem to surface, I want to make sure these shoes, do, in fact, not cause it. I've been wearing them pretty much constantly instead of going barefoot. And, so far, so good.

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A whole lotta wins

I remembered to wear clothes to the pool. Win one. My swim was great. I took my time getting showered and dressed and getting to the doctor's office and still got there too early. But he's on the 9th floor and the view is exceptional.

My blood pressure was the best it's been in forever. "Your lungs sound perfect!!" He gave me a choice of pelvic exam or no pelvic exam. "Current thinking is that we aren't so good finding issues with pelvic exams so I have started making them optional." I happily voted no thank you. And no thank you to mammogram and colonoscopy. Not due for another bone scan. No shots due. No medication changes.

One of my inhalers is a fiddly little thing. You have to open up a capsule packet every day and load the capsule into this pod thing to inhale. It's a PIA. The same drug is now also available in via respimat which is new fangled much easier to use inhaler. But, it's not on the doctor's list yet. I have to wait. S'ok.

I asked him to send me to a foot guy and he asked me why and poked all over my feet and asked me a bunch of questions and told me it was because my feet are flat and are breaking down from years of flat footness (he didn't say but I'm sure carrying 100 extra lbs ain't making the situation better). He said to get Green Superfeet inserts and put them in all my shoes and if that didn't fix it, he'd find me a foot guy. Sounds like a fine plan to me!

And, he'd see me in 6 months. Well, how about a year? How about 6 months. Ok. The man is hot for me. I just know it.

Then it was on to LA Fitness. LA Fitness is in kind of a famous building complex. It was built around a home of a woman who refused to sell. She died years ago and the house is kind of a boarded up mess now but it was finally recently bought by someone.

Parking is easy and that is before I discovered they have a whole garage of free parking under the building! I got my free Silver Sneakers card and marched up to the front desk and told the guy I was interested in swimming. He said "Cool! Let's get you all fixed up." Seriously, he was amazing. It took less than 4 minutes to get me into their system and the owner of a key fob that is my entry to the gym. It was amazing.

The gym is huge and really lovely. But really huge. I'll bet they had 50 treadmills alone. I went back to check on the pool. 3 lanes. It was full of an aqua jogging class that meets at 9 on M/W/F/Sat. There is also a class in the evenings and the rest of the time, I guess, the pool is lap ready. I think I'm going to try and go tomorrow. Just to test it out. Maybe I'll even do my 20 minutes of walking on one of those fancy treadmills while I'm there. Maybe.

In the complex that houses the gym and surrounds the woman's house is a Trader Joe's, a Ross for Less, a UPS store, a couple of other things and a nice like breakfast and lunch dinner/cafe. I stopped in for some breakfast to kill time til my nail appointment. It was ok. Not fabulous but not sucky either. This could be good.

Then on to my nail appointment where, because, I was early, I got a different manicurist who was actually much better. I have nice, shiny purple nails.

And now I'm home. All is good. Zoey is glued to my thigh napping. I think she's not wild about my not coming right home after my swim.

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A nice day

The laundry is all done and put away except the clothes I need to wear tomorrow.

The baseball game was lovely. We ended up splitting the series with Boston which I think is fair. It's always so hard to play Boston. With any other team, you can kind of half listen and you know, when you hear cheering, to focus on what good thing just happened. But when Boston is in town, those scallywags send all their buddies to the stadium and they are loud. On my walk this morning, there were tons of peops in the 'hood in Red Sox gear just walking towards the stadium like it was perfectly fine. When Boston is in town and you hear a cheer, it could be good and it could be really bad. Today ways good good good.

I just spent an hour - a solid freakin' hour - trying to get my window shades app to work. It wasn't seeing the bridge that connects it to the router. But the router was giving it an IP address and was seeing it fine. I rebooted the bridge. The non-phone remote worked. The app on my old phone worked. The app on my Kindle Fire tablet worked. WTF???? I uninstalled and reinstalled. I rebooted the phone. I swore. I wrote out an email to the company using their web form only to discover they only allow 255 characters???? Double/triple WTF.

And... then... I thought of one more thing. Maybe I could switch my phone to the other SSID. That's when I discovered that my phone's wifi was off. DOH. Now, in reality, it should operate fine over ye olde internet but it doesn't but I don't care. I turned on Wifi and BAM, app fired right up.

That's an hour I won't see again.

Tomorrow is busy. At least the morning. Swimming at 6:30. Then I have a doctor's appointment at 8:15. (That's why I need to wear clothes to swimming tomorrow - I'll just go from there.) Then I have an appointment to get my nails done at 11. I'm guessing that the doctor's appointment won't take more than 30/45 minutes total. Rather than come home to turn around and leave again, I think I'm going to use the time to investigate LA Fitness.

The gym is over by the nail place anyway. Supposedly, I can use it with my Siler Sneakers card. They have a pool. That is open on holidays (like Memorial Day, for instance). It's not particularly handy to get to from here but, if it's not crowded and doesn't suck, it could be a nice Plan B for free. So I'm going to check it out. Plus there's a nice diner there in the same building (as well as a Trader Joe's) so if there's time, I'll grab some breakfast.

And then get my nails done. And then come home.

No new leaks.

Sunday morning excitement... not

I woke up. Coffeed and Internetted and decided not to go out for brunch. Lazy. Plus, I ended up bringing home the leftover potatoes from yesterday's breakfast. I thought they might do well on Day 2 (or, more likely, Day 3, I don't know their real history).

So I leisurely got up and got laundry together and started a load and got an email... from the building manager... there was a leak. In the unit below me. In their bathroom.

It was a nice note (why do I dislike him so much?!) explaining that the leak was a very slow one and his experience said it was likely a loose toilet connection and could easily wait until Monday but he'd like to come up and inspect then.

OOOOOps! I had laid down a wash cloth by the toilet after I finished the bidet install so that I could easily check on leaks just by looking. And I looked and there were none and I forgot. So I went back in this morning and, yep, the wash cloth was soaked. And I could see where the leak was dripping.

So I turned off the water and dried off every single thing. And then tightened up that bolt and turned the water back on. Dry. Flushed. Dry. Flushed. Dry. But, then, I laid down a big towel all around the base of the toilet. I will NOT be forgetting to check this time.

EDITED: Ok so I figured out the issue. The loose bolt was to the tube carrying water to the bidet. Flushing the toilet bypassed the loose bolt so that's why no leaks. I was smart enough not to turn the bidet on with the lid up while I watched... We call that a face wash. But so I did a sit test. No leak. So far. Towel stays and I will be checking after bidet use not after flushing.

Whew. And, whatever happens, even if I have to hire someone. That bidet is so totally worth it.

After I emailed the building manager and the people downstairs to tell them of the fix, it was time for breakfast. I was very right. Those potatoes were fabulous again! And there's still some more so they still have a lovely future.

My brother does that. He always takes a doggie bag with him from a restaurant even if what's left is a sliver. And then he makes it into a marvelous breakfast the next day. He loves cooking and he's very good at it and has the same food history as me so I, of course, love everything he cooks. (As I typed that, he posted a photo of the eggs benedict he made this morning for his wife's belated Mother's Day - she was sick last weekend. And it looks just perfect.)

So... next up... clean up the kitchen. Check the toilet. Put washer stuff in dryer and start second load. Gather all the trash and garbage and take it downstairs. And after that, I think I'll force myself to walk at least around the block before the sun comes out. The baseball doesn't start until 1 so I have time.

My Spidey nonsense...

I have intermittent, undiagnosed, faux ADD. I go through phases where my attention span is reduced to the time it takes to sneeze. When I was working, it was fairly helpful as most of the jobs I had required massive juggling of stuff so I needed to be able to switch gears rapidly. Now, it serves no purpose at all. And it has me wasting my 'golden' years on games. Not even Gaming Games but regular old standing-in-the-grocery-line time filling mindless games.

Like Spider Solitaire. When Windows 98 hit the streets, I found Spider Solitaire and probably killed a cumulative 2 years with it back then. I played it while I talked on the phone. I played it when I got home I played it constantly. I was working at one dotcom in a cubicle next to the data base guy who was one of the nicest guys on the planet but one who was very serious and studious about his work. I introduced him to Spider Solitaire and while I do not believe that is why the dot com failed, he did also pick up my obsession...

I finally got over it. And moved on with my life. I kind of fell in love with match 3 games - not bejeweled and candy crunch style but the kind you don't have to 'share' with people. Fishdom held me for many years. But for the past couple, it's been Call of Atlantis. I play it over and over again. I rack up points in the millions and have accumulated hundreds of each of the 'tools'. I play it on my tablet while I'm listening to my audio book every night before I go to bed.

But, on my phone, I've reconnected with Spider Solitaire and I am lost again. I pause TV shows for a quick game. I pick it up when my hands cramp up from knitting. I fire it up when I get to the pool too early.

My phone is the smartest of smart phones. When I hit the spider icon, I sometimes think if the phone's so damn smart why does it keep letting me waste so much of my life on this stupid game????

No answer yet.

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My swim was great. The guy who was there for so many Saturdays taking up my favorite lane with his in-my-face sprints hasn't been there for 2 weeks. In fact, lots of people are staying away. The past two Saturdays have been pretty sparsely populated. Fine by me as long as they don't declare the time slot not busy enough to justify opening for laps!

Laps end at 9:30 because there is a huge aqua exercise class that takes over the whole pool. I swim until they pull the lane lines and by that time most of the attendees are out of the locker room and into the pool. Today was no different. There were two women blocking my locker but they were nearly done and they were talking about where they were going to breakfast after class.

One of them turned around and said with a big grin "are you the one who steals my favorite locker every Saturday???" It took me a minute because I was so focused on finding a new breakfast place. We had a good laugh about the locker and then I fessed up that I had been eavesdropping about the restaurant. They gave me the details and I promised to find another locker next week. Fair trade.

Then I went on to the auto parts store. Found what I wanted. Went to Safeway and got out with only the 3 things on my list (in spite of now being starved). And then went to find their restaurant.

Fucking SCORE!!! Both Ways Cafe at the corner of Genesee and 50th Ave S. It's my new goto place for Saturday breakfast.

Now I'm home and all is good. I need to do my 20 minutes of walking but I may just do an inside the park/condo walk later.


My feet are soooo much better today. I can move my ankles any which way with no problems and the muscles have all relaxed quite nicely. They didn't wake me up once and I can walk completely comfortably. Whew. and Yeah!

This morning it's off to the Saturday pool which is on the south edge of the city. I'm still getting used to how long it takes to get there. It's only open for laps for an hour and I don't want to miss a minute of that so I want to be there and ready as soon as they say 'ok you can get in now'. It opens at 8:30. If I leave here at 7:45, it seems I get there way too early. If I leave here at 8, I barely make it in time. Leaving early and getting there early is less stressful. I'm cool with eating up spare time playing Sudoku in the parking lot til time.

I'm getting more familiar with the area but it's still somewhat confusing. After my swim today I need to find a Safeway for a couple of Safeway brand things. I think there's one just past the pool. And then an auto parts store. I need one of those gizmos that gives you two cigarette lighter ports out of one. And I'll need to find some breakfast.

And that's it for the list today. So probably home to knit bears and clear off some TiVo.

I have a lot of end of season stuff I haven't seen yet. But, also, the Mariners are going to the East coast so games will all be in the mornings or at 4 pm so that leaves lots of TiVo clearing time, too. I can add an external drive to get more TiVo space but I'd rather not - too many variables if something gets hinky. Once I get through May which is the month when baseball and the regular TV season clash, it will be more manageable.

Zoey is doing great. It's so weird now to think about how different she was just a week ago when she was sick. She's fully back to knocking stuff off of everything, chasing the red dot and walking all over my keyboard. I'm very grateful.

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It may well be the shoes...

I rarely wear shoes and when I do, it's not for long. My feet never feel bad or painful when I'm in any of my goto shoes. And they don't hurt when I take them off. The problem develops after I have them off and on for several days in a row. So I can't tell if a shoe change makes a difference. Except for today when both feet hurt like crazy but feel a little better with the Skechers on so I've been wearing them all day. No barefeet. It's an interesting experiment.

I was able to walk over to Uwajimaya and back not easily but it wasn't horrible either. I've made a concerted effort to get up and walk even a little every once in a while. I am helped by the fact that I'm expecting a package via USPS and the mail carrier is, so far, MIA. I get up and go down and check every hour or so.

I spent a long time on Zappos reading and looking and selecting but not buying. I really think the smart money is to go to a professional and get a professional opinion before I do anything else.

I have sushi for dinner. Nice.


On one of my trips down to the mail, I ran into a neighbor who lives down the hall. I know he's in finance but I'm not sure where. He thinks I still work at Microsoft. He asks me about it every time we meet. I tell him I'm retired. It's a dance we do. Today he told me about the new Microsoft vendor policy. I came in and looked it up. It's not new. They put it into place last July. But it is wild.

In the olden days... when I worked at Microsoft as a full time regular employee, we hired contingent staff - temp workers - to do stuff. Lot's o' stuff. Over time the temp workers got all bent out of shape because they didn't have the same benefits and full time regular employees. They raised a massive stink about it. They said they did the same work so they should get the same pay and benefits. (For the record, they did some of the same work but under massively relaxed conditions - they were not responsible for lots o' shit that full time regular employees were.)

So, Microsoft decided to make the difference more distinct. They said that temp workers had to quit after a year and were not allowed back until they had been gone 100 days. This pissed 'em off pretty much but, it was a good deal if they planned ahead for $ to cover their 100 day break.

Meanwhile I had left Microsoft and done other things and then we back as a vendor - different than a temp worker in lots of ways and I was not under the 1 year/100 day structure.

The temp workers continued to bitch and the laws got stiffer and finally, last Summer, Microsoft revised the rules again. Now, all non full time regular employees - temp, vendor, international visitors, and other contractors, (including students, I believe) can work 18 months and then are shut out for 6 months.

I can see how it makes sense but whew what a bitch to manage. Being a first line manager at Microsoft was always a thankless task. Now it must be a nightmare.

Funny, until my neighbor mentioned it, I hadn't heard anyone bitch about it at all. Could be cause I'm so out of the loop but also could be cause temp workers have figured out that bitching doesn't make the situation better...

Meanwhile, there is a very large and pretty active Microsoft Alumnae Association. I joined for several years back in the day because it was not too expensive and I got about a 95% discount on software. But, then, I didn't want or need the software and I didn't really care about their other stuff so I did not renew. They still reach out and invite me back now and again. Yesterday I got such an email. This time they have decreased the dues and are throwing in free Microsoft Office. Yeah, still no. But thanks for asking. I do want one of the new Microsoft foldable keyboards but the dues don't include discounts on any hardware products.


My feet are broken. I mean seriously flawed. Yesterday I headed out down the hallway and only got a couple of floors done. The muscles in my feet just knotted up into balls making walking really painful. Last night, I woke up several times and had to get out of bed and stand on my feet to make the cramping stop.

I'm pretty sure whatever the problem is it is aggravated by shoes that let my toes spread out. I wore ugg shaped boots all winter and had to stop because of these same problems. This current round, I'm pretty sure, is caused by Crocs. I have a pair of Skecher Convertables that both feel good to wear and don't cause the problem. So I think I'll stick to those for now. Plus walking in them seems to make my muscles even more relaxed when I take them off. A walking massage!

My first thought was to ask the doctor on Monday to send me to a podiatrist or orthopedist or whatever he thinks best. Then I thought I'd just find an orthopedic shoe store. Google turned up no good choices around here so I think I'm back to the first option which is better anyway. I need to find out what's going on and how to make it stop. I love my Crocs but not if they kill my feet.

On the up side, while the foot cramps interrupted my sleep, they didn't bother me at all while swimming which was really nice.

I think maybe after breakfast, I'll slap on my Skechers and massage my feet over to the Japanese grocery. I need apples. And almond cookies. And some of those great ginger pickles.

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So... I got blood drawn and peed into the cup on Wednesday and didn't hear anything. Usually, I get the results that day. So, of course, this morning I figured that I failed some test and they didn't want me to know. Wrong. Of course.

The note came in this afternoon that the results were ready. The doctor left a little note that my HDL was great and my diabetes test result was borderline high. And, we'd discuss on Monday.

I love getting these test results before I go in so I can study and think about them and get any questions ready.

For several years now, he's been on this pre diabetes kick. Lose weight, don't eat white stuff, cut back on sugars, etc. And I nod and listen and promise nothing. My score is 5.8. He gets to auger down on my ass at 6.4. This afternoon, I went back through the past few years - 4 actually - and except for 2013, I've been 5.8 every time. 2013, I hit 5.7. So... no augering for him this time. Sorry cute doctor.

Anyway, I'm very relieved and now actually looking forward to going to see him because I'm also pretty sure my blood pressure is excellent. Whew. Monday morning, right after my swim. Note to self, be sure and wear clothes to the pool.

Confused but it's not fatal.

Generally I swim laps that are 25 yards long in length. It takes 71 lengths (or 35.5 laps) to make a mile. I do it in 55 minutes and my Shine calls it .9 miles.

Today I swam in the 15 yard pool. I did 122 lengths (a mile would be 118 lengths). I swam for 55 minutes but I had to stop twice to explain to two different people why I wasn't swimming in the big pool. My Shine called it .8 miles.

Something's off somewhere. But, whatever.  It felt good. There was no traffic.  It was fine. And way better than fighting the woman who hogs the end so it's hard to turn or the one who goes fast and then slow so I never know what's up.

When I was done I ran into my 80 year old friend, Madeline who was on her way to aqua jog class. She looked at my hands and arms and declared that it looked like my tattoo artist was on a big Rorschach kick. hahahaha pretty good. My left hand/arm is not quite as bad but close...

I totally forgot to take my walk around the neighborhood this morning. I think I'll go down now and check the mail via this path... walk to the end of the hall, stairs up to the 5th floor - walk the entire hall, stairs down to 4, walk hall, down to 3, etch til I hit the mailbox on floor 1.


In the box that brought my Fancy Toilet Seat was an invitation from the company to write an Amazon review and get a $10 Amazon cash card for my efforts. Because I am an obstinate bitch, when someone asks me for a review I blow them off - every time. Amazon vendors really piss me off with their not-even-cogent-but-way-too-wordy begging emails that I cannot find a way to automatically filter to trash. But, for $10, I'll do you for sure! So I did. Gave it 4 stars. I knocked one off for the installation instructions and explained the problem. I sent them the link and in an hour I had my $10! I was kind of impressed actually.

For the record, I did not order mine from Amazon. BiobidetPlus.Com has a fabulous site with amazing information and good videos. Plus, when I had questions, I sent them an email and got a perfectly fabulous response. And... when it came down to it, because Biobidet Plus was having a 5% off sale and does not charge sales tax, I ended up getting about $100 off the Amazon price. But the Amazon reviews of all bidets were most helpful.


ok time to walk.


Today, and really the rest of the week, there is nothing on the calendar. Outside of swimming and the baseball games, of course. But, otherwise, no one is after me for anything and I have nothing that I must do. Nice.

Around the house, I need to do some touch up painting. I have all I need to do it, I just need to get on it. Three colors are involved. I have two out and ready and need to track down the third one.

I think I'm going to try using the training pool for all of my laps today and see what that does to my Misfit tracking. As far as fun and feeling good and being fun - my top three reasons for swimming - the training pool works fine. If it offers more fitness then very cool.

jwg asked for a picture of my new ass buddy. Lid up:

Lid down with remote:

I did a lot of research and really got tired of reading about how 'you'll never go back to regular toilets' and other such hyperbole. But, honestly, after less than 24 hours, I get it. It is really amazing.


My brother's tech, Bryant, made this great little video - the first in a series. He's going to get a wallpaper with the business logo and URL/Phone number on it before the next one :).

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My Fancy Toilet Seat arrived today and installation was painful... literally. Part of the problem was working at the back of the toilet which is in a very confined area. My body is not that interested in twisting and torking on a hard floor. I had to hook up both water and electricity. I had a hard time getting all the connections tight enough not to leak.

Before that, I hit the back of my hand on the toilet this morning getting a urine sample. I hit my other hand and arm in a couple of places doing the installation. I just opened the oven to get a pan out and hit my finger.

Now my hands and arms are a lovely set of purple blood bruises. My right hand looks to be about 3 or 4 weeks to heal. My left hand will probably be ok in a couple of weeks. The blotches don't hurt but they look horrible.

So I look beat up and I feel beat up... but, I have a fully functioning toilet seat that does more things to my ass than I even knew my ass wanted!! It's very clean. There will be no photographic proof of that, by the way.


My morning has been pretty full... starting with a very excellent swim that was not at all crowded. Yeah. Then...

On to the lab at the doctor's office. They have redone it, again. This clinic is VERY concerned with cutting down on the amount of time people have to wait for anything. Which is almost nearly annoying because they have beautiful waiting rooms, great chairs, cold water to drink, a beautiful view even from the lower floors and very fast free wifi. But, you never get to enjoy it for long. A few years ago they revamped their lab to streamline operations. It's a lovely, pleasant place - again with a great view to look at while you are getting stabbed.

Today, I discovered they have redone it again so now it's even better and there is a huge banner declaring that they had won some kind of big deal award for the redoing of the whole process. It was a cool banner explaining what they did and why and the results. Pretty interesting stuff, but, again, not much time to read it.

I had forgotten to drink a boat load of water so I tried to get down as much as I could. I have the teeniest veins on the planet. Gargantuan hips and teeny veins. WTF, oh great people maker??? You get that order totally bass ackwards? But today's stabber got enough on only the second try which was impressive AND zero bruising which is pretty much impossible. I always feel so badly for those people having to root around under my skin for pay dirt.

Anyway, done now. My appointment with the doctor isn't until Monday but they will send me the test results this afternoon which is also very cool.

I could tell by the webcam that the housecleaner wasn't there yet. I toyed with the idea of going to get my hair cut but decided on breakfast instead. I went to a 24 hour place that I had not been happy with in the past - ok food, annoying politics (they made a huge deal about NO GOOGLE GLASS which was stupid). But, it's been a while so I thought I'd try them again. The service was slow but I was killing time so whatever. The waiter was cute a bug in a rug. And he bought me my coffee 'I like to buy a pretty girl a drink once in a while.' He almost carried that off sincerely. But he, of course, got his coffee money back in an overly generous tip.

By the time breakfast was over, the housecleaner was at my house so I went to Trader Joe's. I got home and she was done and the house looks lovely and smells lovely and all is good.

Next up is fighting iTunes to update my swim player with new tunes.

Nifty discovery

I was sitting here and my back was telling me that I had been sitting here too long. Walk some place and get dinner? Nah, I have stuff thawed and ready for cooking in the fridge. Walk some place just to walk. Nah it looks too hot, too windy, too outdoorsy out there. And I don't even want to put on shoes.

So, I grabbed my keys and walked the halls. Not even that much. But we have really really long halls. I hot footed it down to the end of the hall, down the stairs to the 3rd floor and then the length of the 3rd floor and back up here to my door. 570 steps (according to Misfit and it seems about right). And I did hot foot it. It took a lot of heavy breathing when I got back in here to recovery but...

Oh how handy! A nice little walk with 2 flights of stairs to climb up. I could even add a floor. No shoes needed. Weather independent. Available 24/7. Free. I think I may have stumbled onto something very helpful!