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My bed now!!

I had a cat for many years - Betty - who changed personalities and behaviors about every 2 years. She'd go from being a snuggle bunny to living in the back of the closet and then in a couple of years, to taking every opportunity to sneak out the front door and then in another two years, be back in snuggle bunny mode.

Zoey is following in her departed sisters pawprints. For the past maybe year, she spends most of the night in the fish room in her cat house there on that bed. In the mornings when the radio goes off, she meets me at the coffee pot in the kitchen and gets some breakfast and then joins me on my bed for internetting.

Then she spends the rest of the day either with me in the living room or by the front door - I'm guessing listening for dogs that come down the hall.

But now she's taken to claiming my bed all day. This morning she came out when I got back from the Japanese grocery. I also stopped at the Japanese dollar store (which is actually $1.50) and got her a new bell collar. So she stayed in the living room with me long enough to try out her new collar and then she went back to my bed. She came out later and it was clear she needed her nails clipped so we did that and she went back to my bed. Just now she came out for a snack and then, you guessed it, went back to my bed which is where she is now. Up near the pillow. Looking at me like I have a problem.


I had just gotten home this morning from the pool when I saw a tweet that a major intersection I just went through is now completely closed because of a serious accident. Whew. Dodge a bullet. Oh crap, now I see that it was a bicyclist hit by a bus. Fuck. There's zero good there.

Today was the first day that there were no need for headlights on the way to the pool. And there have been several days already, today included, too warm to have the door to the terrace closed all day.

I am going to pass on my pre-breakfast walk today. I want to go to the Japanese market and get some more almond cookies. But going there while hungry is NOT a fiscally responsible act. Plus, when I spent too much money there, I also run into a carry problem... so best to eat first, then walk and hope I get there and back before it gets too hot.

That's it so far for plans today.

Zoey lost her collar somewhere in the house and I can't find it... with it was the bell so now she sneaks up on me pretty darned successfully. I have a back up collar but it's not stretchy enough. It's plastic so I think I'm going to soak it in some boiling water and see if I can't get it stretched out a bit.

But, first... breakfast.

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Well, that was a fail

I waited and waited and waited and then finally it was time so I walked the half mile to the restaurant and got there at 9:58. I double checked their website... yep, opens at 10. Even Google says they open at 10. The lights were on but the door was locked so I waited. In a few minutes a woman came to put in the cash register drawer and ignored me. Weird. I tried the door again. Still locked. Then she came to the door and told me they open at 11. WTF???

They have a very active Twitter feed so I left a tweet about how pissed I was and then walked home.

On the up side, I walked a mile nearly without stopping!! Misfit says I ate up more than 3000 steps and 1500 calories. And... I don't have to worry about that place for a brunch choice and can take them out of my Twitter feed.

So now I'm cooking hashbrowns and will do the rest of breakfast when they are done. The Mariner game is at 11 and I'm doing laundry. I'll put the brunch money towards the Fancy Toilet Seat Fund.


Yesterday turned out to be a lovely nothing day. My swim was great. My new suit swam well. I thought maybe the straps were too loose and would cause issues (I had a plan to fix if so) but they did not at all. And no scraping of skin like my old suits. Nice.

After a breakfast stop, I came on home and spent the day knitting, watching the Mariners lose and just doing stuff. I was watching TV last night when I kept hearing cheering like there was something going on at the stadium which I knew there was not.

I finally went out on the terrace to see if I could figure out what was going on and it was the bar down the block which was, apparently, full of people watching that stupid fight. While I think boxing is stupid and that particular match way stupid, I do like living where I can hear the cheering. I think that's fun.

Today, if I can wait long enough, I want to walk to Harry's for brunch which is in the block past the baseball stadium. It's a little more than half a mile. They don't open until 10. It's 7:30 now. I could walk v e r y s l o w l y... but no. I'm not starving right now and I have coffee so maybe I can wait.

Looking out today and, actually, the rest of the week, I have nothing on my calendar. One of those great weeks when anything can happen and if nothing does, that's cool, too.

I spent some quality time with my finances yesterday. I am lucky enough to have enough money to live on for now and, hopefully, until I die. It provides me great freedom but I still feel the need to be responsible with it so that it will last as long as I need it to and, really, just to be responsible.

I don't work well with a tight budget but I do like to keep a mental reign on the $$. And make sure I have enough cash on hand (or in the credit union) to live for a couple or three months. So from time to time, I revisit my money plan spreadsheet. I review my recent spending and make sure it's sustainable and that my money is going for things I want. And that I have sufficient ready just in case cash that will sustain me over a couple of months. So that's what I did yesterday.

My rainy day fund got dipped into while I was waiting for Social Security to kick in. I just got it back up to what it should be. Next on tap is saving up for my next big frivolous purchase. I want one of those fancy bidet toilet seats that washes and dries your butt with every visit.

I think I can squirrel away enough $$ from everyday stuff to get one next month or sometime this Summer. There are about a biscillion different ones to pick from so I'll need that time to figure out which one I want.

Now I think I'll get up and get dressed and maybe do some reading before I hit the road to brunch.

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The adjustable bed I bought about 18 months ago has a remote that makes it go up and down. In fact the only way to make it adjust is by the remote. The remote has always had about a 10% failure rate. Randomly the thing just won't work. It may not be the remote, who knows. But, lately, it's closer to 40%.

I'm in bed and all sleepy and turn the lights out and hit the remote to raise the head of the bed and nothing. Instead of all sleepy now I'm instantly awake and annoyed and soon pissed. The only thing that fixes it seems to be taking all four batteries out of the cheaply built remote and putting them back in. And of course, that is not an easy task so once it does work, sleep has now left the building.

But, according to my fitness band, I actually slept really nicely. I am so first world.

I never have and still don't understand professional boxing and how it is any different than dog or cock fighting.

This morning I'm off to the far south pool for my swim. They only have lap swimming for an hour so I need to be sure and be there and ready to hop in as soon as the hour starts at 8:30. I don't even count laps on Saturdays. I just swim until they start pulling the lane lines out. There's a very popular aqua exercise class that takes over the pool at 9:30.

I think I'll go back to Randy's for breakfast. It's on the way home and not packed and a decent breakfast and a kind of fun place. It's been there a million years and 'there' is smack in the middle of Boeing. The place, itself, is a model airplane museum.

My apres breakfast plans have yet to be decided...

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Nails done... Suits suit me fine!

New nails... sparkley and green! The place still does a better manicure for cheaper and is just too far out of the way. I made another appointment.

Then home and the new suits arrived. I ordered 4 but 3 of them turned out to be same style. The 4th one didn't fit right - too big in places, too small in others. But the other 3 were fine and comfortable. The ability to take out the foam boobs makes a HUGE difference for the good. So good that I wrote an email to TYR.

But, the problem is... keep all 3? keep 2? keep 1? It should surprise no one to learn that I am keeping all 3. I swim 6 days a week. I will wear and enjoy them on a rotating basis in hopes that rotating will enable them to last longer.

Now I need to wrap up the 4th one and trot it over to the post office. I already hit today's goal on my Misfit Shine. This P.O. trip will be fitness gravy!


I got my social security payment early which kind of surprised me. It's been my experience that when a deposit's date falls on a weekend, you get the $$ on Monday. But, apparently social security likes to get the jump. My pay date is the 3rd which falls on a Sunday this month but the $$ were in my checking account this morning. Nice touch there, feds.

I think I'll try and get my nails done today. If they didn't grow this manicure would last forever. But, alas, they grow. I'm going back to the new place. It's not handy to get to but they did such a good job. One more time, anyway. I'll call and if they can take me today, great, if not, Monday will do.

My latest new suits arrive today. This batch I ordered from I forget what a joy they are to deal with. I need to remember that. Everything from their website to their emails to their policies and customer support is just top notch. I sure home these suit are! There was a woman at the pool this morning with a TYR suit just like one of the ones I ordered only hers was black and I ordered YO IT'S ME, BRIGHT BLUE. I'm a pool peacock.

Not sure what else today will bring but I need to get out and get my walk in before that stupid sun gets all over everything.

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Day 1 and encouraged

So. I woke up leisurely and got coffee and got internet caught up and then got dressed and hit the street. I only did 13 minutes according to Misfit but I did not have to stop once. And, Misfit tells me it was a half mile. So OK! I think this will work. I need to streamline my getting out of the door situation.

I need wallet, chapstick, tissues, earbuds, phone. I could probably do without the wallet and may substitute with a little cash instead. And I need it all in something that is not a pocket so it's a grab and go situation. My sketcher loafers work fine and they are easy on and don't require socks.

I think this is going to be fine. If I can start the day with a half mile walk every day I'd sure count it good.

There is a city pool that opens Memorial Day weekend for the Summer. It's salt water and 50 yards long. Most of the Summer it's way too crowded to be any fun but if it's cloudy and rainy, those first few days are fun to at least try for something different. The problem is that from the closest parking spot it is a half mile. Most of it is flat but the last bit is a pretty steep hill.

Screenshot 2015-04-30 at 8.23.41 AM

Last year I tried it and it was horrible. By the time I got to the pool, I was exhausted and out of breath. The whole time I was swimming I was worried I'd never be able to get back up the hill to the car. Not fun. (The other routes on the map that cut to the right are all dirt foot paths that are a massive climb and way more than a half mile.)

But, I'm thinking now, if I train - haha - maybe I could try it again. So that's the goal for the month.

Today is swimming at 11 and, after that, who knows...  oh, wait, toothpaste. I need toothpaste.

One nice thing about getting out and doing the walk early is that I don't have it hanging over my head and a 'should do' all day. And it was nice and cloudy and cool. It's now an hour later and the sun is coming out. Glad I missed it.

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It's clear that walking makes it easier to walk. So. As much as I hate it, walking will have to be done. As it gets warmer and the sun gets sunnier and glarier it's going to be more and more difficult to hit the streets. It makes no sense to join the gym when I have free streets. I tend to swallow bitter pills more easily if I build them into the fabric of my days so they are done without thinking.

Every morning, I have coffee with my laptop on the bed. If it's a swimming morning, I have it when I come back from the pool. On the other days I do it when I wake up. And then I get up and get dressed and have breakfast.

I'm thinking that just before that breakfast part, I will walk around one or two blocks. Every single day without discussion or thinking. Just coffee, dress, walk around the block. I'll do two blocks so that it will at least be 15-20 minutes and I'll do it at the 122-3 beats per minute.

Then home and breakfast. I think that will work. Then any other walking I do will be gravy. Saturdays won't work because of the pool schedule but if I miss a day, BFD.

I think it's doable. As in it's something I actually will do. Starting tomorrow morning.

not the best day...

Nothing horrible just annoying. Zoey is really annoying. She worked hard starting at 5 am to wake me up. She's knocked over everything she's found including a glass full of water. She will not leave me alone to even type this entry. I've tried food. I've tried toys. Nothing is working and it's making me nuts.

My swimsuits arrived from Land's End and not only do they not fit, they fit in such a way that another size isn't going to help a bit. And I'm really pissed because they are perfect. Nice fabric, no foam boobs, nice colors. But they are too small to get into and then, once on, they bag in the butt and the straps fall off. Fuck.

I parked at the top of the hill for swimming this morning and when I went to go back to the car, I really had trouble getting there without stopping. I made it but then had to sit there and breathe.

Once home I did this and that and this and that - mainly tossing Zoey off my lap so I could read or type or knit. I knew I had to go walk I didn't want to but this morning reminded me that I need more walking. But, I waited too long and the sun was out and in full glare. And I forgot my sunglasses. But, I fired up the music and walked at what I thought was a pretty darned fast clip until this guy walked passed me at what was clearly just having a leisurely stroll. Sigh. My Misfit Shine says my pace was Moderate which isn't too bad and I did go 20 minutes. I had to stop briefly twice. But, it's done. I may go out again later. Maybe.

I might go to the post office and send these suits back. I could drive up to Sears but 1. traffic and 2. I might spend money once I get in the store. It's probably easier and cheaper just to mail them back and I think I have sufficient packaging (the box they came in is way too big for me to pay the shipping for).

It is very hard to find good workout suits for fat girls (no 'slimming support', flattering boy legs', 'enhancing bra' in fact, give me no cups at all). And I don't know why. There are a fair number of heavy duty female swimmers who are hefty. TYR has some. I'll try those. Sigh.

Baltimore played a ballgame today with no spectators. I listened to part of it and it was weird. But, they won.

Zoey is into something, I can hear her bell going like she's doing something she shouldn't. Better go find out what.


Yesterday's birth control entry probably should have included or been prefaced by the statement that I never ever ever wanted to actually have children.

When I was 4 I had a best friend who lived across the street. Connie. They lived in a white house so we called them The Whitehouses. Connie Whitehouse. I have no idea what their real name was. Anyway, Connie's Mom had a baby. Not a big deal, my Mom had a baby, too. BUT.. Mrs. Whitehouse fed that baby with her bosom! Seriously. It was astounding to my 4 year old ness. My brother had shiny glass bottles that had taken over the kitchen. The Whitehouses' kitchen just had food.

Connie and I both had baby dolls and Mrs. Whitehouse showed us how to 'feed' them with our bosom. It was so cool. But, when I went back across the street and fed my baby while my Mom fed my brother, my mother blew a gasket. "Our kind do not do that." I did not understand why the Whitehouses weren't our kind or what our kind was but I totally got that my baby doll would never get bosom milk again. I totally lost interest in the doll.

I took up picture painting. I never did take up dolls again. Just no interest.

Then when I was 6, we had close family friends - so close that even though they were adults we were allowed to call them by their first name - George and Helen. They had no kids. I remember asking my Mom why and she blew my mind with her answer... 'well, they decided they didn't want any children'. My little mind did a 6 year old equivalent of WHAATTTTT That's an option??!!!! Sign me the hell up!!!

The very minute I learned that having babies was a choice, I chose no. It's my gift to the world. I would have made the worst mother on the planet.

Library, Grocery, Swim

I woke up this morning to a request from my brother to check his newsletter. He was late getting it out. There is nothing worse when you are already late than to have to wait on an editor so I hopped out of bed and went to work (I have to use the windows machine because it's in Office Publisher). It needed a lot of formatting work but he had done an excellent job this month. It so impresses me that he does this newsletter every month. His customers constantly tell him how much they enjoy reading his take on tech so he keeps doing it. I make sure his e-mails are emails and he hasn't used 42 different fonts. I enjoy being able to help out.

Now I'm getting ready to head out.

The Seattle Library has several things on hold for me and one hold expires today so I need to get my ass in there to pick it all up. That will be the first thing. Then my swim. Then a grocery trip. I am out of eggs!! I eat a lot of eggs and being out of them is a disaster.

Then home to update my swimming tunes and the ballgame at 5 and whateverelsehappens...
One of the people on my LJ list talked about her birth control today - and it nearly gave me PTSD.

For so many years, my life revolved around birth control. It's been many more since it hasn't but still the scars seem fresh. It's an ugly ugly tail.

The pill was made generally available when I was a teenager BUT, it was not made generally available to me or any of my friends. Most doctors would never give a prescription to someone who was not married and who had never had any children. My Mom had had 3 and her doctor gave her a rough time about it.

So off I went to college with viable plumbing and full ovaries, little info, no resources and rarin' to go! I was vaguely aware of condoms but no one in their right mind would actually use them. AIDS was years away yet. I did not have sex until January before I turned 21. (There's a fun little story for ya. Another time...) I did not get pregnant. But it did ratchet up the birth control situation.

I found a back alley doctor (I was at college about 600 miles from home) through a friend of a friend and made an appointment and got the coveted prescription by telling the doctor I was married and we wanted to wait. I signed one paper saying that I understood that using the pill could prevent me from having children even after I stopped using it. I forged another paper with my 'husband's' name saying that he gave permission. (He was out of town and unable to come in with me.)

And those motherfuckers were expensive so, of course, I ran out of money and pills. And then I got pregnant. Abortion was not legal in the United States. I went to England (another fun little story. Another time...)

More pills, more money issues, and I got pregnant again. This time Roe v. Wade had done their blessed work so it was easier. And Planned Parenthood was growing. Bless them. I went to work for IBM. IBM had superlative benefits. BUT the only kind of birth control they covered was abortion. I kid you not.

IUD's were new and cheaper and not recommended for women who had not had a baby but what the heck, I'd try it. FAIL. And I used that aforementioned benefit.

Getting your tubes tied was a thing that mothers with enough babies did. Women who had had no babies did not. In fact, in North Carolina, where I lived, it was illegal for women under 30 with no babies to get it done. So for my wedding present, at my request, my husband got a vasectomy. He just went one day and came home snipped.

Then we separated and I was in need again... This time I was over 30. The law made allowances for spinsters. BUT I had to have the signed agreement from two psychiatrists before I could legally have the procedure done. And it got worse. The day I went in, the admitting person asked me if I was married or divorced. And while I was still legally married, I told her I was divorced.

This turned out to be a very excellent lie because she then crossed out the section that required my husband's consent! Yep, he could get his penis rendered baby free without so much as even telling me if that's what he wanted to do and I - the one who would actually be fucking pregnant - had to have his permission.

But, tubes were tied and the nightmare of birth control was in my rear view mirror.

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Still sucking but with a pretty fun life...

Way back when, when girls got married and quit their jobs to 'keep house'. I didn't get the allure myself but everyone was doing it. My girlhood friend did and I went to visit her one weekend. I remember just being so confused by her life. "What do you do all day?"

I hear myself ask myself that question a lot. What are you going to do today? What did you do today?

Today... I had breakfast and interneted and washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. Then I watched a podcast (while knitting) that I download every week. It's a couple of hours long so I only watched half of it. Then I got up because I was tired of sitting. I decided to organize the car which has kind of gotten out of control. On the way to that I partially cleaned out a closet and took a bunch of boxes down to the dumpster.

I got the car under control - man, that sucker is dirty. I have no spigot or hose to wash it but I must remember to either run it through the auto washer or go to one to the diy places.

Then back up here for more podcast/knitting. Then I slapped on my shoes and fired up my fast music and hit the street. I wanted to wait until after the lunch rush so it was about 1:15 which was too late. The sun was painfully glaring and it was hot unless I could find some shade to walk in but I managed. I ended up at the teriyaki place - only my 3rd time and that lady already knew my order! Came home from there the long way and, thereby, hit my fitness bad goal! Yahoo.

I have to transfer the teriyaki out of the container immediately. Styrofoam is illegal here in Seattle. Take out places have to use recyclable containers which really do suck. If you don't get the food out immediately, they get all wet and melty and ugh.

Then I read some while I knitted some more and then did some other stuff that I don't remember... Oh, made some hard boiled eggs, for one thing. Anyway, then I nuked the teriyaki and ate it - delicious. Seriously. It came with salad which is still on the fridge. Tomorrow I will be making the most amazingly delicious chef salad with the leftovers and the salad and the eggs.

Now I'm seeing that the 5 pm baseball game is not going to start until at least 6. Rain in Texas and no roof. The Homeowners Association meets at 6 so I'll let TiVo get any game action while I go listen to building gossip.

I think I'll watch Ellen before the news and then go.

And that's my day. I still revel in the freedom that makes up my hours and days. I cannot believe how unbelievable lucky I am to spend my time any way I want. It pays to suck!

I suck! But, apparently, only anonymously

This comment landed in my mail this morning. I have taken to screening anonymous comments so most never see the light of day but this one was too choice to keep hidden.

Why in the world would someone who really believes that I am so horrible keep reading my journal??

Anyway, it gave me a chuckle.

If I live long enough, I can maybe achieve sainthood. (arugh to both of those things, by the way)
Can't see that happening, ever!

I hate doing an anonymous comment, but really don't want you to know who you have hurt just by being you. Why you are like you are we will never know, but you are at least honest about it. I just think you give no thought to others and how you affect them.

What about the homeless women you looked down your nose at? What good did that do for you?

Have you ever considered others at all? The only thing I can say is you are honest about how you feel.

Anyway, as you would appreciate: You Suck as a human being which seems to be your goal.

Happy Monday! Today, or rather this evening, is the condo home owner association meeting. That plus the baseball game are the only calendar items today. I don't even have laundry as I got that all washed and put away yesterday.

There will be a walk... but, first there will be breakfast.

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So I did not go to the bar place near the stadium. I decided to keep that for next week when the Mariners are play out of town. Plus, I was too hungry to wait so I went to the diner that opens at 9. It's a 10 minute walk.

The breakfast was ho hum but I enjoyed the experience and my house doesn't smell like eggs and bacon so score.

And then... I plugged in my headphones and fired up the 122 beats per minute tunes and lit out of there! I walked around several extra blocks at a very fast clip for a solid 15 minute without stopping once! Holy crap on a stick. High 5 me.

The other day I was thinking that this whole wearing a fitness thing is stupid. But, I got over that. I sync'd it up this morning and learned that my walk to the diner was 10 minutes of Light Activity (740 steps) and netted me 76 points. The walk home was 15 minutes of Moderate Activity (1228 steps) and netted me 138 points. (An hour of swimming usually equates to about 2800 steps and 1200 points.)

The measuring gives the activity more weight for me. Especially now that I know it does make it possible for me to do stuff I want to do.

Now I'm home and on the second load of laundry. I have plenty of time to watch CBS Sunday morning before the baseball game starts.

Zoey, as it turns out, does not need a pet. She's going through another eating spurt. She did this last February. I remember because it was when my brother was here. In addition to her always there dry kibble, she normally eats about a 4th of a small can of cat food a day. Some days she doesn't eat any. Then, while my brother was here, she started scarfing down 2 full cans a day. And that's what she's doing now. (Wild. And way less trouble than a whole nother pet.) She's bugging me because she wants more canned food in her dish! Ok, can do.

Outliving your true self

I know how to be a better person. I almost always know what I did wrong or said wrong or didn't do... after the fact. And I spend a lot of energy regretting that I hurt the person who then forgave me. But I always know that we will always know that I was not the person I wanted to be.

Until that person dies. When someone dies, they take with them the bad as well as the good.

There were years that my father drove me crazy and I was not gracious about it. I wanted him to be different and he wasn't and I was mean. When he died, I remember thinking whew, now no one will know what a horrible daughter I was to an old man. It's not true, of course, I know but still... When my Mom died, again, I knew no one would ever now find out how ridiculously stupid I was when I was a teenager and how I disappointed both my parents in so many ways. Yes, I made them proud mostly but not always. But, now that they are gone, and so is that shameful history.

I was probably the worst wife in the history of wives. I knew the marriage was a mistake instantly. Like that evening after our wedding. Seriously. I knew it. And I did nothing. Well, no, not nothing. I went on for about 2 and a half years making me and everyone around me miserable. It was mean and selfish and really ridiculous. I was a grown woman. 30 years old. I was educated with resources and still I was horrible.

And now the victim of my torture is dead and cannot testify against me. Seriously, part of me really does feel that.

If I live long enough, I can maybe achieve sainthood. (arugh to both of those things, by the way)

Also there's a downside - besides people you love not being around - when my friend, John, died, he took with him my only proof that I ever bungy jumped. There are no photos or videos of it. It was in New Zealand, just me and him. He bet me $100 (American, not New Zealand) that I wouldn't do it. I collected. But, now, there's only my word on the whole thing...

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LJ's Private Eye and... I'm a widow!

letmesaythis found my ex husband! She kind of got obsessed with my finding him when I wasn't interested enough so I sent her a link to the house in Charlotte that he and I bought (with the sales from my house in Southern Pines). It's still listed in his name in the county tax records.

Less than a week and BAM tonight she finds his obit! This is the one she found. It has lots of details including stuff about his kids. (All 5 were younger than me but not by that much. The two girls were married and lived in New York. The oldest boy was in and out and the youngest two lived with us kind of. For my wedding present at my request/demand, he got a vasectomy.)  I took that info and discovered that is older daughter is in human resources for a credit union in Albany, NY and has a son and daughter (I'm pretty sure she had that son while we were married.) The second daughter is a vice president at a medical center in Houston, TX. His 3 sons are in Vermont, NYC and Endwell, NY - no other clues. They would be between 50-56 now. Lord knows what they are up to.

Then I found this obit in the Charlotte Observer where he worked when we were married.

The first one says it was published in the Observer, too. Both of them make him sound like a great guy. I remember him as being terminally boring - he could (and nearly did) have exactly the same dinner ever night. His socks faced east in the drawer. After I moved out, he had our in ground swimming pool filled in. He played the accordion which he kept in a faux zebra skin bag. He played Lady of Spain and big band music. In front of people who came to our house.

I'm a little disappointed that it mentions none of his wives. His first one - the mother of all those damn kids - died a while back I think. I was #2 and not even the worst. The last time I talked to him, he was trying to get a divorce from #3. North Carolina had this law that you couldn't divorce anyone who was hospitalized for mental illness. So every time he filed, she checked herself into inpatient services. I think there was one after #3 but I'm not positive.
Apparently he died a bachelor.

One not snarky thing I do remember about him was that he was GREAT at obits. I used to hear him on the phone with the dead person's family and he was was so amazingly kind while wringing out details to write about and the resulting piece was always a complete painting of the departed. I think he'd be pretty cool with Dannye's effort. (Lord, I cannot believe she is still working at that paper! She's got to be older than I am.)

Thank you, letmesaythis. You are a good detective!

I should just ignore me

So after my declaration about not spending, I just ordered 3 swimsuits. My Saturday suit is a Lands End that I bought when I first started swimming (so 5ish years ago?). For some reason I stopped wearing it and only recently re-found it and put it back into service. I like a lot about it and am tired of my others which are falling apart anyway. So I decided to see if I could find ones like my Saturday suit. Lands End, of course, no longer carries it but they do have others.

I ordered 3 because I am more likely to return 2 than 1. And I definitely do not intended to keep all 3. Lands End is a liberal return policy and there used to be a small but OHHH so handy Sears store down the street. Now the closest one is not quite as handy but still, to get my money back on 2 suits, I'll make the day trip.


I think Zoey needs a pet. She's spending more and more time knocking shit off of whatever and whining and crawling all over me constantly. I think she needs more of a distraction than a red dot or spinning whatever. But, I'm not convinced I want another pet.


The breakfast place I planned for today was one that, turns out, I had been to before long ago. Today it was packed to the gills and, instead of turning around and leaving, I decided to try it anyway. They did have coffee while you wait. And a comfortable place to sit. The wait was about 15 minutes then they stuck me at the bar. I don't really mind sitting at the bar. I do very much mind bar stools without a place to put my feet so that the circulation in the thighs does not dry completely up. It was 10 minutes until anyone took my order and another 15 before I saw it. I was trying to be chill and not succeeding entirely.

Except then, turns out, my breakfast was exceedingly delicious. This would have made up for it entirely except then, of course, it was like pulling teeth to fucking pay! GRRR Once I got out of there, I did walk the long way round to my car. I should have walked longer but maybe I'll go out later.


Oh and my swim was excellent.


I'm off this morning - in 30 mins - to my 'other' pool. At least so far, the clouds are out which make swimming there ever so much more comfortable (floor to ceiling windows with massive glare on the water when the sun is out). But, frankly, the pool is so lovely, even sun can't ruin the swim.

I have found another breakfast place on that side of town. So I'm heading there after. And that's it for my agenda so far.

I also discovered yesterday that there's a new good Sunday option. A bar on the other side of the baseball stadium is now serving brunch starting at 10. I think I might just give that a shot tomorrow. I could not have walked that far a few months ago but I'm pretty sure I can make it easily now.

I'm making good progress on my leftover yarn bears. I got a free shipping coupon from my main yarn source. It's good until May 20. I really don't need any yarn right now and don't really have good storage for more but... maybe by May 20, I'll have knit me more room.

I'm also trying to cut back on my spending for a bit. I have been buying stuff I don't need at an uncomfortable rate lately. I'd like to get my savings padded a bit just in case.

Time now to suit up and hit the road.

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