Saving $$

There's this cool place where they recycle stuff and sell it and use it for a crafts place for kids - Three times a year, they have a fabric sale. I've never been. Today's one of those three times. I have been Go/No Go - ing myself all morning. Finally, I decided that right now, I have a ton of fabric and don't have room for more and it's one of those things where the smart money is to get there at 11. Not enough time to really come home from the pool and do much of anything. Too much time to go from the pool even with breakfast thrown in. Clearly the stars said no go. But, next time...

Zoey has been my cat now for 4.5 years. And only now have I really come to understand her eat/drink situation.

1. no drinking unless it is out of a drinking glass. if it's my glass of ice water, ok. if it's my glass and it's almost empty, she'll give it a try anyway. but, if i keep a glass for her full of water on the counter, she's most happy about that.

2. she hops on the counter (near where her food bowl goes) nearly every time I'm in the kitchen but, I've just learned, sometimes it's just to see what the haps are. If she's in the mood for a nosh, she meows. If not, she just sits. A simple meow, means 1/2 a an envelope of the gravy stuff is sufficient. Actually, anything else is rejected with barely a sniff.

3. when she's loud and adamant and stalking all around the counter in an eat-now-or-die fashion, she'll eat pretty much anything I put in the bowl.

I'm sure she's writing in her journal how FINALLY I figured it out.

I just got amazing wedding photographs. Turns out the brother of the nephew who got married - Alex - who by day is a psychologist to trouble youths in Boston - is an amazing people photographer!! He just kept shooting until he had a good shot of everyone in the group - big groups and small. He got a GREAT shot of every everyone and many many great ones of most and he absolutely captured the spirit. I wish I was British so I could say I am gobsmacked at his talent.

This one just delighted me. It's the photographer's brother - the groom - in his den. And on the wall behind him are my parents. I actually have the originals of those photographs but I'd never seen them in one frame together. Perfect. Also, while not my style, I love how cozy and homey that den is.

Here's the bride and groom surrounded by my brother and Uno (his first wife - who, by the way, refers to herself as Uno which always cracks me up).

Here's the brothers - no clue who took this one. Alex (purple shirt) is older by a year and a half.

So fun.

Today will be sewing and baseball and whatever else happens.

it all works out

I had a lovely swim, I did a little sewing, I did the laundry. I went to the game.

In July, my seat is in full sun until about 4:30 pm. In September, the sun has long past my seat and I get refreshing shade for the entire game. It was heaven. The cute girl who's such a great baseball buddy was there! And that made the game extra fun. The food was ok but my service was great. The game was a textbook example of why Cleveland is on top and the Mariners are on the bottom. But it was still fun and very good for a Last Game.


I got home and had just sat down when my phone beeped and it was the link from my brother to the wedding!! I thought it was at 6 my time but, turns out, it was 5.

The bride's niece had just had an appendectomy and was in the hospital so couldn't get to the wedding so she and I both got to watch via my brother's phone which worked out perfectly.

It was a sweet little wedding - exactly perfect. No drama, no fiddling, no pretense. Just perfect.

Now I think I'll fold up all that laundry and put it away and sit down to some TV and knitting. I have new Doc Martin that I haven't even seen yet!

My tweets



It's my weekly weekend wait for the pool to open. There's a nice, deepwater pool north of the city (maybe 20 minutes from here) that has a lap swim starting at 7 and then an aqua fit class after that. I used to do that every Saturday. I may go back next Saturday.

Today is a baseball game so I'll do the regular swim at 8 and then come on home. My new dress form is screaming at me to make it something. I found it a spot that I think will work without crowding everything too much. At least for now. And I have the bits cut out for a new test top. It's out of cheap Goodwill pieces so success is not critical. I'm going to make it to fit the dress form and then see how it does on me. I watched Project Runway last night and got more excited about how they were using their dress forms than the rest of the show. Ha!

I'll go to the game about 11. While I want to wallow in my very last game of the year, I hope it does not go too long. I want to get home and at the big screen to watch my nephews wedding which is at 6 pm my time. I think it will all work out. Last night's game was only a little over 2 hours and ended with a walk off home run. We played Cleveland who has had a hard time losing games recently and... we beat them breaking our 6 game losing streak! It was enormously satisfying for us. Must have been equally humiliating for them.

Coldplay is doing a concert tonight at the football stadium. That should generate some neighborhood action. I hope to be home from the ballgame before the action gears up. Happily, once I'm home from the pool, I have nowhere else I need to or want to go in the car. Whew. I love living here but it does take some planning on some days.

I'm sure not sending this back!!

I had no idea how fast I'd fall in love with me. Seriously.

The dress form arrived along with a package of pads.


The dress form instructions were really minimal but it went together pretty easily. And was not nearly as unstable and wobbly as the reviews in Amazon indicated it might be. And then I started stuffing it. I don't know about other fat people but I'm not nearly as big in my head as the measuring tape says I am. More stuffing. Moving the boobs down from perky was pretty hilarious. And finally it matched me.

I do not make tight fitting clothes because I do not wear tight fitting clothes and don't want to. But, if the sleeve seams do not sit exactly on top of my shoulders, it makes me nuts. And, of course, it needs to clear my generous hips and ass. And not be so wide in the middle that it looks like I'm ready to store sleeping bags.

And my new dress form does all of that PERFECTLY!!!

I grabbed a shirt I wore the other day that fits perfectly in the shoulders and everywhere else except it's about 2 inches shorter than I would like.


LOOK at how that fits! I'm so thrilled I cannot stand it. I don't even care that I have no place to keep it. It can stand in the middle of the sewing room. In all it's padded glory. I can play Project Runway now. For reals. Yahoooo!!!

Yeah well that's what 30 years will do...

The last time I saw my nephew's mother was maybe 30 years ago. Donna. She was my brother's first wife. We were all so so so young.

He has this new (to us) software that makes video communications easier than I've ever seen it. He sends a link in a text, I click on it and bam, he's there with me in the corner faster than anything with no lag. It also has record capabilities so he thinks he's going to try and record the wedding with it. (I can watch and he can record all at the same time.) So he just did a test.

He started out in the front yard and showed me the yard and the house and then took me into the back yard where all of a sudden there were people - my nephews. Cool. But then he flashed on this really old woman who was waving and saying hi to me and it was Donna! I had no clue until she smiled. Wow. She was tall and big - not fat but filled out. Now she's sinewy and wrinkled.

Of course, she wasn't surprised by me. After all, it was her ex-husband holding my me up on his phone and telling everyone to say hi but I'll bet she was thinking... holy crap, she's really put on a pound or two hundred. And when did she get so old???? ha.

It's 90 degrees there. But, I did get a glimpse of the really nice covered deck where they are going to do the wedding. The bride was sweeping leaves while my two nephews watched. She needs to deed that broom over to one or both of them.

Swimming brain

This morning's swim was divided into two sections... 1 was planning upcoming sewing projects and the second one was evaluating the wedding day schedule that my brother's new daughter in law handed out.

  • I love that she wrote it all down.

  • I love her writing/her tone/her total lack of grammatical errors and typos.

  • I love that she handed it out days early. My brother got his upon arrival Wednesday for the Saturday wedding.

  • I love that my nephew is marrying someone who owns a house!

  • I love that she's so anti-bridezilla and this is her first wedding (she's mid-30's).

  • I love what this says about her sense of self.

  • I love what this says about her relationships with family and new in-laws.

  • I love that she's having the wedding at her own house.

  • I really love that she's smart enough to invite the neighbors.

  • I love her tolerance for and kindness towards smokers.

  • I love that she was so detailed.

  • I love that she has a plan!

I'm fascinated/intrigued and slightly obsessed with this new family member. I'll likely never get to meet her but that's ok. I know she's there and has everything under control.

My whacko next door neighbor - the one who steals the masking tape and offers up goodies baked with and without cannabis - left, in the door this morning, an invitation to his wedding next Thursday. It did not not include an RSVP. It did include both of their names which I had not known before.

I think there may be a Costco run today. Maybe.


This morning I put a top on that I had not worn before. It's one I kind of invented. I tried it on after it was finished and the npt it in the closet. This morning I got it out to wear and there turns out to be issues. The sleeves are too short and the cuffs are too tight.  I dug through my scrap box and found some scraps from the sleeves and I just cut those cuffs right off and replaced them with a nice, wide edge that makes the top perfect.

I love making/fixing stuff. So much.

I put together a new shirt today. It's a pattern I never tried before. I made a test version out of old sheets.  Yep, the sleeves need more room - maybe an inch added to the circumference and 2 inches added to the length.  And while it fits, I like more room, if you don't mind so let's add some.  So then I made all the changes to the actual pattern and then put the test into the Goodwill bin. The neck and shoulders needed zero mods.  Cool.

I also finished up a fine pair of boot socks.  The last thing on my started-but-didn't-finish list is transferring two new patterns from tissue paper to nice stock. I've got the tissue all cut out and ironed. I'll transfer the pieces on to heavier stock for actual use (and reuse).

And then I'll be all caught up. Whew. I did take all the stuffed toys to the donation place.

Across the street is a fish place that I've been wanting to try. They have tako (octopus) for poke. So I got poke rice, seaweed and tako which would have been amazingly delicious if they hadn't cover it in chili flakes.

I do not like spicy hot in anything. Nothing. I like a rich flavor and I don't mind a VERY LIGHT sprinkling of spicy but I refuse to participate in The Hotter The Better Spice Race. If I scrape the flakes off the tako, it's not bad but that's pretty labor intensive. There's plenty left. I may or may not have it for dinner, I haven't decided.