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Finding stuff, finding solutions

Last week I lost a dust buster. I had the charger, I just couldn't find the buster. Today I was determined to bust that buster out of its hiding place. I started with the car, because that's where I remembered having it last. And then I came back up here to do a grid search.  Happily, I found it in the first room. Whew.  It's now with the charger tethered to the outlet. With instructions to stay there until I come back for it.

My Kindle Fire HDX, of which I am growing increasingly fond, has a Text to Speech capability. If you like, it will read your book to you.  The voice isn't robotic but it has no inflection and is weird. But, I couldn't turn it off. Every time I open the book - on the bus, in a restaurant, the bitch would start reading - loudly. The setting for Text to Speech was turned off. Nothing I could figure out how to do, turned the bitch off.  The Fire has a Mayday button - click it and an Amazon person will come into view in a little window in under 30 seconds. So I clicked. The Amazon person had no idea how to fix it and transferred me. After a way too long wait, I got a person who knew less than the Mayday person so I said no thanks and hung up.

I googled til my fingers bled.  I rebooted. I cleared the cache for the Kindle app. I got verification on an Amazon board that it shouldn't be doing what it was doing.  So I did a factory reset. Whew and yeah! fixed!!!

God, I love the cloud. It makes things like factory resets so painless.

One of my brother's webcams has been a problem for weeks on my desktop PC. I like to keep it up and keep and eye on the comings and goings. But it worked only occasionally. It worked fine on my laptop. Fine on my tablet. Just not on my PC. Today I sat down to figure it out. I tried this, I tried that. And finally I though to try reconnecting the wireless. I deleted it from the network and rebuilt the connection and BAM! working like a champ.

Oh and then I found a little app that sync's up my Chrome browser with the browser on the Fire. Another problem fixed.


Days like this

It's just after 10 am. And so far, the most perfect day.

I got to the restaurant and found easy parking. The outside tables were pretty full but inside, where I like to sit, was not crowded at all. I usually get one of their tiny tables for two but today I got a giant booth all for me. Breakfast was delicious.

On to Trader Joe's. Again Very easy parking in a lot that rarely has much at all. Inside was not at all crowded. The music was perfect (I LOVE the music at Trader Joe's.) I found everything I wanted and passed on a couple of things I didn't need but would have gotten had I not just had breakfast!

On to Safeway. Again, easy parking and checkout people who weren't yet pissed at the day.

On the way home as I sailed passed the baseball stadium where some folks were gathering but no crowd yet, Google Music's I Feel Lucky Play list started up Van Morrison's Days Like This.

Yes, indeedy... Days Like this are just sooooo nice.

Now I'm home and the groceries are put away.  All is excellent-o.

Mr. Mercedes

I am not a big Stephen King fan. I love his writing. I hate his plots. Supernatural does not do it for me.

I caught a couple of reviews of his latest - Mr. Mercedes - that expressed disappointment at the lack of a supernatural element. So I bought it immediately. And wow.

It's a great read. Best I can figure out, it is not a series, so all characters are expendable which makes the suspense even more suspenseful. I'm actually listening to the audiobook version. I have 3 hours left and it's all I can do not to just devote the next 3 hours to finding out what happens.  But, I want to stretch it out as long as possible.

Plus, I'm hungry. So I think rather than firing it up for more right now, I'm going to go out for breakfast. It's too early for a lot of my favorite places and for that new place I still want to try, so I think I'll go to Luna's in West Seattle.  I can have some breakfast and then hit Trader Joe's and still get home before the baseball game traffic.

So... that's the plan for this morning...

Time Marches on...

I moved into this condo in January of 1992. It was really December but the very tail end. Every day was something new in the 'hood. My terrace overlooked the Kingdome and the Kingdome parking lot and across it, the gravelly junk yards on the other side of the train station before Chinatown.

My Mom was coming to visit that July. She was actually coming to visit my sister but it was handy to stop here for the night on the way to visit The Daughter Who Provided Grandchildren.  (My sister, with whom I have not spoken - by choice - in a decade, lives 2.5 hours north of here.)

Anyway... Mom was supposed to get here on Friday night and I was ready. The house was clean, the fridge was stocked and I was ready. And Daddy called to say there was a problem with her plane and she was coming on Saturday instead.  Shortly thereafter, I noticed commotion on the street below my condo. I called my friend from work, Nancy, and said that there was action down here and I had cold beer and needed company so I didn't mess up the house. She came right over.

The commotion was the Seafair fun run which started and ended just under my terrace. We drank cold beer and cheered the runners. Then the parade that had started downtown came to my house. It marched right across the parking lot and around the Kingdome before it ended in the parking lot on the other side.

When it got dark, Nancy and I took lawn chairs and went down to the street to watch the lighted parade go by. It was wonderful and amazing.

And the years went by.  They built really nice looking buildings in the gravel pits between me and Chinatown. Oh and they renamed Chinatown to the International District. They tore down the Kingdome and built a football stadium and an exhibition center. So the parade started ending before it actually got to the parking lot.  But still some bands kept going and it was fun to watch.  Then they built a building the parking lot...

Tonight, I can kind of hear some of the bands but I can't see them.  It's ok. I have great memories of the way it used to be and I really like the way the neighborhood is now so as we say... it's all good.


I have a guest/reading bed in a little room at the front of the condo. It is an airbed that I think has a slow leak. I have long hated the bedspread that is now old and faded and covered in cat hair.  I got to thinking that maybe IKEA would have something I could instead of the one I hate so I looked online to get an advance peek and see what they had size wise. And then I remembered a quilt I have that has a pattern on one side (which will not do at all)  but is navy blue on the other.  I dug it out and replaced the one I hate and it totally works!!!  I love shopping in my house. Delivery is fast and the prices are great!

Home where it's warming up...

My swim was good. There's a woman who often swims on Saturdays and is very chatty and fun. I have no clue what her name is but we finish about the same time and so chat a little.  Today she was remarking on what a great swim day it was "no crowds and my cast of favorites was all here."   It's funny. Lane swimming is very singular.  I get in and swim my mile and get out. I might stop a time or two to adjust earphones or clear out goggles but never for longer than necessary. No swimmer visits. I rarely end up in the locker room with people I know so there's no exchange there... I mean it's a solitary thing.

And. Yet. I know exactly what she means and feel exactly the same way. It's comforting and nice to have people you come to know and/or recognize swimming around you. Makes no sense but there it is.

I also found out that she is a linguist. I've never known a linguist before. She explained that her brand is of the how people think of the words that they use kind of linguist.  FASCINATING! And very cool to know.

After swimming, I headed over to Office Max to drop off my FedEx package - the Dell tablet off for warranty repair.  On the list of things that Dell is handling poorly in this whole deal is a rather humorous typo on the instruction page.  In a run on list of all the places you can drop off the box - mostly various flavors of FedEx offices - there is included, in the middle, Office Mac.  Wonder what ever happened to the Dell Dude.

Most of my out shipping goes via UPS so I drop them off at Office Depot which is about a half mile from Office Mac(x). OD has not very interesting inventory which very very nice people.  OM has much better inventory with a staff that would rather you go somewhere else. Interesting.

I got home without hitting traffic problems but they were starting to mount. Glad I nixed further errands.

At  home, it's hot so the air conditioner is on. Sometimes when I first hit the on button, it wakes with a loud crack. Today Zoey was sitting next to it and jumped. Now it's the usual cooling droning sound and she is stalking it.

Breakfast was good. I'm nearly out of bacon. And the only kind I really like is at Costco. So it looks like that's on the list for next week.

As soon as I finish my coffee, I need to clean the kitchen and then update the music on my swimming Shuffle and get it charged. And then it will about baseball game time.

Saturday randoms

I did sleep well last night but I was busy. I start off sleeping with my head raised and my feet raised a little. Then, in the night, my back complains so I go to flat. And after an hour or two my nose clogs and then my mouth becomes a painful desert so I raise the head of the bed a bit again and that fixes that.

You'd think with all this up and down (combined with trips to pee and drinks of water) would not be conducive to a good night's sleep but I enjoy it. I love the feeling of being a little awake in the middle of the night and scrunching down to bring sleep back again.  And, it was cool enough to be comfortable.

Today will likely heat up enough that it will be time to turn the air conditioner back on until we get cool again.  The next 10 days look too warm for me and mostly cloudless but not africa hot.

Today is swimming - in an hour.  Then I think I might go over to West Seattle for breakfast and a grocery store run.  Or I might not.  There is a city wide run this morning - mainly at the other end of town. Then there's a big night time parade through downtown. And in between is a home Mariners game.  So traffic, around town, will be mostly fucked.  I might trade the West Seattle plan for Beacon Hill which would make getting home more better maybe or I'll just play it safe and come on home. There's nothing I really desperately need at the grocery anyway.  And I have stuff here to make good breakfast.

Skipping ahead to next week, I think I'm going to go to IKEA on Monday. I need 5 flat white sheets and theirs are by far the cheapest and a better size for my project than regular twin bed sizes. In my bedroom, I have two sets of closets that have curtains instead of doors. The curtains are shear and are backed by white sheets. The shears need washing and the sheets need replacing. So that's my project du next week.  I think I'll probably head down to get there for free Monday breakfast before the store doors open.

I just realized I forgot to do my plank yesterday. I guess we'll call that my rest day.

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Kitten/cat/dog thoughts

Our condo rules confine pet ownership to two pets. Until Betty died nearly a year ago, I've always had two cats.  A couple of months before she died, I got Zoey.  When I brought Zoey home, she had patches of fur missing and she was super skinny. Then Betty died and more fur went missing.  And then, about six months later, there was no fur missing at all and she looked like she had never missed a meal.

We've grown used to each other. She comes when I call her name. She cuddles when she wants to, which is often.  She rarely hides. I know her spots. She follows me from room to room.  And makes sure I'm always fine and dandy.  She plays with toys and sprinkles them all over. She is particularly fastidious about ensuring anything that can be knocked to the floor, is.  She has a job and takes it seriously and she has fun.

When I think about getting a kitten or another cat, I think about how that synergy would be interrupted. What if she just hated the other cat? What if the other cat made her miserable?

I think if she were bored or boring, I might feel differently but for now, I think as long as she is spry and interested and interesting, we'll just be us.

I'd love to have a dog. But I really think my having a dog would be really unfair to the dog. And probably to Zoey for the reasons outlined above.

So this entry is the one that I will keep in mind next time I come across an 'adopt me' pet wagon like today.

Glad I went, glad I'm home.

It's the kind of day that is too hot in the sun and if you catch a breeze, it's chilly enough to need long sleeves.  Borderline good for my outing.  I left the house a little after 9 and so missed rush hour. The bus was full but not horrible and air conditioned. The bus let me off 3 blocks from where the fair was (parking garage for a downtown mall).

It was huge. Booth after booth after booth of mostly beautiful things. The places to sit and rest were all in one place at the far end. I would have been far better off had I been able to take a load off and breathe for a bit.  But, my hips were also screaming, I don't know what that was about.  As with any outing I have to judge how much juice I have left in the tank to make sure I have enough to get home. I'm not good at that.  Finally, though, I realized that I had seen a lot and probably enough and was hungry and thirsty.  They had food booths but nothing looked good and there was no place to take the food and sit and eat it.

So I found a teriyaki place on the phone a few blocks from where I was and from where the bus stop was and enjoyed a lovely lunch in air conditioning with my book to keep me company.

Then a long wait for the bus back. When I got off at my stop, some dude from the local Humane Society had a truck set up for pet adoptions. I very nearly brought home a kitten.

But, I got home, kittenless but fine.  I have no stamina but things could be worse. And I am sure that I will sleep well tonight!

I'm resting now so I can do my plank. I started doing a plank-a-day a week ago. I did 20 seconds at first. Now I'm up to 30. The plan is to do a 60 second plank every day for a week then a 60 second side plank a day for a week and then a 60 second other side plank a day for a week and then go back to the regular planks.


I just heard on NPR that there is a move to ban smoking on the coastline of Oregon - on the actual beach. We've come a long way, baby.  I remember ash trays in grocery stores and people using the floor for the butts instead.  I remember getting yelled at once while waiting in line to pay for cigarettes. I was probably 14/15 at the time and the lady behind me in line was really upset because I was buying cigarettes made in Virginia instead of our home state of North Carolina.

Probably because of the 40 years I smoked cigarettes, I no longer have the lungs to smoke the now legal weed. Now, that's fitting punishment, I think.


I am off to the Bellevue Art Museum fair today. The sun is out which would normally discourage me but it's still cool enough to go and I do have a new sun hat. And, if it's too hot, I can just come on home.


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Go or no go

The Bellevue Art Museum is a museum of art, craft and design and I love it. They have a giant fair every year. I have been when it's been wonderful and I have been when it's been meh. It's this weekend and starts tomorrow. I'm trying to decide whether or not to go.

There is a relatively easy bus to take - minimal walking from here to the bus and after. Runs every 15-20 mins so minimal waiting on either end.  It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow but not a whole lot of warmer. And a lot of the fair is open air which generally means, hopefully, breezy.

I got nothing else on the agenda and will be done and home from swimming in time to come home and rest and get organized and still head out for the bus in the morning.

There is really no reason for me not to go and still I find myself on the fence. What if I get there and find I can't really walk around enough to enjoy it or what if I get there and it's meh or what if I fall or what if...  Why not just stay home where I have plenty to entertain me and it's safe.

That last paragraph is so lame that I think I'll just keep it and keep reading it as an incentive to get myself out the door to the fair tomorrow.

Today is swimming at 11. I don't really have any errands that need doing and I am trying to clean out my refrigerator and freezer so am making meals out of what is already there instead of adding to it. So I think it's going to be a simple leave for swim and home after swim.

There's a baseball game tonight and bears and squares to create.

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Tracking the progress

As I suspected, dealing with Dell to get my under warranty tablet was as painful as dealing with HP's warranty service was delightful. I have now created a timeline with notes of each offense for my own amusement and in case I actually do need it.  They are sending a box. As soon as this thing gets fixed, I'm selling it.  And, Dude, this is my last Dell.

So, since my only other Windows machine (the rest are Chromebooks or Android devices) is my desktop, I'll have to use it for iTunes.  I hate hate hate the idea of contaminating my PC with iTunes but it's the only way I can maintain my Shuffle for swimming.  At least, at this point, I have installed and uninstalled and reinstalled the stupid software enough times that I understand how to set preferences to at least mitigate the take over and cut down on some of the nagorithmics.  Still, I so hate that Piece Of Crap.

And the Mariners lost ... again ... to the Mets.  Ugh.

And my lungs are having a not great day. I'm sucking down my inhaler and taking my CoughNoMore pills but it's not working all that well.  At least I have no where I have to go and noting I have to do.  And I can go to be early if I want. And just sleep it better.

On the very very very up side, it's been a gloriously wonderful rainy day today.  It feels like everything got washed. And it's chilly. I just had to shut the door! Well, except for a crack. It was either that or go find my slippers or some socks.  What a magnificent middle of the Summer gift. I love it. And if I do go to bed early, I know I'll be able to comfortably snuggle under the covers.

So... to sum up... bitch, moan, bitch, moan, bitch, moan, yeah!!!

Woooo hooo!!! RAIN!!

We do not get much rain in the Summer and even after 22 years here, it still seems unnatural. I love rain but I really really love Summer rain and today we have some.  And it's wonderful. When I left the house this morning for the pool, I realized that this was the first time since spring that I have had to have my lights on when I go to the pool. A great sign on it's own.

Half way there, it started raining - big old ploppy rain drops. So nice. And it is still going now.

My swim was good even though it was interrupted have way through with a not so nice little coughing fit which was exacerbated by the realization that I did not have my rescue inhaler with me - even in the car. I finally got past it and was able to finish my mile  with easy breathing and no coughing. Whew.

Today's adventure is sending a piece of technology back due to power port issues. Deja Vu!! This time it's my Windows tablet. And the company is Dell and I'm thinking they are going to be the opposite of HP to deal with. Starting with no email service for this kind of warranty issue.  Blech. As soon as I get it fixed, I'm selling it. It's too fiddly and not worth the hassle.

The baseball today is an afternoon game which will be nice for a change.

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Just now, I was watching/listening to the webcam in my brother's shop. He was talking to one of the newer techs about best practices on the phone. All day long they get calls from people who are so frustrated with their computers that calling a stranger for help is their only option. We have all been there and it's not pretty.

He was talking about how to turn a frustrated customer into a happy one with patience and understanding and careful listening. It was good stuff.

But, then he said that the real key was how you answer the phone in the first place. Your tone of voice is so important. It can make the whole call better if the tone you use to answer is welcoming and inviting.

Pretend that every call coming in is a call from someone you really want to talk to - someone you are really interested in talking to.

"A trick I use is to pretend that every call coming in is a call from my sister who is someone I always want to talk to."

Awwww but, really, that is such great advice!  


Last night, air conditioner off, was almost too hot for sleeping. Today, I the air conditioner goes back on. I'm grateful to have it. The electric bill wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.  We've got maybe another 6 weeks, maybe not even that much, of weather that could get too hot.  I think I can make it.

I had to send my new chromebook off to HP for a warranty repair.  It's currently out for delivery. The issue was a very loose power port/plug. The process of getting the fix was pretty amazing in its efficiency. I sent the first 'my under warranty, laptop has an issue' email on Sunday, July 13. They sent me a box, I packed it up and sent it off, they fixed it and sent it back. 9 days total.  And of those 9 days, I was without it for only a week. I gotta say, for a $200 refurbished machine that's pretty impressive. Oh and, not once, in this process have I had to talk to anyone on the phone, much less wade through a telephone tree or kill time on hold.  I will absolutely remember this next time I'm faced with a decision and HP is in the mix of choices.


My brother has 4 computer repair techs in his employ. The oldest one is 26 and they are all of the male persuasion. They are all smart and good workers but so young and on their own for the first time and riddled with dept. One of them has 3 cars and two motorcycles and none of them work. They don't date, they play with computers/cars/games in their off hours.  He says it's like running a day care some days.  But he always says this very fondly. He told them last week that he had scheduled a photographer for this Wednesday so they could have new staff pictures for their website. This weekend they all - with no prompting from him at all - got their hair cut.  I think that's just adorable.


I need paper towels. And I have CD's to return to the library. And a package to drop off for UPS at Office Depot.  All of this will be done on the way to swimming at 11.

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This new project makes me happy. I love the colors and the color combinations and I love how pretty leftovers can become.


My swim this morning was even better than usual. I had some new music on my Shuffle and the water just felt so good.

I've got nothing going on today. It looks like it will be our last day of cool so I feel like I should do something to take advantage.

I think I'll start with changing the sheets on the bed and doing some laundry.  That may be followed by a Costco run.  And I need gas.  Those are two things I really hate to do when it's hot.   There... I now have a plan. Whew.

Also I got a $15 bill from my doctor from the visit last May.  The policies of my insurance seem pretty straight forward. The charts of what they will pay and won't pay are clear.  But the info in those charts does not come close to matching their Explanation of Benefits statements. I have tried and tried to understand and have failed.  Happily, so far, my out of pocket has turned out to total about $20 a quarter which is lovely.  But, in the back of my mind, I think that my not understanding could lead to a big $hock at some point.

But, then, I think, at my age, why worry. So I don't. I'm just happy I have a doctor I love, a disease that is not horrible, easy access to drugs and insurance that costs me next to nothing.

And a beautiful, cool, cloudy day ahead of me.

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Or maybe not + feeding the reading beast

I was starving. I looked at the clock. It was not yet 9. I looked at the brunch place's website to make sure it opened at 10.  Nope, 10:30.  Fuck that.

I made myself an absolutely delicious breakfast and ate it. And it's still and hour away from the French place's opening. Ha!


I've been thinking a lot about book reading and book acquisition and book formats. I love Kindle reading but audiobooks are so satisfying. Years ago my brother once talked about wishing he could listen to an audiobook and then pick up the word version and start reading from the point he had stopped listening. And then Amazon invented that. If you buy the Kindle book, you get a deal on the audible copy. But, if you are an Audible subscriber, it's not that great a deal.  Plus, my Paperwhite doesn't do audio.

And then some things happened. I sold my Kindle Fire (which was way too heavy and futzy) for way more money than I expected. So I bought a Fire HDX which I assumed would be as futzy and I'd send it back. But, turns out, it is not at all. It's a lovely little tablet that is quite nice to use!  And it does both the Kindle books as well as the Audible books.  (So does my phone but this is bigger.)

Amazon came out with it's $10 a month lending club. From a special catalog, you can borrow up to 6 books at a time. And some of those books are Whispersync!  So you get both the audio and the print!! But, $10 a month? Really? Most of the books on my wish list aren't on the Unlimited list.

I pay Audible $23 a month for 2 book credits. But... if I went to one book credit a month for $15, then the Amazon deal would be only $2 more and I'd get way more...  SCORE!!!

Plus, I still have the library. There was a book I wanted today. I only want the reading version, not the audio for this one - The Mockingbird's Neighbor - about the author's own time with the reclusive Harper Lee. It's not on the Unlimited list BUT I can check out the Kindle version from the Seattle Library.

I'm a TV addict. My parents never let us watch TV as a kid on a school night (Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color and Bonanza - both on Sundays - were the exception) and I swore when I grew up, I'd watch as much TV as I wanted. And I have. But, I find I want less. And, with baseball, I have less time for regular TV anyway. And I'm enjoying books more.

So more books, more choices, I love living in now.

Chairful of Bears

Since my monthly bear delivery deal is gone, so, too, is the monthly photo.  So.... My new plan is to snap a picture every time the chair gets filled up.  

Sunday Sunday

About 8 weeks ago I had my last doctor visit. My hands and arms were crowded with severe and ugly Senile Pupura bruises. He told me to cut my daily aspirin and Vitamin D into every other day. It was kind of a spaghetti move - let's toss this on the wall and see if it works. I was happy to try anything.

Now... 8 weeks later, I'm thinking the spaghetti may well have stuck.

One whole arm and hand is nearly bruise free.  The other hand and arm has a fair number of the bruises but they are very small and very light colored. You could almost not notice them and if you did notice, they don't look like skin cancers at all.

I'm delighted!

I'm wondering about jwg. When last heard from, he was having a semi successful fight with his hospital bed. I am never terribly comfortable when someone in the hospital goes radio silent. I wonder if the bed turned on him after all.

There's a french restaurant not too far from here that has just started serving Sunday brunch. I think, this morning, I'm going to give their Croque Madame a test drive. They don't open until 10 and there's an event at the baseball stadium which could make getting home after a bit of a challenge but I'm going to chance it.  I've got a couple of hours to kill til 10.

It's marvelously wonderfully cool. I slept oh so comfortably last night without the air conditioner even on.  Ahhhhhhh.  And the next couple of days will be the same.  Nice. So. Nice.

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I had a great swim. The pool was amazingly quiet in the absence of the hoards from last night.  After my swim, I stopped at the library and then went to 'the other' Grocery Outlet. It has different inventory, sometimes, than mine does and I wanted eggs so I figured I'd pick them up there and see if there was anything interesting... I found a few things and then came on home.

Once here, I did stuff. I put away the groceries, hung up my suit and towel to dry, cleaned up the kitchen. Then I did the rather convoluted process of moving the music from the library onto my iPod Shuffle ready for swimming on Monday.  And I made cookies.  Yes, I did. From one of those packets - chocolate chip and walnut. They are cooling and I haven't tasted them yet but I can say that the dough was delicious.

It is cool enough today to heat the oven for cookies and to even have the door to the outside open.  LOVELY.

I washed the cookie making dishes and did more little things here and there. I feel all productive and tidy.

In the mail today was a lovely flyer from Pramila Jayapal - from the family of LJ's own kyana!


Most of the time when I go to my pool, there are less than 20-30 people there - total including swimmers, maintenance people, lifeguards and administration. On a crowded day you can add 20 kids.

Last night, at the three team swim meet, for most of the time there were 200-300 kids all with parents and officials in the same space - which is a large body of water surrounded by concrete. Most of the time all of the people were screaming support to the swimmers. It was loud.But, it was fun.

There were 72 races - relays and singles. Kids as young as 7 up to 18. And their parents. It was a very excited atmosphere and, often during the evening, adorably cute.

The swimmers with the most and the loudest cheers were those who were left in the middle of the pool after everyone else had finished.  As they made their way to the end as fast as they could, which was not fast, every single person parents, officials, all other swimmers cheered them on to the edge and then, as they climbed out, gave them a wild round of applause.

It started at 6 and I was on my way home by 9:45. Almost all of the lifeguards I see all time, were there and all were very impressed that I was. I had a really good time. If they want/ask, I'd be happy to do it again.


I got home and the baseball game was still going - tied 2-2 in the 7th inning. I watched until the 12th inning. Then I went to sleep and woke up again in the 14th inning which was still tied. I went back to sleep and woke up to pee about 2 am. My phone told me that we lost in the 16th. So glad I did not stay up to watch.


Today I go back to the pool at 8:30 for my own swim.  And then stop at the library for a pick up and then, if I'm hungry, I might find a place for breakfast/brunch.  And/or I may make a grocery stop. Or I may just come on home. Tomorrow I have my eyes on a French place that just started serving brunch on Sundays. So I may just hold off on dining fancy until tomorrow.

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Yesterday was weird. I felt out of place and disconnected all day. I think it was probably because my schedule was changed and there was a large chunk of time that involved talking to other people.  Neither is really, any more, a skill group!

I met with pool pals for lunch and while it was out of my comfort zone, I really enjoyed it.  We were 6 and very chatty. None of the rest had been to the little restaurant and I had only been there for breakfast. We were late enough in the afternoon that there weren't a lot of other customers. The service was really slow BUT our waiter was tremendous fun.  And, when he finished taking care of all of the particular nit picking wishes of six women, and one of them sent the check back asking for individual checks, he replied, with a smile "Of course! Be right back." He got - at least from me - a HUGE tip.

Today is another day with an actual event in it. The swim meet I volunteered to help with. I figure I'll leave here about 4 and go pick up drive through snack/dinner and head on over.  I'm looking forward to it.

Neighbor Ann was here yesterday. She wasn't here long and I tried to be nice but about 4 sentences in, she was explaining that she had learned to say that Ron died "because if you use the term 'pass', the Mexican's don't know what you are saying."  Apparently a lot of customer service people at the places she is having to talk to are Mexican, I guess. I didn't ask. She's quite busy moving everything from Ron's name to hers.  As she left she said "Oh and Tija is teaching me the www stuff so you are off the hook for now." I said a prayer of thanks.  (Tija is another neighbor who is very kind and patient with a lot of tolerance - the anti-me.)

I'm listening to Mr. Mercedes - by Stephen King. I am a sucker for his story telling but not so much for his stories. I don't like the supernatural stuff but I understand that this book is mostly not. So far, it's quite engaging.