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The hamburger's song

Today, about noonish, I heard the wild call of McDonald's and it was saying Cheeeeesssssburger. So I got in the car and went and got one. With fries, of course. It was good but I think I'm good now for several months.

I got a lot of good sewing done and then the mail arrived with my ballot. So I finished up my research on all the non people stuff and on the minor local offices and filled out my ballot. It's all ready for the mail tomorrow.

I was going to watch a movie but then I fell down the internet rabbit hole.

A robotics class from a local high school somehow connected with my brother and got to pilfer through all of his discarded hardware. They had a ball.

My brother owns a small computer repair/small business IT support shop about an hour north of Austin, Texas. They end up with a lot of scrap computers which they pile up out in the yard until the pile gets big then they call the recycler who comes and hauls it all away. But, today, instead, they called this high school class and boy did those kids have a wonderful time. PLUS, now my brother does not have to pay some dude to haul it all away!

There are two cameras, with sound, in the back of his shop where his techs work, one in the store where the customers are and one pointing out to the driveway. So I can watch and hear all the action every day. It's fun for me. Especially today watching those kids.

All the laundry is done and folded and put away. Chilli for dinner. All is good.

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Twitter told me first thing that it was pouring out. (I don't have windows in my bedroom.) I knew traffic would suck no matter when I went to the pool so I went early. The gym has fixed the climate control issues that have made the pool really cold and everything else really hot and humid and smelly for the past few days. So it was a much nicer swim.

Coming home was fine til I got within a mile and then it was a parking lot. I finally made it home and don't have anywhere I need to go.

Laundry is two loads and the first is ready for the dryer. They had chilli meat on sail yesterday so I'll be making a big ole pot of that today. And that's about it for planned activities. No telling what unplanned my happen.

Here's a bear I finished last night...

I suck

My sewing machine accumulates a ton o' lint. To get to it, you have to unscrew two screws and remove the bobbin and bobbin case and then poke around with a brush into places you can't see well. It's a major PIA and still you can't ever get all the crap out. I use the machine so much, I have to do this at least once a week.

I did replace the screws with philips heads and got a squatty little screwdriver so at least the screwing/unscrewing part is easier. I tried a bunch of different brushes and none were very good. Everyone says NEVER use canned air to blow it out. And, this makes sense because all you are really doing is blowing the lint way back into the machine.

So I started hunting around for some kind of suction. And I found this little vacuum. I didn't have a lot of hopes but knew I could send it right back to Amazon if it didn't do what I needed it to. It came today. I plugged it in and then got into the sewing machine lint trap and started sucking and wow! 10 seconds to do a way better job than I can do in 5 minutes.

Then I dragged it across the room and sucked up all the litter that Zoey had scattered. Then I cleaned out a couple of crevices in the desk that had been driving me crazy. Then I sucked up all the dust on my laptop. I LOVE THIS THING!!!!!

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  • Tue, 13:24: My fitness tracker dictated a walk so I walked 3 blocks to the deli and got a cookie. Now, who's boss??!!
  • Wed, 09:51: Has anyone actually proven that obsessive refreshing of an order page will NOT make… https://t.co/wcNNmcMTSh


Where in the heck do these weeks go???

Here we are smack in the middle of another week. I could swear that Monday was 10 minutes ago. I am a cliche - the older I get the faster time flies.

My pool boyfriend was there today. Franchesco swims about 3 times a week and never fails to greet me warmly and never leaves the pool without a massive 'BYE!' wave. He's kinda hunky, too. Regulars kind of come and go at my pool. A relative newby is a young woman who comes in with dumbell weights and swims hard for a few laps and then walks with her weights and then throws her legs or the side and does situps from the water surface, with her weights.

This morning she came in as I was finishing up and remarked about strong my stroke was. I think my stroke is kind of lame which is why I am no faster than I am BUT that does not prevent me - one bit - from wallowing in the complement. I love my swim peops.

The charge for my new phone hit my credit card last night and my order moved from Pending to Processing and now I am now obsessively refreshing looking for it to change to Shipped.

A lot of this election year reminds me of the last six months of 1999. Everyone had massive apocalyptic predictions and count downs and opinions about what would happen when 1999 turned into 2000 - The Y2K Problem. It was also a slow news time so the media was consumed by the topic. There were more than a couple of people who were constantly in the headlines during that time that we never heard from again. There are now pundits and others so consumed with destroying Trump and/or Clinton that I sure do hope we never hear from again...

Oh a whole bunch o' books came in and are now waiting for me at the library. I might just go pick them up today. They are mainly books of doll and toy knitting patterns by a couple of guys I just recently found out about. I can't wait to see what they've got.

But first I think I'll do a little sewing...

No self control

I just discovered that Walmart has some of their fabric by the yard available for online order. So, of course, I did. I need to stop.

Then I went to Amazon to find some felt for doll hair that I couldn't find at Walmart and found a new thing that might even be better than felt and other stuff as well. I ordered. I need to stop.

There's a little deli about 3 longish blocks from here who's Italian sub I've always wanted to try. They have a decent and cheap sushi that I always end up with but today I set out for the sub. Plus a little walk. So now I know to stick with the sushi - sigh.

On my way, I passed the sports bar where all the hanging baskets for the neighborhood were staged this morning. At lunch there were only 3 left to hang.

I think I'll have a loaded baked potato for dinner. I have some string beans that I can saute to go with.

I think I need to turn on the TV so I'll quit buying stuff online!

Here are today's dolls:


I have several new people who have added me to their friends list and so likely are now reading my daily bon mots. This journal is now 15 years old (awww, it can drive next year!) and has more than 19,000 entries. It's possible that someone might not want to read them all to catch up. I know I sure wouldn't. So here's a crash course in me.

My profile is kind of meaty and current.

These two links are also on the Profile page but are the most on target about Moi.

Last year I did 20 miscellaneous facts about me that is also current.

And here's a not new but not out of date listicle biography.

I make rag dolls and knit teddy bears every day and post photos of each as they are completed. Once a month, I gather them all up and take them to an agency who gives them out of babies and kids in family crisis situations. This sounds way more altruistic than it actually is. I love doing both the dolls and the bears and if I didn't have the agency, I'd have serious storage concerns.

And, finally, if anyone every has any questions about anything about me or anything else, I'm more than happy to answer - here in this journal or via email - susandennis@gmail.com.

Here's a bear I finished last night.

Tis the Season

It does seem like the people bitching about retail Christmas starting too early are starting earlier this year.

Ha! I like stuff. I appreciate people who sell stuff. I'm no a big fan of holidays. They all seem to carry the same amount of inconvenience for me. But, they all have nice little end dates and each have their own perks. Right now I'm enjoying fresh candy corn, for instance. Christmas/New Years means there will be bargain prices on stuff I like. Fine by me and they can start doing that any time they want. The inyourface decorations and loveeverybodygivenow themes are, for me, small price to pay.

And speaking of stuff, I have three major purchases on their way soon-ish. They are all paid for and now it's just waiting...

One is chipped (nugget) ice maker. This was supposed to be delivered in July. The latest says it's coming before November. I'm hoping to see it before Christmas. Indiegogo.

One is my new Pebble Watch. This was supposed to be delivered in September. Now it looks more like November. But, I'm pretty sure it will be November.

And then there's my new Pixel Phone. This one isn't exactly paid for but the money is set aside and ready. It will likely be here towards the end of next week. But I'm hoping it's sooner. The first hands on reviews landed today and I really really want mine now!

On my way home from the pool today, outside the sports restaurant on the corner they had about 150 hanging baskets all set out and ready for hanging. Last week all along the neighborhood the summer baskets were on the curb with big yellow signs say FREE. They were snapped up quickly. Today, apparently, the winter baskets go up. Such a nice neighborhood thing.

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The dolls du jour

Now that I worked so hard to ensure that my insurance will cover the gym, I realized a major flaw in my thinking. The insurance covers my gym because they provide Silver Sneakers. Silver Sneakers contracts with the gym. I'm fairly confident that Humera will keep Silver Sneakers through 2017. I'm not nearly so confident that Silver Sneakers will keep LA Fitness through 2017. But, I have no way of finding out so now that I've worried about it for a couple of hours, I'm going to stop.

Worse case, they don't and I'll have to pay. Or find another pool. Future bridge crossing. I'm done for now.

Insurance, Check

What a PIA that turned out to be. But, out of a dozen options only one met all my criteria so it turned out to be not a difficult choice. Humana.

Their fitness option is Silver Sneakers instead of my current Silver and Fit so this means that once again, I will have to rejoin the gym. This will make 4 times in 18 months. I am sure I hold the record at least for this location. But for a free membership, I shall not quibble. Plus, yet another chance to get a better ID photo.

Humana will also, finally, give me online access to my insurance records. My current 1970's era insurance does not even provide an email address for simple feedback. Oh and Humana gave me a paperless option. I single handedly killed whole forests with this last insurance company.

None of them, apparently, provide drug purchase history online which is 1. curious and 2. annoying as heck. The drug info is the one bit that is critical and most needed. I still have one inhaler I can get before 12/31 for $30 under medicare rules. Any more than that will cost me $300-400 each before January. I have a bit of an inhaler stash, so I can easily get by on one til January. I do need to wait until the new insurance ID comes through, though. 10 days. Again, no biggie.


This is where I am every morning - center lane mostly. It's 25 yards and I usually do 92 lengths or 46 laps. Front crawl only, non-stop. I'm not breaking any speed records. It takes me an hour.

I really do love it so much. It's so freeing for a fat girl to experience the buoyancy of water and the gracefulness that it enables. That it counts as exercise is just a double big fat bonus.

Another bonus is the traffic. Since those horrible two weeks after school started, the traffic between the pool and home has gotten steadily palatable. This morning it was a breeze. So nice.

I think today is going to be insurance day. I think I'll just bite the bullet and spreadsheet my options and then make the phone calls and then decide. I'm probably making a much bigger deal out of this than it needs to be but I have the time and the energy and probably more options than most so why waste the privilege?

This looks to be a quiet week here which is fine by me. I have dolls to make, TV to watch and, it turns out, Maria Semple's new book is pretty engaging after all.

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I need to walk. Every day. I rarely do. But, today I did. After I finished sewing, I decided to walk up to the drug store. (.3 miles up, .2 miles back according to my tracker, no clue why the difference) The drug store didn't have what I wanted but, hey, the point was to walk and wear in my new Uggs. I did wait until the game started.

On the way home, I came upon a hot dog vendor on the street at my building. I was hungry so I got a hot dog but after I ordered I remembered to check money. I had grabbed a fist of cash and my credit card but knew the drug store does Android pay so I didn't pay close attention. I had already given the Real Change guy a $20 for the newspaper and I had only $4 left. I asked the guy how much and he said $5 and I said ok, sorry, I didn't have enough. And then he said $4. I felt bad for a minute but then realized that $4 was a good price and he didn't have many more, if any, sales today so better he sell to me for $4 than nobody for $0.

It turned out to be a very mediocre hot dog anyway.

It got a little warmer so I opened up the door to the terrace. Now the Seahawks are winning so I'm going to need to close it because I want to watch CBS Sunday morning and I won't be able to hear the TV.

Today's dolls...

Going Rogue!

I never do memes of any kind. In fact I pretty much turn my nose up at all of them. I don't even have a Facebook account. And here I go breaking all of my rules...

1. Are you named after someone? My parents liked the names Linda and Susan. They had an old dog named Linda that they hoped would die before I was born. She didn't. They gave me a middle name of Karolene after my father's older sister.
2. When is the last time you cried? Last week
3. Do you like your handwriting? Nope
4. What is your favorite lunch meat? I rotate through most of them without enthusiasm.
5. Do you have kids? No
6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? Probably not.
7. Do you use sarcasm? No, of course not.
8. Do you still have your tonsils? Nope. No appendix either.
9. Would you bungee jump? Already done that. 1995.
10. What is your favorite cereal? ew cereal. Un frosted mini shredded wheat.
11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? I don't 'do' tie shoes.
12. Do you think you are a strong person? Yes.
13. What is your favorite ice cream? Toffee/Heath Bar Crunch by ben&jerries
14. What is the first thing you notice about people? no particular thing
15. Red or pink? lime green
16. What is the least favorite thing you like about yourself? No clue.
17. What colour pants/underwear and shoes are you wearing right now? Gray pants, pink top, nothing else.
18. What was the last thing you ate? Hot dog.
19. What are you listening to right now? The crowd at the Seahawks game across the street.
20. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? lime green
21. Favorite smell? a great dinner that someone cooked for me.
22. Last person you talked to on the phone? probably a delivery guy at the building's front door looking to be buzzed in.
23. Favourite sport to watch? baseball
24. Real hair colour? Brown
25. Eye color? Blue
26. Do you wear contacts? Nope
27. Favorite food to eat? Pork chops
28. Scary movies or happy endings? Not that into movies.
29. Last movie you watched? I don't remember.
33. What book are you reading? Today will be Different
35. What is on your mouse pad? I haven't used a mouse pad in a decade
36. What is the last TV program you watched? Speechless
37. Rolling Stones or The Beatles? Both
38. What is the farthest you traveled? Stewart Island, New Zealand
40. Do you have a special talent? Nope
41. Where were you born? Brooklyn, NY


Last night's storm was a doozy. Not quite as bad as predicted but it was pretty fierce nonetheless. At one point the wind was blowing in two different directions while it rained sideways.

My swim buddy, Barrie, lives out on a point sticking out into Elliot Bay. They got smashed but sandbags kept most of water outside. This was snapped yesterday afternoon by one of the blog people before the storm got going good. Barrie's house is in the rectangle.


It was still pouring rain this morning so all the Seahawks tailgate parties got a late, soggy start. When I got back from the gym about 9:30, it had stopped raining and they had started their neighborhood invasion for real. It is at least cold enough to keep the door to the terrace closed so the noise is only background.

Living across the street from one professional stadium and down the block from a second one has its challenges and I'm particularly not fond of the Seahawks crowd but, really, it is fun to sit up here on the 4th floor separated from it all and hear humanity down below all excited to be here. The drum band is going and it's just a nice backdrop. Plus, on those few times when I actually do want to go to a game or a concert, it certainly is handy to just waltz on over.

I have lots to do today. I have sewing. Dolls plus other sewing. I have TV watching to do. I watched the first episode of Goliath - an Amazon Prime show. It has 8 episodes. The first one was pretty good.

I started the new Maria Semple novel last night. I'm not sure yet. It's the audible version and the reader is a thin line - either she's going to be one of the best ever or I'm going to hate her soon. This book may get returned. I'm going to give it another hour at least.

The big ToDo this week is insurance. It does not actually have to be done this week but why wait. I need to decide which policy to pick, call them to make sure my top concerns are met and will stay met through next year and see what kind of recourse I have if they don't and then apply.

My new policy needs to cost me nothing per month, cover my doctor and his clinic's services, and cover my drugs. I have a list of 5 that will do all of these things and none are really in doubt. And most of those 5 have the same kinds of coverage so it comes down to my own personal show stoppers:

1. Cover my gym membership
2. Online access to my insurance activity
3. Online access to my drug insurance activity
4. 90 days of drugs at my preferred pharmacy

I'm pretty sure none of the 5 do #3 above so I'll pick the one who does 1,2 and 4.

But, not today I don't think.

Saturday sewing

I got some miscellaneous sewing done and some podcasts listened to and two dolls made but now I've moved to the living room so I can watch the wind. It's just now started picking up although they are saying that the Big Wind is now coming about 6ish (it's now 3:30).

I made the TJ's cinnamon buns and they are cooling now. 1. Not enough icing and the wrong kind of icing and 2. Preheat oven, open can, peel apart, mess up, cookie sheet, wait... ice vs. Open plastic container, pop in microwave, eat. Oh well.


Last night, just before bed, I sneezed about 3 times and as a result, my nose got kind of stuffed. So I slapped on a Breathe Right. OMG what a great sleep can be had when I can breathe. There is nothing stopping me from using one every night but I forget, until it's the middle of the night and I keep waking up. I should remember more. My sleep tracker about exploded with so much deep sleep.

The pool was not crowded and my swim was good. I popped into Trader Joe's to ask about the cinnamon muffins and discovered that they are not 'on order' or 'discontinued' but 'unavailable for order' which the TJ's person said she'd never seen before and had no clue how to interpret. I'm going for a thin ray of hope. Meanwhile the cashier talked me into refrigerator cinnamon buns. I'm not hopeful about those but we'll see.

Then on to the tire place. About every 3 months my tire light comes on. I stop into Goodyear and their check reveals that one tire (not the same one) is a little low. I get them filled and we repeat in 3 months. So today I went in and asked what the heck the deal is and discovered what I should have figured out on my own. The tires are fine. The light is twitchy and sensitive!

In the olden days when a tire looked low or was flat, you got it fixed. But since they put tire lights on the dashboard, now we know too much. It comes on and I panic. When what I should do is not worry about it. Like today. I should have just chilled and waited to get the air checked until it was not cold and windy and rainy out. Lesson learned.

(The tire guy did point to a customer who was waiting. John had come in yesterday because his light came on. His tires got checked and filled appropriately and the light went off. And then, this morning, he went out and one of his tires was flat. So... no guarantees!)

Then home and breakfast. Next up, probably sewing. I have no plans to go anywhere. The next wind storm is due about 3 ish.

More Friday

I have a drawer in my sewing room that is filled with ribbons and trim of all kinds for the dolls. It is a mess. My plan was to get in there and un-mess it. But, I opened it up and then shut it again. Too big of a mess. Maybe tomorrow.

Then I did a massive fabric selection. I went through my stuff and paired up the choices and then cut out a whole gang of future dolls. Here's the pile just waiting their turn.

I got to the top two.

I've got some kind of pizza thing from Trader Joe's for dinner. The wind's still blowing steadily and actively with the real wind expected later tonight. Wild.

Not blown away yet

The Tree That I Hate still has leaves on it - lots of them but less than yesterday. It was pounding down rain when I went to the gym today but only dripping when I came home and no traffic!

I thought about driving over to Walmart after my swim but it's a two bridge trip and that's probably not a good idea on a day when winds are whippin' and... while there is stuff I want, there's nothing I really do need so why spend the money? I'll save a Walmart trip for when I need some retail therapy or actually do need to buy something there. And it's not windy.

I don't have anything lightweight enough on my terrace to go far but I do have 10 foot curtains. Before the new ones, I had 2 sets of 2 panels and they would get pretty whipped up in a wind. They never ripped down but they would flap around pretty severely. I would be worried about them this weekend. But these new ones are not panels. They are one piece of fabric - 10 feet x 9 feet and between their weight and volume, they go nowhere. It's wild. And nice.

The chimney sweep is coming today. Every two years, the condo hires a chimney sweep to check all our chimneys. This is the up side of condo living. All I have to do is is nothing. If I'm not home, they will still come in and make sure my chimney is safe for use. Next year, they come back and check all the close dryer hoses and vents. Nice.

It's getting gusty again and I can hear things like signs and cans blowing around down on the street. It's kidn of amazing to watch. The sewing room is on the other end of the house and has no windows. I'm torn between wanting to go sew and wanting to watch the storm. I suspect there will be a bit of both going on here today.

2 dolls, a swimsuit and a finger...

Last night I got a hankering for pie crust cookies with icing. I didn't have any pie crust (and I'm sure as hell not making it from scratch) but I did have icing stuff so I whipped up some butter cream and today got the pie crust and baked cookies. I frosted them when they were cool and now they are waiting for after dinner. They aren't bake off quality but they will suit me just fine, thanks.

Then I sewed. I finished off the swim suit and then made a couple of dolls. I was cutting out the pieces and just scissored up my finger! I've cut out a bascillion dolls and my fingers have been there right on the end of my hands for something like 67 years but today, I guess I just forgot. Doh.

There's a new burger place opening down the street. It's the third in a tiny chain of fast food places in the NW. It's just opened in what was a drive through coffee place. You have to pass a McDonalds to get there and I'm sure the McDonald's is way better but still I'm tempted. I'm hamburger hungry. I had a Kind bar for lunch - my first and last - I'm afraid I'll break a tooth. And I think I'm too lazy to go down to the garage and get in the car and drive... and drive back... I have plenty to eat here.

Our winds are supposed to start in about 15 minutes and go all night, rest tomorrow and come back with more force on Saturday. Twitter's all abuzz as is radio and TV and news sites. My swim buddy, Barrie, lives on a point on the coastline of Elliott Bay. She said this morning they have pulled everything inside, are keeping the tide tables at the ready. High winds with high tides could mean that the surf will be up in her living room.

My hope is that it knocks all the leaves off The Tree That I Hate so that I can once again keep an eye out for my neighbors. I've missed them. Two of the units just across from me have emptied since last winter so I need some new peops!

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Dark and cold and rainy with wind to follow. This is my comfort weather. No glare, long sleeves, and promised drama. Nice.

Amazon's delivery service - they one they run - has taken to delivering stuff really early. Last Sunday, they were at my door, calling my phone at 7:30 am. Twice this week, they've delivered before I got back from my swim. Weird but ok by me.

I stopped by Safeway after my swim. While everyone else was laying in bread and milk and bottled water, I was flat out of candy corn and needed to re-up. It's premium priced right now but fresh as the dickens. Yum! I confined myself to one bag. No reason to go nuts.

Now both Zoey and I have appropriate foodstuffs to weather the storm. Whew.

I think I'll go sew stuff now.

Amazon Prime for the win

I have a tablet on my dinner table and during meals, I often peruse AskMetaFilter or flip through Zolt News or read magazines.

I hate the individual magazine apps. The library's magazine app isn't much better so last year I bought a year's subscription to the Texture app and it's almost worse than the other two. I just want to flip pages and read words. I don't want to have to click on shit to see words and then try to guess how to get back to where I was. I had vowed to go back to tree killing old fashioned paper magazines when my Texture subscription expires.

Except. Now. Maybe... I won't have to.

When I turned on the tablet tonight there was a little note from Amazon saying that they had books and magazines free for me to read as a Prime Member. And, I'll be damned if they don't!! There are now lots of free, very interesting looking books. But there are a pile of really interesting looking magazines.

And they are the kind with all the words on the page and you must flip through!!! No more guessing or clicking. Just flip, read and flip. People, Entertainment Weekly, Martha Stewart, HGTV and more. And they are on my phone, too. I'm so jazzed about this. I feel like there's got to be a hitch somewhere but I haven't found it yet.

Very cool.

Very productive

All of the laundry is washed and put away. The bed has now been remade to include the mattress pad. The house is very clean. The house cleaner got lost in her work today and did at least half again as much as she usually does. And the house shows it. Very nice.

And I made 3 dolls and I got the next swimsuit all done but the elastic (which, on a swimsuit, is not minor but still...)

This windstorm is getting a whole lotta press. There are warnings everywhere you look or listen. I do hope it turns out to be more warning that wind. Sitting here in a 110 year old building surrounded by buildings as big and high as this one or bigger, on asphalt, gives me a bit of a bullet proof vest, I hope, against both damage and lack of electricity. BUT I will be making sure every gadget I own is charged to the max.

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Flying in the paper cup

When I was 6, we moved from Kansas City, MO to Winston-Salem, NC. I had to learn to add m'am and sir to every response to an adult. I spent the second half of the first grade trying to wade through my teacher's thick southern accent - not very successfully, actually.

Next door lived Stevie (my age) and his sister (a couple of years older). They got bicycles that year for Christmas. The bicycles came in a giant wooden box just like the box that my litter cabinet came in yesterday (hence this remembrance floated to the surface).

But, instead of tossing it like I did, they set it up on the back yard. Stevie's dad was a pilot for Piedmont Airlines which was a major airlines in the South back in the day. They got sold to an airline who got sold to an airline who got merged with another airline that got sold to an airline BUT in 1955 they were a BFD and Stevie was all about airplanes.

He took his crayons to the inside of the wooden box and created his own airplane complete with cock pit dashboard, and passenger seats with windows. He called it his Paper Cup. Getting to take a trip in Stevie's Paper Cup was huge. It was a special invitation and I loved it. I had a little pink suitcase that I would pack and take with me. He provided running commentary and the flight. I do remember we always seemed to land and take off from a runway called Niner-Niner.

I traveled a fair amount in the 1st and 2nd grade. It was wonderful to sit in that little wooden box and go anywhere Stevie wanted.

Years later, I was sitting in a physics class trying to figure out the ramifications of actually dropping the class since I was clearly going to fail it when the professor suddenly caught my attention. He was talking about the aerodynamics of a small airplane and called it a Piper Cub. Piper Cub???? you mean not Paper Cup???? OMG really??? Fortunately I was sitting on the back row so not too many people heard me laughing out loud.


Well, so far...

Mattress flipped over.
2 our of 3 laundry loads done
swim swammed
id lost

My house cleaner came early and, as always, busts in and gets started. I think she scares most of the dirt and dust away before she even takes a hand to it. She said her daughter was probably coming and I said well, is/when she does, I'd like the 3 of us to flip the mattress. I CAN DO! I do all the time my house. I can do. She is like a bull in a china shop which is not what you want around your things but she's so well intended and I honestly don't have anything that precious. She had that mattress nearly half done before I could ask 'so how do you want to do this?'

She only knocked over a lamp and my already broken spare phone. 'Where sheet. I do next.' So I gave her a sheet and completely forgot that I wanted the mattress pad to go one first because it was still in the dryer. No biggie. The biggie was getting the flip flipped and now it is.

My drivers license, visa and discover cards are in a little case. Nothing else. Some time between the time I got to the pool and the time I got back inside here, it disappeared. I'm thinking it's down in the car - fell out of my swim bag. I'll go down and check in a bit. It's all replaceable - annoying but doable. I'm not going to get all stressed about it. It's not like I need it tonight to go clubbing. I'm probably not even going to do that this week.

And speaking of this week, we got winds a commin'. They are telling us to batten down the hatches and forgodsake put that yard furniture away or clamp it down.

DoberDan - I just learned my first Bosnian. It means Good Afternoon. She tried to teach me another but I told her I could only do one at a time.

I guess I'll go down tot he car now and see if I really do have anything to worry about.

UPDATE!! Clubbing now possible. ID was on the front seat of the car. I retrieved it, put Discover card somewhere else and swapped in card with email address and phone number.

Here's last night's bear...

A whole new bathroom... for the cat

I wrestled this sucker into the elevator and then into my unit. It looks like it might be just awkward but it's more... it's also heavy with sharp corners.

Then how to get it out... I finally figured that out. If you look closely you can see Zoey 'helping'.

But the result is way nicer than I even imagined. It's really solid and a lovely piece of well made furniture. That blue light is supposed to react with the special interior paint to prevent odors. We'll see. I'm not sure having that light visible is worth it. Easy to remove if not.

The very good news is that it is big enough (and tall enough) to accommodate a covered litter box. No matter how high the walls, she can still and will pee over the edge. It will be nice to be able to prevent that.

The only part of all of this that I really could not do was get that empty shipping box lifted high enough to get it into the dumpster. Fortunately before I really had time to even try, the maintenance guy came by and offered to do it for me. Whew.

Then it was a million trips from one end of the house to the other. I washed out the old scooper and litter box (the new cabinet came with one that I'll use until my hooded one arrives). All of that + the collapsible litter box house is now breathing fresh air out on the terrace. Once it's had a couple of days to air out, I'll either find a place to store it or take it all to the Goodwill.

If I'd been smart, I would have hired a task rabbit or somebody like that to come do this all for me. I used some muscles that had not been used in years. Tomorrow morning I will be very sorry I did not but now, I'm cool.

But, yeah. It's done and pretty, really pretty.

And the house cleaner will be here tomorrow with her turbo vacuum. If her daughter is with her, I'll see if the three of use can flip my mattress. As long as I've already aggravated these muscles anyway, I might as well get my money's worth.

I got Croc liners made and a bunch of dolls cut out but none will get sewn today. I'm pooped.

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My phone diet

The phone I ordered last week is a fair bit smaller than the one I've been using for the past year. And now, knowing it's coming, my current phone has gone from 'nice and big' to 'holyfuckinggod, this thing is way too big' and I can't wait for the smaller one. I'm so fickle. But it really does seem like my hands can no longer handle the bug phone.

Zoey is having a cat day. She normally sleeps in but this while I was getting dressed she was already doing her running-from-room-to-room-for-no-apparent-reason. She was up on top of the walls because my brother sent me a text this morning 'your web cam has fallen and it can't get up'. And now, she's standing between me and this keyboard instead of eating her breakfast. No clue what's up her little furry butt.

Today her new litter box chest arrives. It's out for delivery now. It's smaller than what she and I are used to. I'm going to have to get creative about where/how I store the unused litter and the bag o' scooped. I'll figure it out.

Oh! I just saw that We Come From Away is headed to Broadway. I hope it is a wonderful marvelous amazing long running hit. It's such a great play.

I need to remake my croc liners. The latest ones work great except for when I get ready to go home after my swim. My waterlogged feet have trouble sliding in. I know what I need to fix and I have the fixings in house. So that's today's project.

Today's dolls

I really didn't do much of anything else all day but piddle around. I got sucked down a couple of internet holes and then played way too much backgammon. But, hey, why not? I did get a new swim suit cut out and half done.

I should have gone outside and at least walked around the block but I did not. Oh well.


The best fabric I have bought recently has been fabric I bought at Walmart. I bought 4 2yd pieces and have used all four fabrics and have been very pleased. Contrast that experience with fabrics.com and the Pacific Fabric Outlet (up the street). Both of those latter places are very hit and miss. For my kind of sewing - casual wear - I want soft, stretchy, very washable and good colors - and I don't want to pay more than $10 a yard.  Doesn't seem too much to ask.

On the plus side, not having easy access to good fabric is probably a financial windfall for me.

As I was swimming today, I was thinking, I should just leave the gym and go right to Walmart and get more fabric. Fortunately, this was at the beginning of my swim and I got to my senses before the end. I have enough clothes. I have swimsuit fabric - if I need to sew clothes, I can make a swimsuit. Get a grip!

I did have a good swim - very few people at the gym, no one in the pool except me for most of my swim. But the real treat was the traffic or lack of it.  Traffic is letting me get to the pool about 30 minutes earlier these days which is excellent.

Last night's surprise chicken dinner was amazing. And fun. And delicious.

There is nothing on the docket for today. Dolls and maybe a swimsuit but dolls for sure and maybe a load of laundry.
I got two dolls done and a shirt all sewn up. I just love this shirt pattern. I think about one more will do me nicely for the winter. Unless I find some amazingly wonderful fabric.

As I was finishing up the shirt, I got a text from ljtourist with the most amazing offer. He wants to do a fried chicken/fried okra comparison taste test. He'll pick up and bring here for eating. Am I interested? Understatement of the decade. I cannot fathom how I could be more interested! He'll be here with the goodies at 5. I am very excited. What a treat. And, because I'm such a party girl, I made us some fresh ice tea!

There's a parking lot in front of the Starbucks Headquarters (which is on my way to the gym) and something is being built in the corner of it and I want to know what. Today I looked in Seattle building permits and came up dry. I need to stop by there and get the permit number off the sign. But, meanwhile poking around in building permits is yet another internet hole you can get lost in. I had no idea.

They are still dismantling the stuff from the party in the parking lot yesterday. Holy crap there's a lot of it and they aren't speedy. The sound of metal tent poles hitting the pavement has been my musical backdrop all day.

I think maybe I'll watch a bit of TV and knit til chick time.

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There's no Seahawks game today so even the sports bar across the street (where fans flock for away games) is quiet today. The major sound is that of tent polls dropping on asphalt as they tear down yesterday's fest. They stopped at 10 pm last night but left most of the clean up/tear down for today. Their weather was horrible but they were packed and sounded like they were having a great time.

The person who opens the gym was late today by 10 minutes. There was quite a crowd by the time she got there. But, once we got in, my swim was good. I saw a guy I used to swim with every single morning. I hadn't seen him since Labor Day when I moved my swim back an hour. Turns out he had to move his to end of day!

Today would have been the perfect day to find a good brunch and I even have a new spot in mind that I want to try but I also got some brioche bread from Trader Joe's yesterday and I wanted to try toad in the hole eggs with it. So I came on home. The toads were very so so. I'll find a way to use the rest of the loaf but I think it's my last.

Two more (actually 3) shows bit the dust last night. Notorious. I got about a third of the way into ep 2 and gave up. Powerful women emulating the trashy habits of powerful men with weak plots and poor writing... no thanks. Lethal Weapon. I knew this would make my always watch but I tried. And that heaven thing with Tad Dansen and whatshername. I killed it rather than even watch ep 2.

But, I still do like a lot of the season so this is just some clean up.

And the big TV coup for me is Jane Pauley on CBS Sunday Morning.

And, not only once again but very particularly now, I have no intention of watching the two presidential candidates tonight. Not one single thing in the world could change my vote so why torture myself.

I do have sewing to do.

Oh and here's a bear from last night.

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My body craves grease

I have no desire to eat healthy. Unless healthy is deep fried with an aioli dip.

I spent decades on a diet to lose weight. I didn't even care about healthy then. When I hit 50, my birthday present to myself was to never edit what I eat again. I eat what tastes good. Period. The End. If it cuts my life short, then I will have the tastiest short life possible.

But, as the world around me refuses to follow my lead, it is harder and harder to find tasty things. Flavors have been changed as everyone scrambles to board the healthy train. White bread - yes, white bread - now has something in it that ruins the flavor. Kraft macaroni and cheese has been ruined by 'natural'. Baloney and hot dogs both have lost the taste they used to have. And potato chips. Don't even get me stared.

Mexican restaurant tortilla chips have always been my downfall. I've never been to any Mexican restaurant that didn't have amazing I-can't-stop-eating-them-yes,-please-we'd-like-another-basket chips. The tortilla chips they have in grocery stores taste like cardboard to me. But, I'm always testing and trying them to see if I can find the restaurant equivalent.

I did. At Cash & Carry this week. I picked up a bag on a lark and I am mainlining these suckers. I snapped a picture and put it in my grocery list so I could remember next time. (And, can I say how much it cracks me up that all of a sudden all corn tortilla chips are now newly GLUTEN FREE!!! Like lots of foods... they always have been!) I think they are so tasty because you can still taste the grease from frying. And omg so delicious. So delicious.

Screenshot 2016-10-08 at 1.43.06 PM

My sewing today was early Project Runway episode worthy. You know when the designers are new and they haven't weeded out the losers who can't sew and keep fucking up? That was me. This vest could not be more simple. I mean there is nothing to it. I cut one panel with the elephants upside down. I sewed the pockets on the wrong side. I sewed them on the right side and then noticed that one of the fucking elephants was upside down. I mean seriously, I could not have invented more ways to fuck this up. I did the max. BUT... I love it. It's exactly what I wanted. Loose, short, pockets, simple.

It took me about 3 times longer than it should have so no doll making happened. I may go back to the sewing room once the party starts outside but I think, right now, I'm going watch some TV.

Nothing new

I swam. I conjured up a better vest design while I swam. I came home, ate breakfast and now I'm here talking about it. Same old same old but it's my own same old and I like it!

The pool was really crowded. I think two guys who came to swim, waited around, got into the spa for a bit and finally just left. Another couple shared one half lane.  I get there before they open and have to wait and it's totally worth it to ensure I get my little piece of the pool real estate.

I thought about going to Walmart after but it's not close and I remembered there are traffic issues this weekend and I figured one day next week will work way better.

I did pop into Trader Joe's only to learn they no longer carry those wonderful iced cinnamon rolls. Probably just as well. They were too good.

I was wrong about the parking lot party yesterday. Well, not wrong. There was a little one last night but today they have commandeered the entire lot with stages and tents and taken over the street as well. It costs $30 to get in. It's a brewery's pumpkin fest. It's from 3-10. It's supposed to rain massive bucket loads tonight. The organizers cannot be thrilled at that turn of events.

I have lots of TV to watch and even more sewing to do. Time to get to it.