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Monday more

I think I can give this day a check mark. I got a fair amount of stuff done. I did the laundry and got it folded and put away and then set about reshuffling the closet to make good room for the fabric. Good room, in my case, means room to see the stuff - my clothes and the fabric - with room to spare.

The Goodwill hamper was full and I added another hamper full to the pile so that dictated a trip. Once I make the 'Goodwill' decision, it's best if I get it out of the house right away. So I filled the car and headed out and did NOT go into the Goodwill store and buy more stuff. Go Me.

I got a doll made and a bunch of new faces made.

First, I draw the eyes and mouth on with removable red pen. Then I sew the felt eyes on. This pile is at that stage. Next is clipping all the threads followed by redoing the mouth in permanent marker and ironing. The removable pen marks disappear with heat. Now I have white and off white and blue and purple with a couple of reddish browns. I need more brown faces but i'm out of browns in the fabrics. Next time.

And I had delicious leftover pizza for lunch. Tonight is chilli and a corn muffin and the baseball game.

Not a bad day at all.

Once again happily wrapped in my rut

I got up, I went to the pool which was open and swam my hour and got home without too much traffic in my way and once again all is right with the world. Whew.

My eyes that burned for much of yesterday are now all better. I now have an ear thing that is weird but I think I'm going to apply the ignore-it-and-hope-it-goes-away cure. I had another nosebleed last night - a two tampon-er. Little fails here and there. Could be worse.

While I was swimming today, I came up with a new plan for fabric storage. It strikes me that when someone has a fabric storage problem, that means someone is either not making enough stuff and/or buying too much fabric. I am guilty on both counts. But, she tries to reason her way out of this, if the fabric was stored in such a way that I could see it better...

So that's today's project. And doll making and laundry and other stuff. Just a regular day of being retired and enjoying it. It's my own rut and I like it!

Whine with no reason

I got my swim, I remembered to get gas in the car and I have pizza in the house for dinner! And still I'm cranky. I had to call 3 times before I got the Pool Open info. The sun hit the pool at an angle that we don't get in the early mornings and it really hurt my eyes.

And my day was all broken up. I am truly a female Get Off My Lawn old lady.

And I decided. If next Saturday, when I get to the gym and the pool is closed, I'm going to go find somewhere to get a nice breakfast. Sunday, if the pool is closed, I may just do the same. All this swim swizzle is sapping the fun out of my swims. Also I need to find my dark goggles and make sure they are in my swim bag.

I think that may be why I'm cranky. My eyes hurt. Ok, I'm goign to find some eye drops. That's a little better. While I was up, I discovered that I have no dark goggles. I think they leaked and I Goodwill'ed them. Oh Amazon... Ok, they will be here tomorrow.

On a much brighter (pun intended) side, I did get this this morning. The sun was so bright through my stained glass panels.

And made the most delicious design on the opposite wall.

I am not watching the debate tonight because I have already heard enough, Trump could morph into Obama 2.0 and I'd still vote for Hillary, I have a baseball game to watch and I'm old and cranky and I don't have to watch any more debates ever again if I don't want to and I don't.

I did get some dolls finished.


Today there may be no swim. I'm going to wait until about 9ish and call the gym. If the pool is open, I'll go swim. If the pool is not open, I'm going to give it a pass today - the first no swim day since the first week of January. I could go back to the city pool like I di dlast Monday but I just don't wanna. And I'm not sure taking a day off will kill me. I guess we will see. Maybe. On the up side, if it is open and I go in later, I can swing by Papa Murphy's and get pizza. They don't open until 10 and I'm always home long before then.

This looks to be a quiet week. The last week of baseball. My house cleaner comes on Wednesday. Otherwise, it's the usual sewing and knitting and TV and stuff. My Goodwill hamper is full again and I need gas in the car, again. So I might get those two things taken care of.

But today it's still very early here so maybe I'll make myself some breakfast.

More TV reviews - fly bys

This is what I've watched so far but haven't mentioned yet... I'm going to watch episode #2 and more of all but one. Way better average than recent years. But, then, my expectations were way low this year - maybe that helped.

  • Designated Survivor - could be good

  • Notorious - might be ok

  • Speechless - probably will be good and get canceled

  • Lethal Weapon - I never saw the movie but enjoyed this pilot but will probably lose interest about episode 3

  • MacGuyver - So far this is the only One Pass I have deleted. I only managed 15 minutes of this one

  • Pitch - might be ok but probably won't

I didn't even turn on the sewing machine today but I did get another bear done.

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  • Sat, 14:07: @rafali I had to reset my phone & did not realize your uploader was no longer available! I used lots. Any chance of getting it back?


No big deal, actually

I bit the bullet and did the deed and while it was stinky and disgusting, I managed to get the old chest up on a dolly and down to the dump pile without incident!! Among other things in the dump pile were two very very very old, shredded cat trees. Both of them looked like they should have been tossed out years ago. Yikes.

Happily I have a backup litter box chest. Back when I had a very old cat, I needed one in the living room and one in the sewing room. PetCo had a plastic (easy to clean) collapsible one at the time and it was perfect. When I didn't need it any longer for litter, I used it in the closet to store blankets.

Since I cleaned out that same closet not long ago, I had places for all the blankets and could just recommission the chest for litter! I also remembered to grab an old shower curtain liner to line it so that it will be easier to make ready for blankets again. I found a picture of what I'm talking about - cat not mine :)


It will be replaced by the new one from Etsy soon. This is what is coming - mine will be painted white.


Anyway, now the deed is done. So yeah!
I woke up this morning still conjuring on that This is Us program. It wasn't that deep or really worth as much thought as I have given it. Then I had a nosebleed.

A while back, during a nosebleed, I thought 'this would be a great time to have a spare tampax lying around.' I tossed out my last ones years ago. So the next time I was in the dollar store, I picked up a package. They actually work great for a nosebleed. Why the fuck had I never thought of that before????

Then on, across town to the pool. As I started across the bridge - the gym is just on the other side of it - the stop arms went down the middle of the bridge went up. I had plenty of time but still there's something about being that close... I focused on the tiny tug boat pushing the giant barge. Go little tug boat!!! (And why 'tug'? They should be called push boats.)

Of course, the gym did not open early. The pool filled up fast. Those swimmers are so not cordial. At my pool, I've never seen anyone get in and not acknowledge with a 'hi' or a 'good morning' the other swimmers in the pool. Not here. Here you get a sneer. Then about half way through my swim a woman in the next lane starts yelling at an old many who was just walking the lane. I had my earbuds in so I couldn't hear the details but I did see him recoil. Just not pleasant.

I considered going to get brunch - there are a bunch of nice brunch places over there but then remembered the Seahawks game today is a home game so I hauled ass back here. The streets were already closed by I was able to get to the cop at the corner who knows that cars with the sticker my car has on it get to come on through.

I had a lovely egg burrito and then read on twitter that a really terrific and talented and fun loving 25 year old pitcher for the Florida Marlins was killed last night in a boating accident. Fuck that. The Marlins have canceled their game today. What a sucky thing to happen.

So just a day of off here. One bright spot was also just delivered by Twitter. It seems CBS Sunday Morning has officially announced Jane Pauley as the new host. YEAH!! I have watched that program since it first started about 30 years ago and liked it mostly. These past couple of years, however, have not nearly as good. I have fast forwarded through a lot. I, long ago, tired of Charles Osgood. So I was happy to hear he was hanging up his bow tie. Now I'm even happier. I'm looking forward to Jane bringing back the spunk!

I have a big, ugly project today. I need to get Zoey's large little box chest - think blanket chest - down to the dumpster. They are doing a semi-annual dump run tomorrow. The replacement I ordered isn't here yet but should be in the next week or two and I won't have a better opportunity to get rid of this one which is broken and smelly. It's going to be a messy, smelly chore to get it out of here and down there. I'm not looking forward to it. But, I'm grateful that that is all I have to do. Even dismantled, I'm not sure I could get it into the car nor do I know where I would take it for disposal.

The Mariner game is in 30 minutes. Here is last night's bear:

3 + 3

1. The guy that wrote the app that I could not replace replied to my tweet and gave me a link to the APK! I'm back in biz!! Plus he said he's working on a new version. Whew.

2. I watched This is Us. I was captivated. Sustainability could go either way but I'm totally on board for finding out.

3. I truend on the oven broiler (which I rarely do) this morning to crisp up the top of my omelette. That was at 10 am. I just discovered - at 4:15 pm - that I never turned it off!

1. Thankgod that oven is so well insulated.
2. Thankgod it's not Summer
3. I'm really happy that I didn't burn down the building.


I got a note from Barrie. She called the gym and talked to the manager who told her that, yep, Friday night, someone shit in the pool again. They don't know who. I was at the gym on a Friday evening not long ago and it is packed but still, they do know who was there. You can't get in the door without flashing your id against the bar code reader. GRRRRRRRR Anyway the manager told Barrie that the pool will be back open mid-day Monday.

So I sewed. It must be USE THE CUTE CAT BEDS week. Today, Zoey snuggled into her corner cat bed that she hasn't touched in months. Again, I really need to clean the 4 inches of cat hair off those pillows! But, it does tickle me so when she sprawls in there to watch me sew.

I hit a fatal flaw in my phone reset operation. There is/was an app I used a dozen times a day to auto upload all my photos to Flickr. It's gone out of the Play Store so it is now, no longer on my phone. Or any of my devices. (If I had it installed on something I could make an APK out of it and then install it on my phone but.. no.) I dug out the author's twitter handle and sent him a "HELP ME. PLZ" tweet so maybe. And I found an old one that works sometimes. The Flickr app itself does this - auto uploads - BUT it sets everything to private so I have to go in and one, by one, make them all public so I can use them here and others can see them. Major PIA.

Maybe this other app will start working more better :). There's an ITTTT recipe that also works kinda so that's a maybe option. Sigh.

I think I'll watch one of the new shows before the baseball game starts.

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Same song different week

So, I get to the pool, as usual this morning only to discover, once I get in the gym that the fucking pool is closed again!!! Again the closure notice says it is closed from yesterday until Tuesday. I did not hang around for details, I just hot footed back to the car and on to the city pool which is about 20 minutes away.

The city pool is fine but it does not open until 8:30 and it only opens for lap swimming for an hour. That's just not long enough for me. If I have to share a lane with someone slow or with a bunch of someones, I kill time waiting. There's just no margin for error. I only got in 1.2 miles - I try to make 1.3 my minimum.) It's all too stressful (whined in my most entitled voice possible).

At least it really is a spectacular pool and the kiddies are in their own pool/playland on the other side of a nice, soundproof glass. Tomorrow I guess I'll go back across town to the other gym pool with the mean swimmers. My swim buddy Barrie takes Saturdays off so I sent her a note telling her. She lives way closer to the gym so she said she might even drop by today to see if she can get some details. Assuming it's the same shit (pun intended) as last week, it will probably be open again on Monday.

It was 10 am before I got home. I thought about stopping for breakfast/brunch on the way but couldn't think of a place I really wanted to go to. I reviewed my own larder and came home and made a really, honestly, exceptional omelette.

Now have the day is gone and I haven't gotten a thing accomplished. I'm still drinking my morning coffee. Bitch/moan/bitch/moan. I'm really a princess this morning.

My phone is all reset and everything is working much better. Including the battery. Whew. It turned out to be less of an ordeal than I envisioned. I think I have phone resetting PTSD from the olden days.

My plan is, in the remaining hours, to make a couple of dolls, clean up the kitchen, find a new audio book to listen to and watch the Mariner game at 4. I think I can get all that done.


I just hit the button to wipe out and rebuild my phone. I know it will be fine but I use my phone 498,823 times a day and would be lost without it. So here's hoping what I know is true... And I didn't forget something crucial in my rebuilding notes.

My new swimsuit fabric arrived. It's so hard to find fun 4 way stretch fabric that even though I think my latest tweaks will mean I won't even need to use this for a while, I'm glad to have it on hand for any possible swimsuit sewing emergency that might arise.

3 new future suits!

Then I spent the rest of the day until now working on my long sleeved shirt. The good news is that I've got it. The pattern works and is replicatable. It took me lots of redos to nail it but I did. The bad news is that this fabric sucks. It's 100% polyester (that really slinky kind) - the kind that makes you super hot in Summer and really cold in winter. I think it will be fine with a cotton t-shirt under it so not a total failure. (Also, it was on sale. If I remember correctly it cost me $1.50 for the whole shirt.)

The condo moved the big building maintenance project to next Spring and the assessment due date from November to February. This latter is a nice little bit of news as it will enable me to beef up the coffer that I plan on using to fund my contribution. So. Whew.

My phone is now rebuilding. I'm guessing it will be another hour or so.

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It was so much fun to swim this morning with the new iPod Shuffle. I had moved all the songs that never played into their own playlist and now that I have workable buttons, I could actually play that playlist! Cool.

The pool is usually pretty lonely on Fridays but not today. It was packed and I saw some folks I hadn't seen in a while. Nice.

After, I stopped by MacDonalds for a sausage biscuit and coffee because I wanted to go to the grocery store and I didn't want to do that hungry. Success all around. Coming back across the bridge at 9:45 is way better than 9. And I remembered to get something for both lunch and dinner at the grocery. (I often go, spend a buttload of money and get home with nothing to eat.)

It occurred to me - after I got home - that I could have killed another 10 minutes and Papa Murphy's would have been open and I could have picked up a pizza. Oh well, next time.

I have two main projects today. I have a shirt that is all cut out and ready to assemble. It's a new pattern (or rather a tweaked pattern) for a long sleeved version of my summer shirts. I cut it out a while back and today I'm finally going to sew it up.

And, then, I need to do a factory reset on my phone. It's been about a year and I signed up for the Google feedback program which required a tracking agent which ate the fuck out of my battery and caused a couple of other little issues that did not go away when I uninstalled it. So.. it's time. It shouldn't be a big deal if I plan right.

The ballgame is at 5 tonight - Minnesota.

But the main even du jour is that I'm going to have to finally finish one of the best books I've every read. The Nix is a weighty tome. I'm listening to the audio version and it's 21+ hours long. And I've loved every minute. I've tried to stretch it out as long as I could to avoid The End. But, tonight will be it.

On to the sewing room now...

More Thursday

I did everything that I set out to do this morning. My two potted plants are now 5 and my sewing room looks a little better. My new iPod Shuffle is now loaded and charged and ready for tomorrow's swim. (And oh, my! The buttons all work and work so nicely!!! It's been forever since I've had one where the buttons work. I'd forgotten.)

I have some unremarkable stuff pasta for dinner. I've just lost my meal imagination. Lunch is always a challenge and now dinner is to. I think I need to do some grocery shopping in the morning.

I did get a couple of cute dolls done so I'm feeling ok dokey about the day.


The traffic home from the pool was horrible. But, it was horrible right away. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the pool is reserved for an aqua fit class so swimming later means 10:30 or later. Not my style. So when I hit stop and go traffic at 9:15, there's no remedy. I turned on Google music and tried to think of nice things. Because really what does it matter? It does not.

What does matter is drugs. I have to get to the pharmacy today to pick up my prescriptions or they will call me to remind me and that always makes me feel like an idiot. This is where I miss mail order. But, I love this pharmacy and they charge for mail order so I don't use it much. Plus today I need to see if I can get just one inhaler. My prescription is for 3 but I hit the Medicare donut hole after the next $50. So 1 inhaler will cost me $30. The next two will cost me $600 each. Thanks but, no. I have some older versions of the same drug left over. I'll use that instead.

I watched some of the new TV last night. The buzz is all about The Good Place. I'm honestly not seeing it. I'll give it another episode but I'm not hopeful. I could find no kind words at all for Waiting for Kevin Can Wait. I didn't mind it at all. I didn't think it was great but I've seen way worse. I also finished up Major Crimes which I'm delighted to learn will be back. I still have the last episode of Motive which has been one of my very favorites and I hate that it's done.

Today I need to clean up the sewing room. It's gotten kind of sloppy back there. And then load up the new iPod Shuffle which should be here before lunch.

I also have a couple of house plants that need repotting. I hate dirt work but I like having a little green. These are pothos which are impossible to kill and give a nice green. One of mine has been throwing off yellow leaves and the other one's dirt isn't draining right so they both need to be un potted and re potted and probably spread to a couple more pots. I should get that done sooner than later.

Guess maybe it's time to get on all of that. Here's a bear that got finished last night.

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More of Wednesday

The Uggs arrived. The ones I really wanted turned out to be not good. They looked cool but were too narrow in the toe. But the back up pair were pretty darned instantly comfortable. I didn't like the color. So I'm sending both back. I ordered the keepers in a better color.

My swimming iPod has been sickly and semi non-functioning for a while so it came as no surprise that it died completely today. But, kindly, at the end of my swim. I tried to restore it but it's truly dead. So I ordered up a new one. I seriously considered getting a Sony that does not require iTunes. But the price is the same and there is no mention of a warranty at all. The one I ordered has a 2 year warranty. It will be here tomorrow.

The Mariners are not yet losing but it's only the 3rd inning. I think I should go fold that laundry.

Here's today's doll:


My moving my swim back an hour has pretty much fixed the traffic problem. I'm still adjusting. It feels weird to sleep so late and last night I was awake and still listening to my book at 11 pm. My breakfast is an hour later but my lunchs and dinners have also moved accordingly and I feel like I'm not snacking quite as much.

I see the 'going home' traffic on the bridge when I got into the pool and every day this week it has been bumper to bumper and stopped as I go by. This is the time I used to be coming home. Now, 75ish minutes later when I am actually going home, it's not great but it's not nearly as horrible.

So I think the fix works.

OH and I found out why the pool closed. One of the regulars was there today and she said her trainer told her that someone shit in the pool and the spa and that's why they had to shut it down. We know it happened on Friday sometime after 10 am. Her theory is that someone got drunk Friday night. I hope it's not a regular occurrence. It does explain why no notice.

I was going to go pick up a prescription this morning but I forgot that today's game is an afternoon game. When I passed by the stadium at 9:30 there were giant groups of blue shirted Canadians waiting at the gates and pouring in. Plus traffic was a little dicey with more than one BC license plate clearly confused about how to navigate. I think I'll pick up that prescription tomorrow.

As Toronto beats the crap out of us, each game draws more and more of their fans. Normally, when you listen to a game and you hear a roar it's when our team has done a good. Except for this week. When you hear a roar it's when the opponent has goosed us yet again. I think it's clear, we won't have baseball to fuck up my TV watching schedule in October this year. Sigh.

I have a load of laundry ready to come out of the dryer. I want to get those pockets on that shirt. I remembered, while swimming, that i need to reinforce them on the underside, so I need to figure out the slickest way to do that. My new Uggs are arriving today. I hope one of the two pair fit.
Zoey has not been in her computer bed since last winter. She has plenty of places just for her around the house and she has no compunction about taking a place that's just for me. But when she tucks herself into that computer bed, it just makes me smile. (It should make me want to get in there and clean that cat hair off those pillows.)

Yesterday at the grocery they had hamburger meat on sale so I picked up a couple of pounds. There was a jar of spaghetti sauce in the fridge that was not getting any younger.

Today I browned the meat with some chopped up onions and then went to get out the spaghetti sauce only to find out I had waited too long. I probably could have scraped the fuzzy off the top - why chance it? But what to do with the meat and onions...

In the cupboard I found chili spices, beans and diced tomatoes. Ok, then, chili it is! I found some diced green chilies in the fridge with some chopped black olives - both of which needed to be used or tossed. So I tossed them into the chili pot.

I also have on hand, sour cream, grated cheese and I saved out about a quarter cup of chopped onions. Perfection!

While in the cupboard I spied some corn muffin mix. That is now baking in muffin cups. I have enough chili for about 4 dinners and 4 muffins! I'm so impressed with myself that it's not funny. The three other chili bowls and the muffins will all freeze beautifully.

I also got a lot of other tidbits of stuff done.

I have about 25 songs on my iPod Shuffle for swimming that never get played. Have I mentioned how much I dislike iTunes? I put them all in a playlist and finally convinced the Shuffle to play that playlist. (The Shuffle has had probably one too many swims. The center button is on its last leg. I may never get back to All Music again.)

I made a light weight jacket/shirt last Spring. It's only now cool enough to wear so I've only now discovered that pockets would have been a great idea. Oh wait! In my never ending fabric hoarderness, I saved some of the scraps! Two pockets worth!!! I got them all cut out and trimmed out and pinned on and ready to sew. But I have to change the needle and also the thread so I'll do that tomorrow.

I cleaned out the oven. My new, very expensive, Advantium microwave/oven has a shiny stainless steel interior. The old one, got grimed up quickly and then spent years being gross to look at. It worked great but it was just gross. I am determined to keep this one shiny. And so is my house cleaner. She can make it sparkle. I can get the grime off but it does not sparkle. I watched her carefully last time. I tried to duplicate today and failed. Oh well. As she said 'That's why you have Professional... ME!' So true.

I washed all the dishes from today's shinigans and they are now drying in the drainer.

I'm feeling very productive and accomplished. Retirement Me doesn't get that feeling often so I'm wallowing in it.

Here are the dolls of the day...

Back in the saddle again

This morning it was back to the gym pool. Yeah. I love a chlorine or salt water pool (the gym pool is bromine). I love a pool with a deep end (the gym pool is only 4.5 feet deep). But most of all - really the very most of all - I love a kid free pool that is quiet and serene with no life guards (exactly my gym pool). So it was a lovely lovely swim.

I've also noticed that my speed has increased. It was hard to tell at the other pools. I thought I was swimming faster but I don't track close enough to know for sure in a strange environment. But this morning, I did an extra tenth of a mile with no increase in swim time. Cool. For me, it's just important to swim vigorously for at least an hour. Speed, technique and style really don't count. I need the muscle movement and cardio. But, I won't lie, it's still fun to be faster.

Also I wore one of the old, now modified, suits and 100% success!!!! Nice.

The shows from the new TV season are collecting on my TiVo. I'm not rushing to watch because I want to make them last. I love TV.

We actually did have a TV as far back as I can remember which was the early-mid 1950's. The first one was a giant wooden piece of furniture with a teensy weensy non-color screen. There was programming only about 8 hours a day. There were a few hours in the afternoon and then they would put up a test pattern and there would be no more until the evening news and then there would be a few more hours til about 11 or midnight and then test pattern again.

I had two very favorite programs:

Pinky Lee and Winky Dink

I could, right this minute, sing you the song from Pinky Lee. It is in my DNA. It was on for 30 whole minutes. A lot of the first TV programs were 15 minutes. One day I was watching him dance and sing and he just fell down and then, after a bit, they replaced his show with words on the screen. I couldn't read. I ran to get my Mom who was not at all interested in going to the TV to read the words. I finally nagged her into it and learned that "Our show is temporarily interrupted." This was a BFD for me for two big reasons.

1. I learned that I needed to learn to read or I would forever be begging people so I could know what was going on. I started teaching myself that afternoon.
2. I adopted the phrase 'temporarily interrupted' and used it in every single sentence for about two weeks until my mother threatened to permanently interrupt me.

Winky Dink was a VERY cool drawing show. You sent off for a Winky Dick kit which was a box of crayons and a plastic sheet. You put the sheet on the TV and then followed the ball on the TV with the crayons and made your very own drawing!!! It was just amazing.

Of course, the plastic sheet was lost immediately but who needed that??? Just draw on the TV anyway, right? Turns out, Mom had issues with that, too! Geesh.

I also have a rule about watching scripted TV. I only watch it at night. I don't watch a lot of TV in the daytime anyway. I watch some podcasts back in the sewing room but mainly I use the living room TV for Front Door TV Network. In the late afternoons I watch Ellen and other stuff - British Bake off, Project Runway, House Hungers. Then after dinner, I watch regular TV.

Except there is still baseball. There's a game tonight. But tomorrow's game is in the afternoon and no game on Thursday so I'll be able to get my real first taste of the new shows then.

Time now to go sew some dolls.

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Lessons from Saturday - the retail version

On Saturday I walked up to the new drugstore. In my new shoes. These are winter shoes I bought on sale last Spring. It was the first time I had worn them and, honestly, they did not feel that great. But, it wasn't that long a walk and I didn't think too much about it.

Today, I looked down and there's a giant bruise that wraps around my foot right where they felt the least great. And a blister that burst on my toe. So... while I didn't pay much for them, I clearly paid too much. Sigh.

BUT, at the drugstore, they gave me a goodie bag of cool drugstore stuff. Bandaids, and q-tips and Advil and Clariten and Handywipes and a little travel bottle of shampoo and conditioner.

My gym outfits the showers with soap ad shampoo and conditioner and, honestly, I don't care so I just use theirs. But the city does not so I tossed these new little travel bottles into my swim bag today and used them after my swim.

I felt it first and then I went to look. This stuff is MAGIC!!! My hair looks adorable! It's so soft and curly and just amazing. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration.

So I bought more. I want this hair every day. Thank you.

And I went to Zappos and bought Uggs. I did. I bought two different Uggs styles - low cut. For winter. I will return one (or both if neither work). They are way too pricey for my cheap soul but buying shoes that bruise and blister my feet isn't that smart either.

Seriously my hair feels so soft.


I was able to totally fix the rubbing issue in the 3 swimsuits that have it! Yeah! Sadly none of the three have the ass area lined so they will likely blow out soonest but that's not an after market fix. At least now I won't have a constant rash under my arm!

Now I have sewing machine back. I wish I could remember to sit differently while I'm sewing. No dolls today. I have several all cut out and ready for assembly with plenty of time to do them tomorrow.

Tonight the Mariners play Toronto here at home and there are Canadians all over this neighborhood. I love that even though Toronto is on the other side of the continent, Vancouverites and other Canuks on this side of the country turn out to support Toronto. I still hope they lose but have a good time anyway. Plus I love the Canadian National anthem.

There are a bunch of people in the sports bar across the street having a wonderful and very loud time. Right now they are singing that Canadian National anthem for me!!

Some same, some not

From about 2010 until 2015, I went to the Medgar Evers pool every single weekday except for holidays. I also often popped into the nearby Walgreens and Red Apple Grocery and picked up a Subway sandwich on the way home. I've been back exactly once since May of 2015 and that was early in the morning last April - so I skipped the retail stops.

Today I did them all. I started with Walgreens which they have really cleaned up. It was an ok Walgreens before but now it's a Really Nice Walgreens. And they have Android Pay working fine and dandy. And they had my toothpaste which I have not been able to find anywhere else in town.

Then on to the pool. Found easy good parking and got there after the pool house opened but they hadn't started swimming yet. Some of my old swim buddies were still there! The same people I used to wait for the pool to open with 18 months ago. We had a grand catch up. It was really nice to see them all and one of my favorite members of the staff. It was fun. And I had a fabulous swim. It's a big cavernous pool house and loud. And the pool was kind of crowded. And I felt like the lifeguards were judging my poor style and technique.

All while I'm swimming I'm deciding which Subway sandwich I will have and what I will have on it. The lap swim opens at 11 so today - just like every day during those 5 years, I swam hungry. Really hungry.

First, though, I need a few groceries so I went to the Red Apple. They have already announced that the store will be closing - the whole block has been sold for development. The store has clearly given up. Sad. Plus they didn't have any washed/sliced mushrooms. Like I'm going to wash and slice my own muchrooms???? NFW.

But then the big blow. The Subway has already closed and disappeared!!! So I came home a built a cheese sandwich out of the bits of cheddar slices that weren't moldy. It was as sad a lunch as it sounds like it was.

Before I left for the pool, I sewed up the suit I cut out yesterday. I made a few tweaks from previous suits and the difference was a huge success. Some of the arm holes of the previous suits end up rubbing my skin so that it's red by the time I finish. That issue is now fixed and I thought up a way to fix the suits that have the problem. So win win win.

Also... the gym pool is open!!! They opened it up this morning. I called to ask and then sent my swim buddy, Barrie, a note and got a reply that she called, too, and then hopped in the car and went and swam. Apparently they did a big clean and re-chemical and she says it's sparkly clean and crystal clear so now I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's swim. I can't wait to get back to my little, quiet, not crowded, no life guard pool.

I think I'm going go ahead and fix the older swimsuits right now.


Every single day I get up, check email and LJ and then put on my swimsuit and head for the gym pool. The last day I did not do this was, I think, last January when I skipped a couple of days when my brother was here.

But today. Nope. Today I'm enjoying coffee and pastries and leisurely clicking around the internet. Today I'll go to the city pool but it does not open for lap swims until 11 am. I want to stop at Walgreens on the way so I'll leave here about 10:30ish. Unlike the gym, there are no traffic issues between here and this particular city pool so that's going to be a treat. Plus it's a chlorine pool which will be a fun change and it's a deep pool. I love my gym pool but this might turn out to be a fun change.

It's another cool and rainy day. Sleeping is now fun again. I have a very soft, lightweight, comforter on the bed now that helps make sleeping delicious. Also, when I first get up, I toss the comforter aside into a lump that then the cat loves to burrow into for a morning nap. She's in there now happily snoozing away. She usually burrows all the way in so that all you see is another lump but today, apparently, she fell asleep during the journey. So here's a little cat butt.

I'll make the bed later.It's still only 7:45. I think I'll go sew some for a while. Weird deciding what to do at 7:45.

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More of Sunday

Before the baseball game, I got a fair amount of sewing stuff done. Mostly, it was fabric organizing and cutting out more doll pieces. I made a couple of dolls and then I cut out a new swim suit with the last of my in house spandex. All I had for lining was remnents of two different pinks so the front lining is a different shade than the back lining.

One thing I always have trouble with when I get dressed is telling the back from the front. I realized this early on and so always put a mark in the neck somewhere. Sometimes it's button or some other small embellishment. But, then, for some stupid reason when I made all the shirts, I put some of the markers inside the back neck.

So now, shirt of swimsuit, I go to put it on and find the marker and then have to think - is that the front or the back. Kind of defeats the point of the marker. Doh.

This suit, I'll be cool if I can just remember that the lighter pink lining is the front. Yeah, I'm going to remember that. Not. Oh well. At least it's all ready for sewing.

So far so good

My plan was to go swim at the Ballard LA Fitness this morning. I know they actually open before their 8 am start time and their pool is always crowded with unwelcoming swimmers so I got my ass out and on the street so that I'd get there at 7:30 which I did. Not open yet. I amused myself with a little sudoku on my phone while others gathered. Several expressed surprise that it wasn't open early like usual.

Finally one tiny little Japanese woman explained that the janitor comes early and opens up but they have changed the rules and won't let him do that any more. Her English was not great (WAY better than my Japanese, however) but she sure had her facts! She said the one up on Aurora never opens before 8:05 even though the staff gets there at 7:30. She was pretty funny with all her LA Fitness lore. I gave her the skippy on the West Seattle club. Tit for Tat.

She was all in pink and another lady complemented her on her coordination.

The front desk person opened up the door at 8:10. I had just taken off my clothes in the locker room when the tiny Japanese lady swung by on the way to the sauna. I had on my neon green suit and had just taken off my neon green crocs and she said "Me pink - you green and car too!" It cracked me up.

I was the first in the pool so got my favored center lane. Good thing I got there early. By 8:05 the pool was full and pretty much stayed that way with folks leaving and others coming in for the hour and 15 minutes I was in there.

I swam extra because I got cheated yesterday and who knows about tomorrow. Also very fun to hit my fitness goal before 10 am. Yes, I should move the goal higher but I'm all about positive reinforcement, not actual fitness.

It is a fiddly drive from here to there and back and there was a lot of traffic especially for a Sunday. I don't think I'll be going back there this week. I did find out, though, that my membership (free with my medicare insurance) is good without paying extra at all LA Fitnesses. This was excellent news.

Oh and my flu shot arm hurt only for the first 5 minutes of swimming and then I didn't think about it again. And... still no flu.

I had to retire another swim suit yesterday. For several of them, I did not line the back, just the front and while that made for a very nice, light weight (and so very fast drying) suit, they just don't hold up or last as long. The ass gets so stretched out that I could fit a bed pillow in there.

I ordered some new spandex last night and I have a plan for how to line the whole suit with good quality lining and maybe get a little more life out of each one. Even with lining, each suit costs me under $20 and takes about 3 hours to make so if it only lasts 6-8 months, I'm ok with that. It's part of my every day wardrobe and I refuse to wear boring suits. The hard part now is finding good looking/fun fabric.

I think I'll head to the sewing room and make a doll or two before the baseball game starts.

And the rest of the day, kinda

I did walk up to the new drug store. It's very very nice. I missed the dragon ceremony. It's actually in the International District where all new businesses start their first day with a dragon ceremony for good luck. They are wonderful and beautiful to watch and very fun. I was sorry I missed it but the word was, it was a good one.

I did remember, while I was there, flu shot! I didn't see any signs so I figured they weren't set up yet but I was wrong. They not only had flu shots but they had the high test version for old people. So I got shot. I have zero problem with needles. (I'd have made a great IV drug user except I have teensy little veins.) But the one she used was about the size of a Ticonderoga pencil or at least that's what it felt like and, of course, now my shoulder is sore but at least so far, it seems to be working. No flu!

I killed a lot of time just piddling around. I have a package coming from Amazon via USPS and no delivery yet but I keep refreshing the tracking page. I did finish a bear and made a doll and come some other doll bits cut out. There's a soccer game going on across the street that is really loud for some reason. Oh, it just ended and it is/was loud because they won. Good on them. So now we have wind whipping up the leaves and the Sounders band playing and people just below on the street enjoying themselves. Kind of a nice sound track. I like the soccer fans.

I think I'll find a movie to watch.

I also updated the doll album on Flickr to include all the dolls.

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The pool is closed????!!!! WTF??!!!!

I get to the gym this morning at 7:45 as usual. I wait for the mean girl to get there at 10 of and NOT let me in. When she finally opens the doors at 8:01, I'm greeted by a sign that says the pool is closed for maintenance 9/16-9/20.

WHAT???? Yesterday was 9/16 and I swam in that closed pool with no problem - several others did, too. But, today, there was a no swimming sign at the pool entrance. Nice to get a heads up, too. I did not bother asking the mean girl. I seriously doubt she knew anything anyway.

The next closest LA Fitness has an aqua fit class in their pool at 9 and was 15 minutes away so that's a no go. I headed for the second closest and was on my way when I thought to look at their schedule ... yep... aqua fit class at 9. GRRRRRRR

So I course corrected for a city pool I knew had lap swim at 8:30. It's a wonderful pool but their lap swim is only for an hour. I got there at 8:27. And, I remembered to get my emergency swim towel out of the trunk (the gym provides towels the city doesn't).

It turned out to be a fabulous swim. The only thing wrong with that pool (besides its not terribly convenient location) is it has floor to ceiling windows and when the sun is out, it's blinding on the water. BUT today is rainy and cloudy so the swim was really really nice. I would have loved to have another 15 minutes but I was happy with what I got.

Tomorrow I'll go the LA Fitness in Ballard which is about the same distance as mine on a Sunday with no traffic. I haven't decided about Monday and Tuesday yet. I could just skip swimming but I kind of doubt that I'll do that.

One bonus is that since I was last there, they opened up a Dollar store very near the nice city pool. I so love a dollar store. So I had a little stroll after my swim and then came on home.

It's now cloudy and windy and rainy out. My kind of weather. I'm going to put on my real shoes - aka not the sandals I've worn every single day since at least May - and grab a jacket and go check out the new Bartell's drug store. They sent me a flyer inviting me to their grand opening!

Friday afternoon

So my laptop troubleshooting project turned into a project-ette. I had one 10 port USB hub that had 10 different things plugged into it and was failing. So the laptop was failing 10 different ways. I unplugged the hub and that fixed the whole thing. Between the laptop and the docking station, I now have no more USB spots open but I also don't really need any - at least right now. In a pinch, I don't need the one used by the printer - it can go wireless if necessary.

A couple of restarts and hard reboots just to make sure all was fine and victory was declared.

So it was on to dolls.

driving karma

I went to the pool this morning at the same time I used to (until this week) come home from the pool. The homeward side of the road was packed to the gills. While I was swimming teh sun was out bright and full of glare. When I got ready to leave the gym, the sun went behind a cloud and the traffic pretty much disappeared! I think I used up all my driving karma in that one trip.  This is what it looks like now and most of the time except lately when I want to get home.  That one stretch that runs horizontal in the picture is a long bridge that is usually the major bottleneck.

Screenshot 2016-09-16 at 9.36.23 AM

Today might well be an IT day. My brother looked into the innards of my software and reports that there is at least one USB that is/was failing severely.  There are a million USB things plugged into the docking station. So I will start by unplugging everything and then putting back only that stuff that is critical one by one.

Happily it's no longer a machine that I really depend on. It's nice to have and if it dies, I'll replace it but probably with another refurb. My every day machines are chromebooks and I love them.   Especially now that I have the iTunes/iPod problem being handled by the little elcheapo Windows 10 machine.

Other than that, nothing big on the agenda. Just a regular day of sewing, knitting and then the baseball game tonight.

Ice cream hoarder

Single person household. 4 quarts of Ben & Jerry's cookie dough + 1 serving of Breyers vanilla. I should be ashamed. Instead I feel oh so ice cream wealthy.

I also got a couple of onions. Yesterday, at the grocery store, I bought an onion. Today I went to slice it up and it was totally MIA. Where the fuck did my onion go? I'm fairly sure this mystery will never be solved. But I now have new onions so I'm also feeling onion wealthy.

Way to capitalize on the excitement, Mariners! They are offering $8 a seat tickets for all games this weekend - cause we've won 8 games, get it? Pretty cool, tho. I hope they pack the place.

My living room looks out over the parking lot of the football stadium. Tonight they are hosting an Adult Swim drive in movie night tonight. Sadly, there is a tree (aka The Tree That I Hate) that obstructs my view but there is nothing that obstructs the sound and the speakers are pointed right at me. I know this because the set up guys have been blasting out their favorite (sadly, not mine) tunes for about a half hour. Oh, wait, it seems that someone told them to cool it and now the volume is way more reasonable.

My main windows machine is having some big time issues. It seems to run ok, once I get it up and running but getting it up and running involves lots of hard reboots and safe modes. Not that much fun. The small windows machine is having a hard time getting the latest update but it's still in the Amazon 30 day window so while I'd like it to work, if it's going to fail, now's the time.

Project Runway starts tonight. I'm kind of running out of interest in it BUT I'm so desperate for new TV meat that I will absolutely give it my full attention at least this week.

Two dolls and a bear:

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The trip from the pool back home was not great today but not nearly as bad as Monday-Wednesday. It was packed but at least moving. And thankyoujeasus, the sun was not out. The trip is going east and the sun's glare is a killer. I so love a cloudy day.

I got nothing on the agenda today. I may go back to the store and get some more of that Ben & Jerry's that they have for so cheap. It will be worth the freezer real estate.

No baseball tonight which is kind of a shame. They have won their last 8 games. I know our longest winning streak last year was 4 games and the year before I don't think we did as well. 8 games - especially this time of the year - is really miracle territory. I hate for them to lose momentum.

Next week is the true start of Fall TV and I am ready. My TiVo has only dregs left on it now. I need new TV meat. And I need it badly.

I think I'll go make some dolls now.
About 2 hours after I got official info that my mortgage was, indeed, now fully paid off, I got a letter from my doctor's office that I have to find another insurance company for next year. phuckety fuck.

I have not been thrilled with my current insurance which I changed to last October but we have finally come to a truce and I like them now and now they want a divorce. phuckety fuck.

Fortunately, I live in a larger city in a larger county which offers old people a fairly large variety of insurance options. AND I know exactly what's important to me and what to look out for.

AND my doctor is part of a very very large clinic which also offers excellent customer support to old people like me who have insurance questions. In fact their website alone has pretty much all the info I need. Or it will when the looking starts on October 5. The sign up starts October 15.

More name thoughts.

I was a first born. My parents picked out names for a girl and names for a boy. (This is how you did it in pre is-that-a-penis? sonogram days.) The girls names were Linda and Susan. But they had an old dog named Linda. They were hoping she'd die before I was born but, alas, she held on so I got Susan. My brother's name was Patricia prior to his birth when it got changed to Bill.

Many many many parents at that time named their baby girls Susan. In every elementary grade at school, I had never less than 3 and sometimes as many as 5 Susans in a class of 30ish kids. So we were more likely to get nicknames. In fact the woman who sent me the email that started this whole thought train is named Susan but always called Pixie.

Having a distinctly gendered name has always had its ups and downs but the years in which I've lived have offered me several nice opportunities to exploit it. In the mid 70's I decided I wanted to go into sales. The federal government was pressing corporations to hire women. A resume of a college graduate who was clearly penis free got a lot of attention. I spent about 8 months just flying around the country interview for jobs with different companies on their dime. It was massively cool.

Then, in the decade from mid 80's to mid 90's I fell in love with computers and didn't know jack shit about them. And didn't really want to go back to school to learn. So I found Electronic Bulletin Board Systems (EBBS) where I always signed up for the 'handle' Susan, which, interestingly, was never already taken. I found a world of geeky teenaged boys who were THRILLED to talk - even electronically - with a human named Susan who very probably was actually female. I make fun of them but, honestly, they were so patient and so kind and taught me so much that I was able to build a second career on the stuff I learned because my name was Susan.

And, finally...

Since I don't have a Facebook account, and my whole name has changed several times, even though 99.9% of everything I post, add, contribute to the internet is 100% public and under the name susandennis, people from my past generally do not find me. It occurred to me today that yesterday's post will give Google some info it's never had before. My days of passive aggressive hiding are probably over. It will be interesting to see.

My house is so clean.

Both thees dolls are from Goodwill pillowcases.

A while back, I rescued this very ugly cat brush thing from the free shelf in the garage. My intent was to show it to Zoey and then, assuming she'd tire of it quickly, take it back to the free shelf. Well, she's hell bent on proving me wrong. Now, six weeks later, it's still her go to spot. And now, in addition to its just generally tacky, cheap looking construction, it's also full of black cat hair. Sigh.

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