Too hot

I made the shirt start to finish and I'm happy with it. But, I kind of wished I'd split it over two days and gone out for a walk this morning before the clouds disappeared. The sun is out strong now. I'm probably just kidding myself I often wish I had gone out for a walk. I don't get off my ass but do wish I had. Denial... it's where I live.

I am happy with the shirt.


The fabric cost more (and is of higher quality) than my usual fare so I wanted to use up as much as possible. All that trim drove me batty and I had some really issues with the side split trim but I finally won. And now it is carefully folded and added to the stack of Shirts It's Not Cold Enough To Wear Yet. (On the top of that stack is a shirt I don't even like but is there in case Zoey decides that's a good sleeping spot - which, is exactly what happens I discovered today. Arranging my closet to avoid cat hair is a never ending and not always successful endeavor.)

Next up, the baseball game and the hat I'm knitting. The yarn color is called lemon curd and it makes me want a scone.

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Glorious swim


I think I may start doing the Ballard pool every Friday. It was not at all crowded - I didn't even have to share a lane. And it was so glorious. Pitch dark when I got there and this is what it looked like when I got out. The pool is located on the 5th floor. Out the side windows you see the draw bridge and the working end of the lake with fishing boats and trawlers.

The pool itself is marvelous. Cool and crystal clear and wide and deep (well, nearly 5 feet at one end) and it has a digital pace clock as well as an analog one. It's just a fun swim.

I just read that our off year primary held earlier this year drew a record voter turnout. This is such encouraging news. Also the two candidates running for mayor are strong women. I prefer one over the other but honestly am so encouraged at having either one of them to run our city. Finally some decent political news.

Tonight is the first Seahawks home game. Vomit and mayhem in the neighborhood. Oh joy. At least I don't have anywhere I need or want to go so I can, hopefully, keep the door closed, and use the A/C to drown out the idiot noise. And that is it. The last time I am going to complain about Seahawks fans this season. They are horrible and destructive BUT they are inevitable and my bitching about them changes nothing and annoys me. So, the end.

Two more condos in this building went on sale today. Both of these were units owned by people who have rented them out for years. Cashing in on their investment, it looks like. I actually thought the boom was over but then the other day I read that downtown condos for sale are more scarce than hen's teeth and there are only two new buildings of them opening in 2018 so the shortage isn't going to end soon. Interestingly, I also just read an article in a local news site about a park in the International District. The article was written by the guy who sold his condo down the hall in March and moved to Italy. Maybe only his wife moved? Maybe he came back to visit and randomly wrote an article about a new park opening? Enquiring MindsNosy neighbors want to know!

I think I'll make a shirt today. I have that good fabric I bought for the class but never used. Time to use it now, I think.


It's been kind of a random day. I have a large drawer than has all my non-bear yarn in it. Mostly it's a skein of this and a skein of that and some started projects and some mess. So yesterday I pulled everything out. I ripped out some stuff and tossed some stuff and tied up loose ends and put everything in bags.

And discovered that 1. my crochet hook roll is no longer big enough to hold all the hooks and 2. I don't have enough suitable yarn for the mystery project and 3. I signed up to test a hat pattern and don't have appropriate yarn for that either.

This morning I made a new crochet hook roll that holds all hooks in one place.

Then I got all the laundry folded and put away and decided to go to a yarn shop in West Seattle. It's the same drive I make every morning but this time it was 1 pm. Everything is the same and very different than 5 and 6 am. I took way too much time mulling over options at the yarn store but finally got some. And then remembered Papa Murphy's! They used to open at 10 so I could stop after breakfast on weekends but now they open at 11 and no way am I hanging out that long so it had been a while. But, pizza and yarn are now in the house. Yeah!

When I got home, I finished off the sweater I've been working on. I really do like it. It's cotton and very soft.


Next up the hat. It's due next week. I think I'll polish off the last Vera episode tonight. I'll be sorry to see it end.

If wishes were cheetos

Several times recently, I've been asked to think about how I want things and make suggestions. The Mariners sent out a survey to season ticket holders that was basically 'what do you want us to do' - tell us what would make this a better experience for you.

I was such a failure at it that I didn't even finish the survey.

Just now I was looking over those questions I collected and a bunch of them are things like 'what would you do if money were no object or if you knew you could not fail'. Things that require you to forget what you know now and just dream about the very best it could be.

I'm going to think about those but I may never get to them because my answers, I know, will be lame.

But the one that really torques me is Sandy. The HOA board president. She has, recently asked me for a list of out of the box ideas on security. What changes we could make, how we could do it better, what would better look like. She didn't just ask me, she asked a group of us. And we all made lists. I really thought about it. I tried to get creative. I tried to come up with good stuff. I totally failed. At the meeting, she did her list first (at our request) and after the first four (of the 20 or so) on her list, I knew I was not even in the league. Not even good enough to try out for a spot on the lowest rung.

Within a set of parameters I can stretch the limits as good or better than anyone else. But, without limits, I am a looser. I flounder.

If all the world were mine...
I dream of the day when...
If wishes were fishes...

If I were younger, I'd put my brain through boot camp and teach it how to exercise my already pretty good but just oh so limited imagination.

I am grateful for the self awareness that prevents me from being delusional about myself.

Also, right now, I am really hungry and have limited lunch thoughts.

I spent my entire swim wishing I was in the LA Fitness pool in Ballard (a neighborhood on the other side of town - north of here). It's a much nicer pool. Deeper, wider, and in a nicer room with better lighting and always beautifully crystal clear and the perfect temperature. It is twice as far away and always crowded but, still...

My pool this morning was so cloudy that I could barely see the lane lines at the bottom - which is only 3 feet from the top. I'm probably going to discover at some point that swimming in that bucket of ill maintained chemicals every day for years (3.5 so far) has broken something in my body and/or hastened my end. I think tomorrow I just might treat myself to a Ballard swim. The longer drive won't kill me.

I forgot to post yesterday's care bear!


Also yesterday, while I was out, I got an email that the library had my movie waiting for me. This is the movie that first introduces Doc Martin - Saving Grace. So I went to pick it up.

It's been eons since I'd actually played a DVD movie. I have several options. A portable player that I got for free, my Windows laptop, my bedroom TV that has a player built in... I went with the portable player first. Fail. Something about the hook up wasn't right. At first it was black and white only, then blue. Then I gave up. And went to the Windows laptop which did not immediately launch the movie like I thought it would.

I finally got it going but then needed closed captions and then needed the screen wide and then the sound needed a boost so I tried earbuds and then finally paired it with Eco... and every time I had to start from scratch and go through the excruciatingly long splash screen. It was very frustratingly tedious. Plus, I was pretty sure I had seen it long long ago.

Finally I got it going and turned out I had not seen it and it was just delightful. In a couple of scenes, young Brenda Blethyn looks very much like my mother did when I was a teenager. It was kind of a little freaky.

Also note to self, don't do DVD's. Too much hassle. Except in vary rare cases, not worth the effort.

Today is event free. No house cleaner, no baseball, no errands that need to be run. I am doing laundry so that's something.

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This morning's swim was consumed by ideas on how to use all those fabric pieces. How best to join them up and how I might use the resulting fabric. I have plans. The other over riding thoughts were that I absolutely must find some new music. I am getting really tired of swimming to the Same Old Tunes.

I'll get the music fixed while the house cleaner is here. And, since it's cool enough that I don't have to be here to staff the a/c (which cannot run while her vacuum is running and she can't understand how to turn it off), I may make a quick Goodwill run to see if they have any more knit sheets and a replacement for the bowl I broke.

The baseball game is this afternoon.

I have been trying to think of something else I could do along the lines of the Story of My Life project I did earlier this year. I'm not coming up with anything grand but I do think I'm going to answer random questions. I have a list I have found and culled and added to and edited and I think I'm just going to cheery pick from those as a way/excuse/entry into writing about different things, once in a while.

I've been wrong for a quarter century - yikes!

Nabisco Graham Crackers in the red box were a staple at our house growing up. We at them for breakfast (crumbled up with milk over them - YUM!) for lunch, for desserts, for snacks - with butter, with peanut butter, with chocolate or just naked. I loved 'em. When I moved out to the west coast, I was devastated to discover that they don't have them out here.

They don't have lightening bugs either which is a shame but no Nabisco Graham Crackers is a crime.


We have Nabisco Honey Grahams (blue box) but not Graham Crackers in the red box. So for 25 years - more really since they didn't have them for the 2.5 years I lived in California, either - I have suffered. Not silently, of course. I bitch about it to anyone who will listen.

ljtourist always patiently listens to my rants and pays close attention when they are about food. And was in Pennsylvania last week and brought me back a red box!!!

But, before producing the box, he laid out two crackers - one a little darker than the other. One was Honey Graham and one was Graham Crackers. I tasted both and told him that what turned out to be Honey Graham was actually the Graham Cracker!

Turns out they do vary slightly in both taste and texture but they have the same amount of sweet (I always thought the Graham Cracker was less sweet) and they are both delicious.

So I have been suffering needless and delusionally all these year. I don't even know what's true any more. My world is now officially upsidedownsville.