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The gym (pool) did't open until 8 today but I was in the pool first. It was full for most of my hour but as I was getting out several more folks were coming in. I was kind of surprised. Wonder what tomorrow will be like, pool population wise. The gym will be open normal hours tomorrow so maybe not so bad.

The lack to traffic was heaven.

I came home and had eggs and bacon and toast for breakfast. Nice.

Now the kitchen needs cleaning up and hen I think there will be some sewing.  I saw a cute little zippered earbud pouch that I want to try. I need to make new Croc liners and no telling what all else will happen while I'm back there.

I have zero interest in the Macy's Parade this year.

For years it was my parade. My first time was, I was told, when I was nearly 1. I was an only child and we lived in Brooklyn. My own memory is a little foggy :)

As a family, we watched it on TV every single year no matter where we lived. But, then, when I was in college, my parents moved back to New York. Manhattan this time. When I came home for Thanksgiving, Daddy and I went every time. Everyone else stayed home and watched it on TV but Daddy and I made it an outing and included stopping in various places along the way to compare bloody mary's.

I made watching it on TV a big part of my Thanksgiving on my own for years but, in the past few years have been less and less interested. Today, I won't even turn it on. I'm sure it will be great. But, I've got other fish to fry!

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The round up

slinkslowdown had a great idea and suggested others join in so I am... Here's a round up of me. I try to be explicit and descriptive so even those skimming can follow along but I write this journal for me and sometimes forget that others are reading (sorry).

Please never hesitate to ask anything.

1. First name: Susan

2. Age: 66 - March 28, 1949

3. Location: Seattle, WA (Pioneer Square - moved here in 1992 after living all over the country)

4. Occupation: Retired. I was a corporate executive speech writer for many years and then a web producer for the last 20 before I retired.

5. Partner: None.

6. Kids: None. Never wanted any.

7. Brothers/Sisters: I have a younger sister with whom I have no contact (my choice) and a younger brother with whom I am fairly close. (My parents are both dead and my only other family is a cousin who is older and living in Oklahoma City.)

8. Pets: A black cat named Zoey who is about 7ish.

9. List the 3 biggest things going on in your life:

- I love knitting and sewing and spend a lot of my days doing both
- I love swimming and try to do 2,000 yards every day (and am so grateful that I have easy access to a great pool)
- I am fairly healthy mentally and physically but am well aware that most of my life is behind me. If I died tonight, it would be fine. I've had a better life than most and there's no reason to get greedy.

Come on into my house!!

meowmensteen started it. Here's my house.

First, here's my house in 2005. I went from builder white to OMGwherearemysunglasses. (Here's the full report now more than a decade old.)

TL;dr - the photo album on Flickr

The long version...Collapse )

OMG it really did work

I just picked up 90 days worth of all my drugs - blood pressure (2), cholesterol, COPD (2), plus gout and cough pills. Easy peasy and so good on so many levels.

1. All my recurring prescriptions can now be refilled on the same day. This is a huge convenience. Dealing with Walgreens online and having each of 5 drugs refilled at a different time was a royal PIA.

2. My copay for about $1,500 worth of stuff was $10.28. With my old insurance and Walgreens, even on the other side of the Medicare donut hole, my copay would have been at least $100 may be more.

3. I still have a couple of months worth in house so... I won't have to get any more until about May. So, unless things change, I could get out of next year with the lowest drug bill in forever.

I love my new insurance!!!

??? and my 15 seconds of fame

I was in the locker room at the gym this morning after my swim when I ran into a regular who complimented my suit and added 'Another day, another suit!' Just then a woman wrapped in a towel appeared from another part of the locker room and said with massive delight "Oh! I want to see the woman with the suits!! I heard that you make your own and wear a different one every day. Is that true?" I allowed as how it was and I immediately had a gaggle of women around me asking questions. It was simply hilarious.

My 15 seconds of fame.

Last weekend, I decided not to wait on my prescriptions and sent a list to my doctor asking him to send them all to the little compound pharmacy there in his building. I figured once he did, I'd call them with the new insurance info. I asked, in my note, that he let me know when he'd done it. He nearly always replies anyway. But, this time he didn't. So I decided to call the pharmacy to make sure they didn't have the prescriptions.

Turns out that 1. They had them and 2. They are ready and 3. They knew about my new insurance. That last part is wild because I have not used my new insurance anywhere. I guess it's tied to my social security number. Very efficient and easy and wild.

So... I'll be off to the pharmacy here in a little bit.

No sign of the house cleaner. Maybe she's coming next week. Maybe she's late. Actually makes no diff to me either way.

Zoey is making me crazy this morning. She's got massive ants in her pants... but no ants and no pants but she's all over the place and meowing her little cat head off.

meowmensteen yesterday posted pictures of her house and invited others to do the same. I have had "photo document" house on my list of things to do since forever and this is a perfect time to do it. So that's project today... after my drug run.

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The iPod people said they would send me a replacement right away if I send them the tracking number for my return. So I packaged it up and put on my coat and hit the streets to the post office. It's massively windy out and the sun was out but not glaring so it wasn't too bad.

But, when I got to the post office, I found a surprise. The post office was gone. It's in the same historic building since forever. The rumor circulated months ago that they were going to shut it down. It's a tiny tiny branch these days anyway so I wasn't surprised. But today the sign said 'moved' and, turns out, they moved only a couple of blocks!

They moved into the old clog shop. I bought a lot of clogs in that shop over the years but they closed down about 5 years ago or more. I think the owner was from Lebanon and went home. Anyway, they completely refitted the space and it's still tiny but now tiny and new. Cute.

And I got my walk in!

I made another pocketbook today. I cut yesterday's up for parts. This one is much better. Bear time.


Yesterday I expected a crowd at the pool and there was none. Turns out they were waiting for today! Today it was packed. I was able to get in a good swim, though. My iPod Shuffle has a dying battery. It's "15 hour" battery is now down to 2. It's the one I bought in August so, hopefully, Underwater Audio will replace it without a lot of hassle.

I spent all day yesterday making a bag from a tablecloth I picked up at Goodwill. Turns out it was a bit of a fail. I tried some stuff that did not work at all but live and learn. I can make the corrections on the next one. I do love the fabric and I have plenty left. So really no harm, no fowl (hahahahaha)

My Mormon Funeral Potatoes turned out perfectly. And I have three more dinner's worth! I've never tried freezing it after the first bake. So I stuck one of the 3 into the freezer to test.

Nothing big on the agenda - actually nothing on the agenda at all. I think the house cleaner is coming tomorrow but I offered to have her push a week if she didn't want to work the day before Thanksgiving. She didn't respond so she may or may not show. I could find out for sure but, honestly, I don't care and either way is fine.

I have nothing planned for Thanksgiving - other than the usual. The pool will be open which will be a treat. Especially with no traffic. The city pools (where I swam last year) close Thursday and Friday. My gym closes early on holidays but early is like 6 pm. They open at the regular time and my swim time is totally unaffected. Yeah!

I do need to go make up my bed. I usually make it up before I go to the pool but this morning, Miss Zoey was all tangled up in the comforter and I didn't have the heart to mess with her nest. But now she's out and about so time to go fix.

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No Scent... what a nice surprise

So after my rash order of all things Curel Itch Relief, it dawned on me that I might have been a hair rash... what if the stuff stinks? The cream and the body wash just arrived and 1. so far, it's working!! and 2. It does not stink... it has no scent at all which is just delightful! I'm really anxious to try the body wash. Tomorrow...

There was a knock on my door today and there was Hunter from next door. He was apologizing for now having cookies... while he was handing me a PIE!!! Seriously, that guy can have whatever volume he wants.

He said it is a new recipe for him - molasses pumpkin. I just had a sliver because I couldn't wait for after dinner and that man knows pie. It is just delicious. Delicious!! He is a keeper. I need to dig into my stationery drawer and find a lovely thank you card.

I bitched on Google+ today about all of the stores around here being out of the 16 oz Diet Dr Pepper for the past few months. Nearly immediately, I got a Tweet from Dr Pepper wanting me to send a Direct Message, which I did. Then they sent an 800 number for me to call. NOPE. I replied that I don't do phone and they didn't need that anyway, just put the fucking stuff on the shelves! Geesh.

Zoey is in her fish bed in the sewing room alternatively watching me sew and snoozing. A lovely way to spend the day.

Thank you, Washington State!

At the grocery store this morning, I noticed my drivers license was gone. I keep my debit card, credit card and drivers license all together in one spot in my purse. One of the cards fell out into the cart and I found it and when I put it back, that's when I discovered the license gone. It may be in the house hiding but I can't find it. I took a flashlight to the car. No joy.

My money says it fell out of my purse somewhere. I rarely every use/need it but figure the first time I try to drive without it, I'll be hauled in to do hard time. What a PIA. When I got home I googled replacing my drivers license. I have one of those enhanced ones that lets me into Canada and back so I figured it would be a BFD to get it replaced.

So wrong. It couldn't be easier. 3 minutes to fill out a very very short form and $20. I printed out a temp and a replacement will be in the mail. It would have been far more of a hassle to replace the debit or credit card. Wow.

I expected the pool to be crowded today with people home for the holidays so I got their early. There were two of us and we both finished up about 9 am. By 9:05, the pool had gone from empty to full. Timing.

Traffic, however, was solidly easy breazy. I think it's going to be a great week for coming and going to the pool.

After the pool, it was on to the grocery store. I wanted to get in and out with what I need for the week rather than fight off the Thanksgiving crowds. I've been jonesing for some Mormon Funeral Potatoes for a while now so I picked up the ingredients needed for those and a few other things and came on home.

The glare-y sun is gone for a couple of days which means also gone are my excuses for not going out for a walk some time today. But, first I think I'll go work on my next new pocket book.

The last suit... at least for a while...

I think it is my favorite... so far

Sewing is interesting. I make a lot of sewing mistakes and end up having to pick stitches out so I can redo. Normally this is not an issue but with swimsuits it's a total PIA. 1. I use a smallish zigag stitch so it will move with the stretch of the fabric, not break and not come out. and 2. The thread is really hard to see against the spandex. Plus, you are spending time with your errors, wallowing in the proof of your own imperfections.

While I was picking out stitches I felt so tired, my back ached, I swore I was going to just put this down and go do something else and come back to it another day. But I kept at it. Then, when I was doing sewing, in other words, moving forward on the project, I was all energized. No back ache, not tired, planning whether my first wear would be the green side or the print side.

Funny how the old brain works. I am grateful that it still does!

Close call of the nobigdeal variety

When I got done with my swim, I thought about maybe dropping by the drugstore, and/or the grocery store but first going someplace for breakfast. But, by the time I got to my car, I just headed home. About half way there I realized that I had just dodged a bullet. It's a Seahawks home game day and the mayhem had already started. I got to my garage with only a little bit of hassle but had I not headed home promptly, I'd really have been hosed.

Earlier in the week I scored some not great but totally acceptable really cheap lox and I had tomatoes so today's breakfast was a bagel, split, buttered and broiled until the butter was doing a little yellow/tan dance on top of the bagel. Then I slathered it with cream cheese and tossed on some capers, then lox, then topped it with sliced tomatoes. Really quite delicious.

In my effort to spend less to no money, I just bought a theater ticket! Which I never do. But there's a new musical about all the planes and people diverted to Newfoundland that I really want to see and twitter had a bit of a rave about this production and there are weekend matinees not on holiday weekends and I can get there by bus fairly easily and I got a first row balcony for cheap. So... I spent the $.

But, back to the swim. I wore the tanktini I made. It worked better than I thought it would but I remember when I don't like two piece suits. They are just too much bother for no extra reward. But, if I ever get a spot where a one piece would rub me and aggravate it (which has happened), I now have a solid alternative.

I have one more suit cute out to sew up today and then I think I'm going to take a suit making break.

I watched the most interesting documentary last night from HBO. The Diplomat was about a man I had been only vaguely aware of, who served the state department and various other governmental bodies from before the Vietnam War through Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State. It was made by his son and it turned out to be quite fascinating.

Today will be sewing and TV watching and maybe a stroll around the building. The sun is way too glare-y to go outside plus the 'hood is wracked with football whackos. Inside is so much better anyway.

Target marketing

I slathered my back (with the help of a sponge on a giant stick) with lotion and have been mostly itch free all afternoon which is heaven. Just now I was watching last week's Grey's Anatomy and there's a commercial for Itch Relief!! Curel... heaven. I broke speed records logging onto my Amazon account. Come Monday, I will have:

Screenshot 2015-11-21 at 4.31.31 PM Screenshot 2015-11-21 at 4.31.19 PM

My back feels better already and so do my arms and legs just knowing help is on the way. If it's a scam, maybe my brain will fall for it anyway. Maybe I will survive this winter after all. Maybe. Now back to Grey's Anatomy. I have never really liked this show and yet I have never missed an episode. Weird.


I had a lovely swim this morning. Dark goggles make such a huge difference.  The sun's glare hits about 15 minutes into my swim these days so being able to switch to them is great.

I came straight home and fixed a sizeable breakfast. So... next up is kitchen clean up. There turned out to be no laundry yesterday and so now it's over due.  And then sewing. The two piece suit is probably not going to be a keeper.  But, no biggie, I'm not big on two piece suits anyway.  I'll finish it and give it a trial swim. I need to sew on the trim around the arms, legs and neck.

My back is just an itch farm these days. I don't know if it's dry skin or what but whatever it is is making me crazy. I have a regularly scheduled appointment with my doctor in December. Itchy back is going to be the lead in my answer to 'do you have any current issues we need to address?'

My big fear is that the answer is the bromine in the pool or something else that will come between me and swimming. If that's the case then I will need to figure out how I can living with the itching.

It's sunny and cold out today. But nice and warm in here.

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Happy Holidays to Moi!

I grew up in Winston-Salem, NC. It was a town settled in the mid 1700's by the Moravians.

This was the 50's and the South so the answers to Who's your Daddy? and What church do you belong to? were un-ironically critical to the social fabric. Religion was not so much religion as a social barometer. Our family attended the First Christian Church. There were a crap ton of Presbyterians and Methodists in town. There were a couple of Catholics and one Jew.

But, starting in November, everyone was Moravian. They had the most beautiful Christmas traditions and food. Their church services - called Love Feasts - were attended by everyone I knew at least once during Christmas. They lit the most marvelously smelling beeswax candles during the service and, actually, served - as part of the service - buns and coffee. (The buns were a tiny bit sweet and the coffee was a heavenly concoction of cream and sugar warmed together and cooked into the coffee). Every home had their cookies and their sugar cakes and their cheese straws.

And, now a half century later, via the magic of the internet and brought today by USPS, I have Moravian treats on my kitchen counter.

On the left is a tin of the oh so thin and delightfully delicious Moravian ginger cookies. Then at the top are two squares (stacked) of Moravian coffee cake which is actually potato/yeast based. So good. Those are the Moravian buns they serve with coffee during the church services. (Even little children get coffee at a Moravian Love Feast - I always felt so grown up sipping and trying not to spill my coffee in church.) And then in the front are cheese stars which are cheese straws in the shape of stars reminecent of the Moravian star which everyone in town hung on the their front poarch in November and December.


I'll freeze one of the sugar cakes an some of the buns and mete out the rest making them last as long as possible. What a wonderful treat!


I need to stop spending. Stop buying swim suit fabric. Stop buying stuff. Stop now. Google has said they are going to come out with a new tablet before "the holidays" and I want to buy it but if I keep frittering away coin, there ain't going to be any left for it.  And, any day now my car's 'time for a checkup' light will come on and this year it's going to be in excess, probably of about $1,500 and our homeowners dues are going up again so come December I'll be paying that bill for next year so stop stop stop spending money!!

After my swim, I did go get more spandex for the lining/solid sides of my next reversible suits. It was through a lot of traffic but before I left West Seattle, I ran by McDonalds and got myself a sausage biscuit and a coffee for the trip. I dearly love that the McDonalds is right across the street from the Holier Than Thou PCC Natural Market. PCC is a large local chain of crunchy granola kale loving but nothing really good to eat grocery stores in Seattle. You turn down this one street and go left if you are hungry and want good tasting... you go right if you are skinny and righteous.  It's one of the few times in my life that I willingly go right.

Today will be a sewing day, I think. I have nothing on the calendar. I have the day to do whatever. Oh, there actually should be some laundry done at some point...

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My fabric arrived and, turns out, I only got 1 yard of the turquoise which is not enough to do a two piece suit. And the print is only 1 yard, too. So tomorrow I'm going back to the outdoor fabric store I went to on Monday and I'll pick up some of their fabulous neon/lime green. I'm not quite sure yet how I will work it all out... print/blue top with blue/green bottom? Maybe?

Here's what the print and the blue look like:

Also in today are two more rather noisy prints. They are going to make fabulous suits.

And, if that's not enough to wake you up, how about this one:

And that may well be the end of the swim suit run. Even <i>I</i> have a limit to how many suits is really too many and I think I'm probably going to hit that about 1 or 2 suits before I finish with the fabric on hand!!  But it really is such fun to swim in suits that feel good and aren't boring looking.

I'm not sure what this was supposed to be. I picked it up at Goodwill. The fabric is cotton and in great shape. 3 different prints. It's going to be reborn into my next bag.

And, finally my giant sized coup... I found a bag of thread. Very good thread. I could tell what the make was while I was there but not much else. When I got home I discovered that it was more than 80 spools of very top quality sewing thread in all kinds of colors. About $200 worth much of it still wrapped in cellophane. I paid $9.99.

I just ran into my next door neighbor. He was leaving and I was coming home. He asked me about the volume and I told him I could hear it sometimes but it was not at all bothersome. He was chagrined. I told him not to worry that the minute it got too loud I would tell him.

He's so very gay and in the most delightful way. He makes cookies!!

"I made you some cookies the other day but it was too late to bring them over so we ate them!" He asked if I like oatmeal butterscotch and I allowed as how I certainly did and was, in fact, pretty much a slut for any kind of home made cookie.

A cookie maker right next door???? Crank up that volume, dude. And pay for it in cookies. We so have a deal.


I wore my inside out suit today and it passed the swim test with flying colors. Someone on the sewing reddit suggested that I try the same trick with a two piece and then I can mix and match. Idea of the week, for sure! I don't have any solid fabric in house today to do it but I have two options coming in that might work. This could be the most fun suit yet.

Since Daylight Saving Time ended, when it's not cloudy out, the sun is really bugging me at the pool. There are giant windows with no shades and the glare is really annoying. Finally yesterday I remember to look and see if I didn't have a pair of goggles that wasn't clear. I have no idea how/why it got there but, I found the perfect pair of reflector TYR's in my stash. Half way through my swim today the stupid sun came out so I slapped those puppies on and saved!!

I also designed a new bag while I was swimming today. I may get a start on it while waiting for more swimsuit fabric.

Last week I was poking around on the post office site looking at tracking options and logged in and found something called Dashboard. It's kind of fiddly to set up but, I ordered something from a site earlier this week that does not provide tracking numbers. This morning I checked that dashboard and there it was!! It tracks all packages being delivered to me automagically! I love that.

Someday someone will have a website that will poll all delivery systems and present me with a dashboard that will include all packages - regardless of carrier - coming to me. With maps and SMS and where the drivers are now once they get to Seattle. This will happen. I just hope I'm around long enough to see it.

It seems like just yesterday you'd get a catalog in the snail mail, call an 800 number to place an order and then wait '6 to 8 weeks' to get it. We thought that was very cool. We were not that bright.

I think I'm going to go through the bedroom this morning and fill the Goodwill bag and take it to the dropoff. I know there are a shitload of old swim suits going into that bag. And then I think I'll swing by Grocery Outlet. They have started carrying a nice selection of those salads that come all ready to assemble and they are $1 cheaper than the other stores.

The cable TV went out last night in the middle of Jeopardy's Double Jeopardy's round. I scoured the internets to make sure it wasn't something on my end. My cable company is a small one so it's not like when Comcast goes out and the internet blows up. But, I did find out pretty quickly that it wasn't me. I've had this cable company now for 10 and a half months and this is the first failure and it lasted 2 and a half hours. And they provide verified access needed to watch shows online at places like ABC.com. I can't be mad but I can be so sorry for their tech and support people. Last night must have been a bitch for them.

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Done... not well, but done

So I finished my reversible swim suit. It was not easy but I got it done. If anyone with great eyesight gets close enough, ugh. But, otherwise, it'll work. More importantly, I figured out the trick and, by the end, kind of got it down so the next one will be a clear winner.

One suit purple and the other the print. That button decoration is the front of the suit. There's a different button on the other side. I think having two suits in one is kind of cool. But, whew! getting there...

Just got a TXT from USPS that they delivered the next fabric! Off to go downstairs to the package room to get it. I think, however, I am done sewing for today.

Wind rest

Today is so amazingly still after yesterday. And there are still leaves on that fucking tree outside my terrace. That thing just taunts me. My swim was great.

How is it that I can love swimming 25 yards, turning around and swimming back and repeat that for 2000 yards happily - no view, nothing new, just back and forth and back and forth without stopping for more than an hour and enjoy every minute of it. And hate a 10 minute walk - find it boring and boorish so much so that I won't even get off my ass to try. Makes no sense to me.

badrobot68 mentioned this morning that there is snow in the 10 day forecast for Portland so I looked and, tada!!!! We have some too! More than we saw all of last year and, I think, the year before. I'm quite jazzed.

I'm off now to go finish off the reversible swimsuit. I have Tim Gunn in head telling me to make it work.

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I think my fitness band is wrong

When you go out and walk around the block on a day when the wind is whipping at high speeds, you should get extra credit for the walk. My fitness band thinks I took a walk on the beach in the sunshine. Byte me.

The ATM I always go to has been changed from my credit union to some bank I never heard of and who wants $3 from me. Bite me.

So, instead of the short walk out to the ATM, I did a full around the block plus to get to ATM #2 which wanted nothing but a video of my adorable face. Thank you, #2 ATM.

And bonus! I'd totally forgotten the cool gloves I bought last year and never got to wear. They are soft knit with that yarn on the finger tips that lets you work your phone. Brilliant move on my part. Even more brilliant, leaving them where I could easily find them this year.

That wind is really whipping still. Whew.

When things don't go right, I quit.

My idea for a reversible swim suit didn't work. My Plan B worked a little better but now great. Plan C, I think, is going to work ok. Not great but ok. But I am too frustrated to do any more today. I didn't even clean up the sewing area. I might later but right now I just quit. Apparently, even in old age, I don't deal with frustration really well.

No big deal. I have a final episode of The Great British Bakeoff I can watch while I knit.

I should go walk and honestly, it's the lazy, not the wind that's standing in my way. I did just do a brief building walk to straighten out my back which is suffering from Frustrating Sewing-itis.