I got my official gym card/tag thingie at the gym this morning. I'm in. I'm legit. I even remembered to snap a photo of it so when I lose it, I'll at least have the info. Wonder if their little machine will read the photo... hmmmm


I think I have one of those badge holders on a retractable string. If not, I'll buy one, and attach this to my swim bag. That should work fine.

Today I really do want to get my ass out the door and on to the street for a walk. I need stuff at the drug store (4 blocks) and I could go get a poke bowl for lunch (3 blocks). But mainly I just need to walk farther than from one end of my condo to the other. I could do the drugstore tomorrow while I'm out in the car so that makes getting out on my feet even less enticing. But, if I don't start walking regularly, I'll totally lose the ability. And too sunny and too hot are no long valid excuses.

Also, I need to pick up all the leaves that blew up on my terrace this past week. It's a mess out there.

And I have one more pair of pants cut out that need to be sewn up before I start on anything new. And I have lots of fodder for 'new'.

My new phone/chromebook are supposed to work together. One sales pitch was that you could use the phone to unlock the chromebook only mine won't do it. I've tried every computation and every trick and guideline and nope. I suspect it's a software flaw in the chromebook. If it's hardware, I need to send it back. If it's software they will fix. Dealing with Google help on issues like this is incredibly painful so I go back and forth. Ignore, dig in, ignore, pursue, ignore and hope for a future fix. I think today's going to be an ignore day. I hope.

I think now, I'll go get dressed and get sewing.

Morning help


Zen... I found it

When I decided to work no more, I also decided that now, since I truly am the boss of me, I would do whatever was required to ensure a smooth and pleasant life. Letting things piss me off is in my control. And sweating the small stuff is as useless as sweating the big stuff. And, for the most part, I've made it work. Stress and fury and frustration are all frosted with powerlessness. I have the power over me.

Today, for instance, the lines were long at Costco and people were not nice. And I chose to ignore it and focus on what the fuck that guy in front of me was planning with his $900+ haul of groceries (no meat) and wine.

Just now, I spent an hour and a half trying to print out a pattern. The reason I could not do it correctly turned out to be entirely my fault but before I got to that answer, I recognized the harmful stages (throw this stupid shit out the window, slam something, yell at the cat) and I just breathed and kept calm. Ok, there was one MOTHERFUCKER! But only one.

The sales guy at the gym is getting all salesy on me for zero reason. I have not once given him any reason to think I'm not willing to pay whatever he wants. I do not need to be sold. In fact, my last email started off with "I'm Sold" but, he must have a quota of dumb salesy shit he has to foist on prospects. So I'll let him get it out of his system, knowing full well that as soon as I seal the deal, I'll never hear from him again.

And there are just some days when an annoyance will just blow right by me and others when the tiniest thing will be the worst. Today was like that latter but except for that one MOTHERFUCKER! I've been good, fine, zen...

Breathe, breathe, breathe

Then I took the New York Times Copy Editor Quiz and nailed it and felt much better!

I have a brand new pork chop for dinner.

So Susan, What Would Your Dream Home Be Like?

I've actually thought a lot about this in various ways. Mostly the where and the what and I really do think my dream home would be right here with some tweaks. And it almost becomes the answer to another thinker... What would you buy if money was no object? The tweaks to make my home perfect for me.

First of all Seattle. I have not one teensy bit of interest in leaving here. I love it - the weather, the mores, the people, the politics, the opportunity... all of it. Then my neighborhood. Seattle has tons of fabulous neighborhoods and that's not even counting the suburbs and surrounding cities. There are lots of great places to live but the greatest of all of them is right here. I have easy access (less than a half mile) to freeways going north and south and east. The beginning of Puget Sound is one block to the west. The very center of Seattle is a mile north of here. And I can easily walk to baseball games.

This building was a railroad warehouse from 1906 until 1992 when it was converted to condominiums and I moved in. It has history and flavor and quirks and personality. And the units are about double the size of most urban condos in the Pacific Northwest.

If I had all the money in the world, I'd buy the condo next to mine and make it into a guest house/sewing studio/storage space. I'd completely redo my bathroom and trade the tub for a walk in shower.

And then I'd redo the kitchen and probably way more if I found a good designer/contractor. Mainly I'd just move a bunch of shit from here to the other unit to get it out of the way and make this place even more clutter free.

One thing I do keep coming back to every single time I chew these ideas over in my head is that really none of it is critical. I could actually do it all now if I really wanted to. Well, not the buying of the second unit, but the rest. And maybe, one day, I'll want to enough. But, for now, I really really love this condo and am so grateful to be able to live here.

It really already is my dream home.

Long range planning

Once I realized that I have a place to swim first thing next Thursday, I no longer had any reason to consider Thanksgiving. I have no plans, no interest in making any. Just another day.

BUT, the rest of the world (well, yeah, ok, just this country) is on a Thanksgiving schedule that I need to make sure I don't clash with and so... I'm thinking ahead.

The smart money says to go ahead and make the Costco run today or tomorrow OR wait until the first week of December and hope Christmas shopping hasn't started yet. Nope. I think today or tomorrow is more smart.

And today is laundry day. I had to do a load of all the fabric I bought yesterday and then the dirty clothes hamper has about two loads in it. I like to wrestle the laundry when it can be done in one load and almost always fail.

So laundry and Costco with a side of sewing and knitting/crocheting for dessert. That's my day today. Nice.

The cost of saving...

This morning, my JoAnn's app told me they had 20% off everything today. Oh Great. But, no. I have stuff to sew and things to do and so I just swiped it away.

Then I got to the end of my shirt and I needed some fusing to finish off the collar nicely and I remembered I used the last of it a shirt or two ago. Hmmmmm Ok. What could I do? When JoAnn's calls back again it's not just a butt dial, right?

So... that Stitch Whitchery (normally $4) cost me $103. BUT BUT BUT... I saved $89! So really. It was a deal. And I got fabric for a coat, 3 fleece tops, 3 knit tops. And saved $89.

Came home, finished the shirt. I think it's now a favorite.


Left on my things to do before dinner list is to wind up the two hanks of yarn left so I can put all the yarn winding crap away.

Day 5 of 21

My current deal at my new gym is $21 for 21 days which is kind of genius, actually. Most gyms around here offer 3 or 5 days free (and then, usually tack on a couple more when you act interested). But $21 for 21 days is really smart - it seems so much longer than 3 or 5 days but requires that you put skin in the game. But, the amount required is pretty much a no brainer.

I have 17 days left. My decision now is to join on a monthly plan or annual. I feel like an annual membership would ensure that I break a bone in the next six weeks or break out with a skin disease or some other something that would prevent me from swimming. But, you do save - 12 months for the price of 10.

I got an email from my gym sales guy yesterday asking how things were going. I asked about the two broken showers (parts on order) and the 20 minute late opening yesterday (one off - only time in 3 years they have owned it).

I was in the pool swimming at 5 am today. So nice.

Today's agenda is pretty blank. I have sewing projects I want to start but I'm not going to until I finish those already in progress. I have two pair of pants cut out but not sewn and one top. I have ideas but nothing doing until I'm caught up.

I'm finishing the latest John Grisham book today. It's a good read. I have a lot of good stuff on the 'shelf' queued up. I have a new Jack Reacher, a new Bosch, the second novel by the guy who wrote The Martian plus a couple of others. Nice feeling to have such a wealth of reading goodies all lined up and waiting for me.

First I think I'll go get dressed. Now that I'm not driving so far to the pool, I'm just throwing this thick ankle length hoodie over my swimsuit in the morning. After my shower, I put it back on over, well, nothing, to get home. But, then I have coffee and interenet and then it's well into the morning and I'm still not dressed. So off now to fix that.

Splatter brained...

I splattered all over this condo today. I bounced from one thing to the next and was feeling like I was wasting the day. But, turns out, not.

My new sheets came in so I am now, officially, a 2 sheet house. I cut the elastic off my old ones (removing temptation and making their remnants more usable). One sheet is on the bed and one is in the cupboard. The retired sheets have been made flat. And I made two pillowcases out of one of them.

I put together a new pattern and cut out a new shirt. It was tricky because when I'm buying fabric I always cheap out. In my head I think 2 yards is plenty. On the cutting counter, I need 2.5 min. Every fucking time. Today I played pattern tetris for an hour trying to get this shirt squeezed out of the fabric I had. From now on... 2.5 yards or 3.

Oh I had one yard of this great print that I got at Goodwill. It was quilted and in my mind, I figured I'd make the front and back of a shirt out of it and then use fleece for the sleeves. Turns out... it wasn't quilted at all. It was just folded precisely. So I have, actually, more than 2 yards of it. My original plan would work but it would be a waste so I need to rethink.

The pattern company that made the pattern I used for my Coat of Many Colors, left me a comment on Instagram about how delighted they were and did I want one of their shirt patterns for free? Fuck yeah!! I actually bought one of their shirt patterns when I got the coat pattern but it was a hard choice between two that I liked. So now I'm getting my second choice for free. Sweet.

I try to always mention independent pattern companies when I show photographs on Instagram and Twitter. For one thing, I really appreciate it when others do that and I really appreciate independent pattern companies. The big pattern companies have a very horrible system for downloading patterns and I refuse to use it. Also I hate tissue paper patterns so if I can't download the pattern, fuggitaboutit. Nearly all indie's offer PDF versions of their patterns.

And I washed my mattress pad and rebuilt the bed and in the process banged up my hands. One is covered in purple bruises and the other had one small one. Old people problems. Sigh.