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All's clean on the western front

Every thread in this house is on me or clean, folded and put away.

The Mariner game was quite satisfying (they won) and fun.

I had kind of planned on chicken for dinner but I didn't get it out of the freezer in time so I think it's quiche again. With an apple salad. Delish.

It's really cold in here today. I just put on a shirt under my turtleneck fleece sweater and I'm wondering if one is enough. It would probably be way better for me to get up and move instead but I have TV to watch and bears to knit.

Baseball day!

I had an exceptional swim today. My earbuds stayed in and not clogged. My book was really interesting. There was traffic at the pool but not overwhelming. Everything just clicked. I looked up at the clock assuming I'd done about 45 minutes and I'd done 65.

Someone left some free passes to Seattle Athletic Club on the condo bulletin board and I snagged 'em. It's a gym in the block next to Pike Place Market. It's actually the gym that ljtourist uses. He really likes the pool. It's only 20 yards but it is salt water. I have three day passes - 1 for February, 1 for March and 1 for April. I'm giving serious thought to using the February one tomorrow. They open at 7 and if there is a problem, I can hop in my car and be at my gym well before they open at 8. Plus there is free street parking on Sundays. I'm going to do it.

My new insurance is Humana. I'm also using their mail in pharmacy for my drugs. I've been pretty impressed with the availability of their online tools. There are glitches and sometimes it's hard to find stuff and their credential authorization (log in) clearly has some issues BUT they do provide way more information about me and my benefits and charges than any other insurance I've ever had. Their pharmacy is kind of amazing. I'm waiting now to see how much my new prescription for albuterol will cost me so I keep checking.

They have this big banner about 360Go which is their incentive program. I was long gone from major corporations by the time they instituted health insurance programs but I've read about them. I followed the links to this one and linked up my tracker. Then they wanted me to fill out this health assessment which was really kind of dumb and very lengthy but what the heck.
When I got to the end, I had earned 2,500 points and then clicked on a link that says 'shop with your points'. A couple of clicks later I was the proud owner of a $25 Amazon gift card!

I have one load of laundry finishing up now and two more to follow that same path. Then there's some sewing to be done and... baseball. I'm expecting this to be a perfectly lovely day. Heck, it already is!


Running errands - driving here, parking, going in, driving there, parking, going in, driving there... is really not my cuppa but the result is satisfying. I got several things ticked off my list. I just remembered that I did not check the odometer. I need to remember. I'm going to kick myself if I miss 20,000.

I did remember everything on my list.

Tomorrow is the first baseball game of 2017. It's a spring training game on radio only. At 12:10. My At Bat app (which is how I listen to the games) is all cocked and ready and so am I.

I'm coming to the bottom of my Universal Yums box from Italy. It's been amazing. The last thing in the box were lemon chips.

They were last because lemon potato chips???? But, they turned out to be very interestingly delicous! Italian snacks are the best for sure. I wonder what country is next month?

Here are the dolls of today.

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Thank you, tiny car

This morning I was able to get in and see what my car license registration will cost me when it comes due in August. And it's not nearly as bad as I feared. That little $80 add on for transportation is the bugger. It's a percentage of the whole which is reduced because my car is so little. The price has never been high enough for me to look into the detail before. Thank you, tiny car.

Something is clearly going on with my lungs. But, also, just as clearly, the albuterol is fixing it. I was really short of breath this morning from just getting my clothes on and brushing my teeth. But by the time I got to the pool, the albuterol had kicked in and all was good. Nice to have an easy fix. I think the whole swimming thing bought me some time against COPD but I can't expect it to be infinite time.

At night, before I go to sleep, I am listening to - the Hopefuls by Jennifer Close. It's a novel about young adults living and discovering Washington, DC's social life during the Obama administration. In the mornings, while swimming, I'm listening to First Women
The Grace and Power of America's Modern First Ladies by Kate Andersen Brower.

This morning, it felt like I was reading two sides to the same story. Kind of a weird crossover.

Today's excitement includes a trip to the library with maybe a stop at Goodwill and absolutely a stop at the Red Apple market. The library doesn't open until 10 and it's only 8 so it will be a later in the day trip.

I think I'll go make some dolls first.

Very bad TV news

I watched the second episode of The Good Fight and it was excellent. Superior. David Lee was mentioned once and never seen. Marissa shows up and stays. And the character of Maia Rindell gets better and better.

Now I'm going to have to pay CBS. I really resent the hell out it but they clearly have me over a barrel.

Odometer Obsession...

There is a Trader Joe's across the street from the gym. But, it doesn't open until 8 and these days I'm long gone by then. I need Trader Joe's Blue Cheese Dressing and shredded Swiss and Grueyre cheese. I could wait until Saturday but why? So I hopped in the car and went to the one on Capital Hill. Things are arranged a little differently but I couldn't find the cheese or the dressing. Finally I went to customer service. No dressing. They are out. Buggers. The cheese was hiding. I wasn't embarrassed because it took two staff people to find it.

On the up side, they had a frozen pie I like and a tin of toffee I like - both of which are holiday items and the store across from the gym has been out of them since early January. So. Score.

On the way home, I remembered to look at my odometer. 19933 miles. I'm waiting on the big 20 oh oh oh. If I don't go anywhere special, we're looking at next Monday or Tuesday. The car is 6.5 years old.

I got the car gassed up, too. I had not focused on how high the price of gas had gotten... again. It's not that big a deal for me because I rarely buy more than 5 or 6 gallons a month. But I was surprised.

Guess I'll get up now and go make some blue cheese dressing.

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Climbing out of the rabbit hole

I fell into the internet this morning and am now clawing my way back out. While there I studied up on sewing pants for fat people, different sized rubber lids for coffee mugs and ad hoc street portraits in a Seattle neighborhood oh and scripts that don't work in Chrome (but do, apparently, in other browsers). Among other things...

I ended up at my brother's latest LJ entry where he said "My mother once told me that she did not want to be around for what she saw coming in my lifetime. I know how she felt. It it going to be a rough century, I'm afraid." This is kind of shocking to me. I would have guessed that she felt exactly the opposite. My parents had three children. I am the oldest. My sister is 18 months younger than I am and my brother is 4 years younger. We all three have very - sometimes vastly - different views of who our parents were. I think it's both interesting and strange.

My Project Fi cell phone signal is so far a winner. I tested it in the far corner of the gym this morning and had a fairly decent speed where I had had no signal before. Nice.

I used my abuterol inhaler this morning before I left for the pool and everything was much better. Of course, it might have been much better without it - I have no way of knowing. But, I think I'll continue with the inhaler for a few days before I try again without it.

My neighbor, Ann, apparently has an offer on her condo that she listed last week. I hope it was a good one. I wonder where she is going?

There's a big catering company down the street and they are having a garage sale today. I'm tempted but I don't need any catering anything so why??? Ikea just opened up their brand new store. It's about the same size as the old one and right next door to the old one. So, why? I need to go see for myself but hopefully not any time soon. I don't need more stuff. Really.

We have snow in the forecast for every day through Monday. Will there be any right here at my house? My money says NFW. It's just weatherman torture.

Clearly I have a major attention deficit this morning. Wonder if there's an inhaler for that? Ahhh, what does it matter? I have the time, I have the bandwidth, what's the harm?

I do think I'll go wash the breakfast bowl and get to the sewing room, though, just for a change of pace.

Fee Fi Fo Fum

My sim card arrived and getting it going has been a little anti climatic so far. ljtourist happened to text me shortly after it was all set up so I know texting works. I used one of those 'call me' websites to ensure it's ringing the right number. My T-Mobile sim is now in my backup phone and it's still connected to the now Project Fi number which is handy. Plus, in a week and a half when I'll be without electricity (and so internet) for 6 hours, I'll have plenty of T-Mobile cell data to burn up since it's paid for a good for 3 more weeks. So far... plan is working!

I've had a not very good breathing day. A couple of times while I was swimming I thought I wasn't getting a good enough big breath on the turns. When I got home, I was coughing - the dry, can't really breathe cough. I popped a magic pill that helped but still it wasn't good. So I went to find my albuterol inhaler. It's been so long since I needed to use it, I have totally lost it. (Donated to Goodwill???) Fortunately, I had a never used one in my drug stash. With an expired date of next July so whew. That really helped. But I wasn't comfortable heading out on a walk so I didn't. I feel better this afternoon and can almost drag a deep breath without coughing.

I think I'm going to use that inhaler tomorrow before I swim and see how that feels.

I just read on Twitter that someone named Bernard Coleman was working on the Uber harassment deal. My first friend to die from AIDS was named Bernard Coleman. It was 1985 and we actually didn't even know what AIDS was yet and that he died of some kind of mystery illness at age 25. I'm pretty sure he suspected was somehow tied to his being gay. He was mostly still in the closet. It was and still is one of the saddest things I've ever experienced. He never had a chance to be an open, joyful, happy adult.

Oh. I just remembered to test the tethering with the Fi phone. Set the phone up as a hot spot. Set the laptop to the phone's network. Easy peasy 22 up and 17 down. Not too damn bad! T-Mobile is 12 up and 9 down which also is doable. So I really am covered. Nice.

Fruit of the jour.