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This morning was not a good breathing morning. I was struggling from the time I got up until I got to the pool and still through the first 15 minutes of my swim. And then it got better. Getting showered and dressed was a bit of a struggle breath wise. I sucked down some of my rescue inhaler and took it all slowly and now, an hour later, I think it is all fine. Weird how that happens.

My Twitter feed is about a twitter friend who is currently in the hospital with an aortic dissection. OUCH. My panting and coughing seems way more preferable and a lot less annoying than I thought it was an hour ago, frankly.

FINALLY, it looks like my Social Security application went through. The check application screen says that my application has completed the process and when I actually sign in, it shows I am getting Social Security in addition to Medicare. And payment is on the 3rd of the month. Yahoo! Finally on the dole.

The next season of House of Cards is available today. I think I'm going to hold off and rewatch the last season first. Plus I haven't finished watching Bosch yet. And Madame Secretary and Goodwife start up again this weekend. How did I get so behind already? With baseball starting up this could be an Issue!

I need to go to Walmart to get more bear stuffing. They have, hands down, the best deal on the kind I like. Plus I need kitty litter. And deodorant. But, none of that is really critical so probably won't happen today.

What is goign to happen today - right now, as a matter of fact... breakfast!!

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Action in the 'hood

There are all kinds of workers working in the big apartment across the way. I can't tell what they are doing but they are doing something. There are about 7 of them. Meanwhile in the smaller one on the floor below, there are two guys unpacking stuff. They don't seem to be in any big hurry. It's nice to see action. Soon The Tree That I Hate will seriously impede my being able to keep good tabs.

My Papa Murphy's has a new manager. Usually when I go in, I am the only customer. Today she was filling someone else's order and apologized for the wait. I told her no problem as I wanted time to decide. When my turn "After all that thinking, I think I'll just have a regular old pepperoni." At which point she asked me if I wanted a made one. ????

Turns out they have premade one toppings ones for $6.25 as opposed to the $10.50 I was expecting to pay. KEWEL! I have toppings here and extra cheese so okdokey.

She also had on some incredibly cool lime green iridescent nail polish. It's in the idea bank for next time.

I just got an electronic reminder about my pulmonary appointment next week with a link to add to my Google calendar! I'm feeling much less stressed about this appointment. I made a mental list of all the worst case scenarios and what I would do about each while I was swimming today and by the time I got done, I was quite sanguine about the whole thing. Plus, he could say 'oh, here's a magic pill we just discovered. you should be breathing like a champ in no time.'


At the end of the day, before I get into bed, I often feel like crap. I have aches and pains that usually feel like the beginning of something horrible. I always assume it is the beginning of a heart attack or a stroke or an aneurysm of something or another. Seriously, I really think this. I go to bed and wonder if I'll actually wake up in the morning.

And, then I do. Every morning, so far... in my life. It's really ridiculous but it happens more and more. Last night, I actually debated with myself whether I should go to bed because I was really ready or if I should tidy up the kitchen because while it isn't a horrible mess, there are a couple of dishes soaking and did I want the people finding my body to see that...

I have never been this old before. I have no clue what is due to old age. Or what is due to being fat. Or what is due to living alone for so long and having no one to think about but me. Or what is due to COPD. Or what is due...

I need a what to Expect When You are Expecting ... for old age!

I always do feel better in the morning. And I feel good today! I dreamed about swimming in a large salt water pool. It was cool.

The whole rest of this week and weekend are blank slates on my calendar. Nobody's after me to do anything and I'm caught up on all the stuff I want to get done. Nice. Very nice.

My swim today is at 11. I think it's time for a Papa Murphy's pizza. It's near the pool but doesn't open until 11 so it's really only handy to get on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And since one pizza defines the two or three dinners, it takes some careful planning. All the pepperoni studded stars are aligning for today. Now I just have to decide what kind.

The very definition of privileged first world quandary.

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Today's early morning swim went a lot more swimmingly (hahhaha) than Monday's. It was just lovely and drama free. I had to switch to another kind of goggles and, turns out, I kind of like these other ones better. They are old and scratched so I ordered new ones. It's always so fun to swim with new goggles. Mine will be here on Monday.

Amazon has this newish deal where Prime uses can select to trade 2 day delivery for slower delivery but $1 towards ebook. I now have $6 in the 'bank' - that's a half a book!

I think the big apartment across the way may be getting new occupants. They are painting over there today and last night they were showing it Or the new tenant was checking it out. Hard to tell. The guy who moved in to the smaller place just below it, is in no hurry to unpack. He went out last night and turned out the lights but something in there was glowing green and something else glowing blue. Weird and cool.

Nothing out of the ordinary doing today. A lovely day that is all mine. I wonder if I'll every get over how luxurious this feels.

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The tax stuff I was waiting for arrived yesterday so I finished up the CPA's horrible software and shipped it. Today, I'll take the accompanying papers to the post office. Hopefully, one of these years, he'll accept PDF's and I can skip this step. At least now I have found that nice new post office near the pool.

And then I need to make a quick stop at the grocery store. Probably all of this will be after my swim. Backing it all in before I get to the pool at 11 is too iffy.

After a particularly horrible time with blood bruises all over my hands and arms, most of it was clearing up nicely. I noticed last night at the meeting that my hands were totally bruise free. There is some still left on my left arm but it's healing. And then, last night, in my sleep, forcryingoutloud, I get a dime sized patch on the back of my left hand. Sigh. Oh well.

I did sleep good, though, so it was worth it. Probably I got it getting in and out of the shuttle bus. I dreamed I was on a work trip to South Korea. It was a cool trip with good work mates and I've never been to South Korea.

My brain is busy and strange.


I bought this condo in December of 1991. It had just been converted from an old railroad warehouse. At the time they had sold about 20% of the 108 residential units. Now one rarely comes on the market and is sold fairly quickly when it does. About six months ago there were a couple that changed hands, one just down the hall from me. A very annoying brainless real estate agent sold her own unit and moved out. Buh Bye.

Last night was the monthly home owners meeting. These usually go very smoothly and last under an hour. We are blessed right now with a board president who is sharp as a bespoke chef's knife. She was once the CEO of Aldus and is now a consultant and knows her shit. Especially her managing people shit.

We have a rule backed into the incredibly-difficult-to-change bylaws that says if you want to change flooring from the wall to wall carpet, you must meet certain standards and you must have the permission of the owners in the unit below you.

Turns out the very annoying brainless real estate agent promised the buyers of her unit that they could replace the carpet with hardwood floors. And then, after they took ownership, they remembered to ask the owners below them and whaddya know... the owners below them said NFW.

And the resulting fan+shit came to the HOA meeting last night. It was not lovely.

There have been at least a couple of cases when permission was granted and the results were horrible. There's a family down the hall with an obnoxious little girl who possesses lead feet which she used to drive the guy below them mad. They very nearly ended up in court.

The people above me asked my permission once and I said no thank you. Fortunately, they decided to move instead and the people who bought their unit have never asked. Preventatively, I sent an email to the building manager for my file saying that I do not and will not grant permission to the unit above me. Just in case.

The new people last night don't even live there. They bought it for their daughter and her husband who where also there last night with the chickadee who sold the unit. They were trying to convince the board to change the rule since they can't convince the guy below them. It was a circus of stupidity.

The board president let it go on longer than it needed to and then spent a good 10 minutes nicely shutting it down. I was ready to take a poll on who had a weapon nearby. I feel guilty now and again for never serving on the home owner board. After last night, I think I'm good for about another 25 years of non serving.

1. read the rules before you buy
2. don't believe your obviously brainless real estate agent
3. want to do what you want? buy a house - but make sure it's not HOA controlled.
4. read the rules before you piss off everyone who attends the HOA meeting - you had a slim chance before. now you have people actively working to ensure you live on carpet for the rest of your days.

Love, your new neighbors.

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New neighbors moving in!! Not to the big place with the big terrace but to the smaller unit just below it. Yeah!!

The cleaning people did the big apartment this morning. Maybe it's filling in next!

Powering through... worth it

Last night's sleep was very sub optimal - way more on the suckage end of the scale. And this morning, 82 things worked in concert to keep me from swimming. I fought them all. I couldn't get out of the bathroom at home, my nose has a sore on it that is almost but not healed yet right where my goggles sit, my plan A replacement leaked but my plan B replacement worked and didn't rub the sore, there was zero parking on the right side of the street so I had to cross the busy street in the dark to get in, I was late, 30 minutes in back stroke lady showed up and took over my lane. No one and nothing wanted me to swim. But, I got out and moved to the training pool which was empty. It's a shorter lap but perfectly fine and peaceful and I got the rest of my mile in. And it was all totally worth it. There's something about gliding through water that is just the very best feeling in the world.

I think I ate something that didn't disagree with me but also doesn't quite vote my ticket. No cramps or anything, just not that perfectly fine feeling one tends to enjoy.

It's ok, I have nothing that has to be done today. I can nap or knit or do whatever I feel like. And I got my swim in and I didn't get hit by traffic going back across the street to my car. So all is good.

I may do some laundry. Oh and my brother's business newsletter is ready for an edit.

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Dear anonymous posters

Just a reminder, hateful comments will be deleted immediately.

Actually, truthfully, any comment I don't like will be deleted immediately.

It's my journal.

It's curious to me what kind of thrill anyone would get out of leaving nameless hate around but. whatever. Not in my journal.

I love my delete button and it's ready so go for it.


I rarely have trouble sleeping but the past few nights have been better sleeps than usual. I do love a good night's sleep.

The big news here is that my buddies across the way have moved out. I'm so sad. They moved in a little more than a year ago when they first finished the new apartment building across the street and right out my terrace window. There were an adorable middle aged bear couple. They had great barbecues, great parties. They did two Christmas trees - one inside and one on the terrace. And... now... they are gone. The unit just below them is empty now, too.

And here I am with brand new fancy schmancy binoculars. Sigh.

Overkill seems to be the way these days. OR my attention span has shrunk to pea size. I turn into the news and I've heard it all before over and over again. They reshow last week's video as if it just happened. I've seen one truck slide in a snow storm into the camera every day for the past two weeks. I'm sick already of hearing about this year's Academy Awards ceremony. The coverage on my TV today starts at 1 pm and goes til 1 am. Seriously?

Bitch, moan, bitch, moan. Ok, I'm done.

I have nothing on tap for today. I could go find brunch somewhere but I made such a great omelette yesterday, I think I'll stay in and shoot for a repeat. And then fill my day with TV, my book and my yarning. Sounds perfect to me.

My last bit for taxes is almost here. I actually have a PDF of the 20 page form and I could print it out but it will likely be here in the snail mail at the first of the week. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be even on my taxes. If I owe anything or am due a refund, it should be very small. At least I hope. This is my first full retirement tax year so, I'm not entirely sure.

This coming week is also quiet. On Monday, I'll probably go to the condo home owners association meeting and my usual swimming but other than that, the calendar is clear as a whistle. The very luxury of retirement.

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I love my doctor

For about 20-25 years I never went to a doctor, not once. Before that, it was only to get birth control pills. I got my tubes tied and so I didn't need that any more. Then about 10 years ago, I woke up one day and realized that I was getting old and if I needed a doctor, I'd be SOL. So I shopped. The first one I got seemed ok, but after about a year of wrestling with her office staff and being underwhelmed by her attitude, I got a divorce from her and went shopping again. (About a year after that Dr. #1 gave up practicing all together.)

That's when I found Dr. Lee. I remember the first time I ever went to him - my introductory visit - he was asking questions and instead of 'are you married? do you have a live in boyfriend/girlfriend?', he asked 'who do you live with?' which I thought was so personable. I answered 'my cats.' And he has never once ever seen me and failed to ask after my cats. Never once.

Anyway, Dr. Lee and I have been a couple for a while now and he's the best. He totally gets me and is so very respectful of my desires. I'm a treat the symptom, not the cause, type and he's so tolerant. He always offers (pap test, mammogram, colonoscopy, etc) but never presses or scolds.

Plus he got me through a bad bought with pneumonia four years ago when we also discovered y emphysema and he's managed that nicely. Without his guidance, I'd likely be way worse off than I am today.

This morning while I was swimming I actually wondered what he would think of my being sent to the pulmonologist. I thought maybe he would think it's not necessary or a waste of everyone's time. But, I decided to go ahead and play the cards I was dealt rather than bug him by asking. One consult isn't going to hurt anything probably.

And, then, just now, I got an email from him. (How much do I love being able to 'talk' to my doctors via email??!! LOTS). He said he was just back from vacation (he does not even work on Saturdays) and saw the recommendation and agreed with it 100%. He said that he saw that I had an appointment with Dr. Lee (maybe I should call him Dr. Lee2) and that he was a really good guy and if I have any questions or need anything to call or write him.

He did NOT need to even send me that email but I am sooooo grateful he did. I just love my doctor.


My swim was excellent. I got in the whole mile - most of it in a lane by myself. Lately on Saturdays there's a woman who comes at my 30-40 minute mark. She uses my lane (the slowest) and does only breast stroke but I swear she does the fast breast stroke on the planet. I'm not a fast swimmer. It takes me about 55 minutes to do my mile. But twice I had to stop so she could breast stroke on through. Impressive.

Then I came home and made what is possibly the best omelette in Seattle this morning. Bacon, green onions, avocado and sharp cheddar - perfectly cooked. YUM!

Now I need to clean up the kitchen and take the trash down to the dumpsters and get my wet suit out of the car where I forgot it when I came up before.


No work dream last night. Instead, I was having breakfast with Katie Curic and Christine Baranski. It was lovely.

At least lately, I have the most wonderful dreams.

Today is the usual. Swim. As soon as the pool opens at 9. The woman who often spoils my Saturday swims swam yesterday morning and usually does not swim every day, so, hopefully, she won't be there today. But Saturdays are always so iffy. I'll go and shoot for my whole mile and be ok if I only get in half of it.

I don't really have any other plans today. I could go get brunch somewhere but I'm not terribly inspired. So I'll probably come home and brunch myself here.

I started a new crochet project last night. I have a pretty severe case of ADD when it comes to knitting and crochet projects lately. I have my bears and have no problem doing them one after another but on the side, I have trouble sticking with anything long enough to complete it.

Yarn is so forgiving. Crochet/knit this one piece for days and change your mind? Rip it out and the yarn is good for something else. I used to have a woodworker friend who loved working in fine wood and railed at the injustice that if he cut wrong, he was fucked. When if I knit wrong, no harm/no foul. I think of him every time I rip something out to use the yarn for something else. Hi Jim!

I used to get all stressed about completing stuff but now, I'm old and I don't give a shit. I enjoy the process as much or more than the product. I try to reuse the yarn I've got rather than buy new. Giant stashes of yarn can be a storage problem as much as a financial one.

But, otherwise, no rules. What's grabbed my fancy today could be abandoned tomorrow. No problem.

I also have delicious viewing ready on my TiVo - several episodes of Downton Abbey, a couple of episodes of Vera, and the first episodes of that new show about the Breaking Bad lawyer - it could be a bust, I have watched it at all. Plenty to keep me entertained.

In two weeks... March 4... there will be baseball again! This year many of the Spring training games will be televised which is very cool. I'm ready.

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For the past week or so, I have sucked down hits off my rescue inhaler before I got into the pool. I call it my Performance Enhancing Drug only I'm not sure, it's actually enhancing squat. Yesterday when I got out of the pool, I was coughing and panting for nearly an hour after. And, since it had only been an hour since I'd sucked down the inhaler, I had no more rescue available. (You need 4 or more hours between hits.)

So this morning, I didn't use it at all. And... my swim was great and after was fine. No coughing, no panting, no gasping. hmmmmm Ok, so new plan.

They had had a power outage at the pool last night and they only got the boiler back on a few minutes before I got there. The staff warned that the water was going to be cold. It was certainly more chilly poolside. BUT, turns out, the water was PERFECT! It was about 4 degrees cooler than normal and lovely. Our pool is cooler than the other city pools normally (and on purpose - my pool caters to lap swimmers who like it cool). But it was really excellent this morning. For me, colder water = faster swimming and today was a case in point. I peeled 5 minutes off my mile this morning!


I read a fair amount - more fiction than non fiction. I read for characters and plot. Poor writing can obscure my characters and plot to the point of making the book not enjoyable but otherwise, I honestly don't pay that much attention to the actual writing.

But, the book I'm reading now is the exception to that rule. Richard Price is my age and has been writing good works for a long time and I've been not reading him for just as long. He came out this month with a book under a pseudonym (which was quickly and openly acknowledged as his work anyway so not clear what the fake name is about), The Whites. I have no clue what made me pick it up but wow.

The writing is so good it's nearly getting in the way of my plot and my characters! I'm reading the audible version and it's just delicious. I am pretty sure that when I get to the end, I'm going to go right back to the beginning and listen to it all over again. It's such a treat.


I'm not sure what today will bring. I have nothing on the agenda but feel like I should go do something. I was thinking maybe a movie but there's really nothing I want to see at any theater I want to go to and a time I want. I might just drive down to Costco and walk around. I don't really need anything but it's close by and a walk I can do and there's always good people watching.

Maybe. But, first some breakfast.

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The down side

The down side of working only in my sleep is follow up. More than a couple of times today, I've caught myself wondering what was happening with the PR crisis I handled last night. I woke up after we got the plan but before there was any feedback. Right in the middle of swimming my laps, I actually thought 'wonder when that postmortem is?' Maybe I'll have a follow up dream.

Which reminds me of an assistant I used to have at IBM who used to mark stuff she left on my desk with NO FU yet or FU from xxx. She meant, of course, follow up, but I read, of course FUCK YOU. Always made me laugh.

One of my favorite life guards told me today that she's leaving in a month to tour Europe for two months! I'm excited for her but I'll miss seeing her face at the pool. The upside is that for at least half of her shifts when I'm there, her replacement is another on of my very favorites who has rarely pulled a shift while I'm there. So it will be fun to see her 3 times a week.

I finally sound the ASUS tablet I've had for sale on Amazon forever. I sold it once in December and the buyer requested a refund 'I thought it was Windows.' Geesh. I thought I relisted it when it came back but apparently did not and only caught the error last week. I listed it again and dropped the price a bit and BAM. Sold it. $180 coming my way. I popped it into the mail on the way home from the pool.


My driver's license adventures yesterday turned out to be relatively painless. I had to wait about 20 minutes but it was a very relaxed 20 minutes. Eye test. $78 for the enhanced drivers license (one that gets me to Canada without passport). New pic. And I'm good until 2021. So, likely, that is my last driver's license renewal. If I'm still alive in 2021, I doubt I'll be ambulatory enough to drive a car. If I'm wrong, then ok, but my expectations protect me.

I followed that success with BB&B and then Target and then Trader Joe's. That was about 1 store too many for my stamina. I thought I had made it unscathed but then last night, it caught up with me. By 9:15, I felt like crap. So I went to bed, listened to my book for a few minutes and went to sleep. And this morning I am cured!!

I had work dreams again last night. These just crack me up. I dream I am in one working situation or another. It's always challenging and interesting and it makes for very pleasant dreams. Each of these dreams is different. Different jobs, different challenges, different people I'm working with. Last night there was a PR crisis and I had a good team to work through it with.

I think that I dream about working is hilarious. In real life, I think about getting a job now and again but then I realize that I'd likely have to leave the house, dressed. And I could not do one where I had to stand. I sure wouldn't want to work with the public. And on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I'd have to leave in the middle of the day to go swim. So... While dreaming about work doesn't pay too well, otherwise it's the perfect way to work.

I said I was not going to try to call Social Security to get an update again. My pants are on fire. I called this morning and am really glad I did. They pay 'after' the month. So I'm eligible on March 1 and will get that payment on April 1. So... that paints a different picture! The nice lady I talked to said that there was still plenty of time to get acknowledgement and have the payments start on time. Cool.

A quick look at my cash on hand and monthly nut says that I should be fine. I suspended 'pay' from my investments because I had an annuity mature and had a lot of cash. I've lived on that cash now for about six months and it's now a lot less cash. My plan is to turn on the investment tap again but for a lot less since the government will be helping. Throwing in another month isn't going to screw up the plans. Whew.

My brother is all into his plan to do CES here next year. (We went to the electronics show in Las Vegas for several years.) His idea is to scope out what we want to find out about and then have us, from my living room, 'tour' the show via podcasts and newscasts and other coverage. I think it sounds like great fun but mainly I am so flattered that he's willing to take a week out of his life and spend it with me. He's already planning and plotting the week and it's not until next January!

Meanwhile today is swimming at 11 and that's about it. The rest of the day will be just for stuff as it happens. Nice.

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This morning's swim was another really good one. I rarely have to share my lane during early morning swims but after I'd been at it for about 15 minutes, another swimmer popped in. She was way faster than me but the next faster lane was pretty populated so she stayed with me. She easily passed me when necessary so it worked out fine. I kind of prefer swimming with someone else in the lane as long as they are courteous swimmers like she was. It keeps me focs on the task and less distracted. So it was good.

Yesterday I got into the cables on my desktop and got the monitors rewired and now all three are very happy and pretty once again. And the cables are all hidden in their panels under the desk.  Since I can see the mess from my knitting/tv/computing/everythingelse chair, I am way happier about not seeing the mess!  The hardest part about the project was the twisting and turning and up and down and making my old muscles stay in positions they don't like. However, this morning, they are perfectly fine. A nice little bonus.

This morning's adventure will be the driver's license office of the DMV. I have six weeks to get the job done but I figure if I do it now, I won't have to remember or even think about it again. Actually for six years. They just changed it from five.

When I first moved to Seattle, licenses were renewed every four years just like every other state I'd ever lived in. BUT, since I got my first license on the day I turned 16, I had never ever lived in any state long enough to get a driver's license renewed.   So, 4 years later, at age 47, I got to renew my license for the first time. I was giddy with excitement. The DMV lady was sooooo not impressed. I remember her face today like it all happened yesterday. The very image of bubble bursting.

Since then my expectations have plummeted and  so now, my renewals are tedious but never disappointing. So, as soon as I finish my coffee, I'll hit the road and get the deed done.

There's a BB&B across the street from the license place and I think, even though I really do hate the place, I'll bite the bullet and see if I can find a soap dispenser that fits on my sink nicely and check out their quilts. I'm in the market for the latter but not desperately so. I will buy the perfect one but if I can't find that one, I'll live with what I got.

And then Trader Joe's on the way home.

A big friggin day in retirement land!

friend quest 2015

spacefem not only had a genius idea, she put it into gear!  It's like a year long friendzy in one place. Seriously.  This is brilliant. Kudos to her. Very nicely done.


Originally posted by spacefem at friend quest 2015
Remember when I said I'd make some new lj friends in 2015?

Well I kinda have, it's kinda worked!

But it's going slowly, and I see memes going around with other people doing similar things, so I decided to try an experiment...


I started this community yesterday... late, I know, but there's still a bit of 2015 left... for people who want to feel a bit of a revival. Maybe we'll make some new cool friends, maybe we won't. But since it's a 2015 community we can blow the whole thing away on Jan 1 2016 and nobody will know the difference.

I hope some of you join!

And if I'm launching this little side project all wrong, I hope some of you tell me that too.

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It's a Miracle!!

I got my tax refund today!!! From last August's amended return. And it includes interest.

The next thing you know, Social Security will kick in without a hitch. Wonders will never cease.

Amazon either changed their return process OR changed it for my account. Either way, the click, click, print out the label, leave it for UPS process is gone. Sigh. This time I clicked, clicked and had to contact customer service. I sent an email. I haven't heard back yet but if this is the way it's going to be, there's going to be a lot less Amazon buying in my future. Which probably is not a bad thing at all.

Swimming today was amazing. It just felt sooo good. Plus there was a new lifeguard who was not at all hard on the eyes. (And yeah, I'd be totally offended if someone said that about a female lifeguard. So I need to rethink either my appreciation of lifeguard eyecandy OR my sensitivity to how men talk about women's bodies. Fair is fair.)

Let it go...

I am not a Frozen fan and I really am tired of the Let it Go song but, it's handy when I get too focused on one thing that does not need or deserve that kind of focus. Today's case in point is Social Security. I still have received no notice or even acknowledgement of my application which is supposed to kick in real $$ on March 1.

1. If it does not happen, I'm not going to starve or really even be very inconvenienced. 2. It will be way easier to get their attention after fail than preventatively. 3. Calling them to ask about it does nothing but aggrivate me.

So... for now... I need to Let It The Fuck Go.

I have already done that, fairly successfully, with the $400 that the IRS owes me. I figure one day, maybe, I'll get a check and it will be a delightful windfall. Or not.

I do need to get on this year's tax return. I got it started and have about an half hour's worth of work on it left. There is one document left to go which is being mailed out today and then I can get that off to the Tax Man.

Today I can go back to the pool. It feels like it's been forever since I last had a swim. I am very ready. And that is really it for today's hit parade. Nothing else on the agenda.


When my dishwasher broken last year, I discovered how much easier it is to keep the kitchen tidy by hand washing my dishes. I got it fixed and now use it to store stuff. But my hands were suffering so I started wearing gloves which worked but was kind of a bother. Just recently I discovered Dawn with Olay and wow. Does it ever make a difference. There are two kinds.  I've been using the Pomegranate  but I ordered the Cocobutter and it hasn't come yet. My hands are very much happier plus it does not make as much suds which is easier to deal with.

I'm pretty good about washing the dishes after every meal. But, I generally wait until after so the pans or baking dishes can cool down some and my meal does not get cold.

My brother, on the other hand is freakily OCD about it. He will make a scrambled egg breakfast and wash the egg pan and utensils before he eats the eggs! Funny what you learn about somebody when they stay a few days.

We were raise, by the way, to never ever ever hand wash anything. Faced with a choice, our mother would have easily traded one or all of us for her dish washer. She and Daddy once had an RV which she refused to even consider until they found one with a dishwasher.


I'm pretty sure we are done with Winter here in Seattle. It never really got cold and now it's gradually getting a little warmer each week. I feel like I've been cheated. This, I guess, is better than feeling screwed like so many in the Northeast. And today in parts of the South. I lived in Charlotte, NC for a few years and remember well how freaky ice and snow was there. They are getting hit today and based on the news reports last night, things in the freaked out department haven't changed much since I was there 30 years ago.