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All Day Long

I feel like every day recently has been taken by some sort of activity, responsibility, promised project. But, today, I have nothing in my way at all. I do need to make a trip to the library but I think that's going to be tomorrow.

Today I'm going to add a pocket to my latest tshirt and sew up the jacket/wrap/sweater thing I cut out the other night. It's a another 'test' of a pattern using my cheap jersey sheets. If it works like I think it will, I plan to make one out of fleece and probably one out of a good knit and maybe even more.

There also may be some laundry done.

And sweater knitting. I tried on the sweater I'd been making last night and decided I didn't like it. I love the yarn. I hated the sweater. So I ripped it all out. Most yarn will rip out so you can reuse it but this stuff rips and recovers better than most so easy peasy. I stared a different pattern reusing the yarn. Way better.

It's beautifully cloudy and almost foggy this morning. No need to even have the blinds down. I maybe even turn off the A/C for a bit and open up the door.

No baseball tonight. Probably more Murder in Suburbia instead. I've discovered that Acorn TV really doesn't have that much that I haven't seen elsewhere. So once I finish off Suburbia, I'll cancel.

When I was a teenager...

Getting a good tan was THE only thing worth spending your time doing in the summer. Golden brown was the holy grail and I didn't know anyone who didn't work on it during every daylight hour.

We would lather up with a mixture of baby oil + iodine which was purported to get you tanned way faster than commercial tanning lotions. And then make sure we spent as much time frying our fronts as our backs and seeing that bathing suit lines were obscured as much as possible. I had fair skin so I usually burned but with effort, I could get a good tan by September.

Sun block? Why in godsname would you even want to do something like that??? That's nuts.

I heard about sun block maybe 25 years ago but only for little kids. I don't think I ever used any myself until a few years ago. Of course, I try to avoid the sun at all costs so it's not something I need often. And I don't know squat about all the different kinds.

My insurance affords me $50 in over the counter stuff every quarter and they carry one kind of each of the usual suspects (imodium, cold stuff, aspirin, etc). They had one kind of sun block and I ordered it.

It stinks. That is to say I find the smell icky but the woman next to at the game, as I slathered it on, remarked 'oh I just love the smell of sun block - it just says summer to me!' So, whatever.

Anyway, the point of this entry (and damn time I got there, amirite?) is how shocked I am at how good it works. I slathered it on when I first went out to my seat and sat there, in the sun for 2+ hours and have no sign on my skin that I wasn't inside with the shades drawn. Amazing. Smelly, but amazing.

So hot and sweaty

As I predicted Boston won. Fairly handily. But we did get in a nice pot shot or two. It was just so freakin hot sitting there in the glaring sun. Plus for most of the game, my right arm gets full sun. Left arm does not. I think I'm going to make a sun sleeve to slip on to it for the next two games (which are daytime games).

The shade finally arrived at the bottom of the 8th inning. That was about 3 pm. Now the good news is that the next two day games start 30 minutes later than today's game and the second one is actually the second week in August by which time the sun should be moving over sooner anyway. So, hopefully - at least I'm telling myself - the worst of the hot games are over.

Oh my new Mariner blouse with the big arm holes was a huge hit. I got lots of compliments on it and it was nice an airy. I do need to make sure it gets washed before Saturday - the next day game.

The food, today, was extra specially delicious. There was a blueberry vanilla pudding kind of thing for dessert that was just heaven.

I just deposited my monthly storage rental check of $75 into my Capital One account via my phone. The app converted the $75 into $7,500. Thank you, Capital One!! But instead of rushing out to spend my illgotten gains, I went to twitter and asked the Capital One app whether I needed to take action or if they will fix automagically. I had a response in less than 5 minutes. I need to do nothing. They will fix. I love that Twitter support

My air conditioner has cooled me off now. I think I'm going to go wash my hands and face and then sit back with a little TV and work on my sweater. I'm getting tired of it. But, I think I'll enjoy wearing it so I soldier on.

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To all RedSox fans... I'm sorry, but only a teensy weensy little bit

When I lived on the east coast and my baseball team played in California, the telecast would begin at 10 pm. It was a bitch.

I really did think about that last night. The Mariners played the Boston Red Sox last night starting at 10 pm Boston time. The score was 4-4 in the 9th inning. I was really sleepy. I set the TV to play for another hour, figuring by that time Boston will have hit another home run.

I woke up having to pee at midnight and I checked the score. They were still playing! 4-4 in the 12th. So I turned the TV back on and watched Boston take the lead and then I fell back asleep.

This morning, I learned that at 3 am Boston time, the Red Sox lost. 5 hours and 13 innings since the start of the game and less than 8 hours before the first pitch this afternoon.

WHACKO baseball. But, at least we're on the right side of the whack. Sorry, Boston, but actually, really, not a whole bunch. I'm sure you will win today.

The pool was packed this morning. Packed. People waiting. At 5:30 am. Most of the time I am the only one there but today, apparently, there was some kind of cattle call and everyone answered. It was the weirdest thing ever. I did see one woman I used to swim with all the time. She's been coming at 8 but this morning had to take someone to the airport. It was fun to see her again.

The home owners board is spending $3K for a security consultant and he's coming next Wednesday. The board president asked me to be in a small group of people who meet with him. For a lot of reasons (mostly the other people in the group) I'd rather not BUT on the other hand, what better way to hear condo gossip. And I can't really say no to Sandy. And maybe the one woman in the group who drives me nuts won't be able to attend.

The countertop guys forgot to test all the drawers. I went to open one yesterday and it was being held hostage by the countertop over hang. I finally got it open and I think I can sand down the obstruction enough so that it will clear easily but I need sand paper and/or a chisel. I think I'm going to see if there's any in the condo 'shop'. If I have to, I'll call the company and have them send the guys back to fix but I hope not.

My plan is to leave here about 10:30 to go to the ballpark. I'm looking forward to the fried avocado salad and the lobster mac and cheese and everything else. I'm skipping breakfast and plan to be starving when I get there.

Hard won haul

It was too sunny and hot to be driving around in a car this morning. The glare is a killer, not to mention the heat. Oh, glare reminds me, I need to call the eye doctor for an appointment. Just did. 7:40 next Tuesday. Since I'd much rather have the earliest appointment I can get, I can usually get in pretty fast. And this trick just worked again!

So back to my trip. I started with DK Market and found my crackers as well as some other goodies. Then on to Walmart where the customer service line had nobody in it! I got my refund and couldn't really find anything to spend the money on there so I split.

I went to St. Vincent de Pauls which was a huge disappointment. So huge, in fact, that when I got back to the car, I googled for a nearby Goodwill and found one. SCORE!! 3 jersey sheets and a yard of beautiful periwinkle french terry (vest for sure) and two other nice nice yards of stripey knits. $30.

Did I mention I have a new grape counter top?

I spent some time cleaning up the sewing room and then did another test tshirt. I decided the previous one was just a hair to long in the shoulders and shoulder fit is the most important fit to me. So I redid. Today's test nailed. it. Oh and I also tested sleeve length for short sleeves. I like my short sleeves longer than most. Also nailed that. I need to hem the sleeves and bottom but it got too hot in the sewing room.

So I left that for another day and I'm cutting the elastic out of the sheets in front of the air conditioner.

Tomorrow I have another Diamond Club game but it is an afternoon game and I cannot say I'm really looking forward to it that much. My next three games, as a matter of fact, are all afternoon games. I need to work on my attitude about this. It would be really silly to spend this much for an experience I don't enjoy. I do have the breezy Mariner shirt I made and one of those hand held mister fans. And it will be cooler than the last afternoon game I suffered through.

Just remembered that I forgot to get the mail. I think I'll do that now.

Wait to hear if I got screwed

The laminate place scared the shit out of me this morning. They sent me two different invoices adding up to more than double their original estimate AND told me they could not use my Discover card (which they had no trouble using when they charged me for 50% up front). A few emails and a call later, all the invoice issues were cleared up, they gave me $100 off and I'm not worried about the Discover card. If they want their $ they will noodle that one out on their own.

Made for an interesting morning though. My kitchen looks so wonderful. I drag my hand around that bull nosed edge every time I walk by. I've decided, however, that it's not purple. It's grape. Just got the email that she was able to use my Discover card as I suspected she would :)

Oh and in the middle of all the kitchen billing issues my chromebook froze which it does very rarely - maybe once a year. I use my chromebook for most everything and if it died, I'd be sooooo sad. They don't make them any more and probably won't ever again and I really don't want it to die.

I'm kind of waiting until the rush hour traffic clears out a bit and then I'm going to hit the road for a quick (I hope) trip down south to Walmart and the big Asian market. And a stop at St. Vincent de Paul's to see if I can find some more jersey sheets. Then home for sewing and other mayhem.

Now I know

There is a gigantic slate of mayoral candidates in our primary coming up August 1. I have had my choice narrowed down to two for a while now. I haven't voted yet because I keep changing my mind between them. A or B?

Just now I rode up in the elevator with the woman who lives two doors down. She was on the city council for many many years and only ever speaks to me during campaigns when she introduces herself as if we have never met. Since she got voted out finally, she ran one more time and then gave up and has not introduced herself to me since. Besides finding her difficult as a person, I disagree with her politics and her decisions while on the council.

Today she's wearing a Vote For B t-shirt and carrying a sign saying Vote For B. To be honest, B is the one I was leaning away from anyway, but knowing that my neighbor thinks she's vote worthy is plenty enough reason for me to vote for A.

Decision made. Ballot filled out and ready to pop into the ballot box which is right next to the library which reminds me, I have CDs to return. Better get both of those onto the calendar!

p.s. I do love that my top two choices are women. Of the 21 people running, 6 are women. Seattle had the first woman first female mayor of a major American city. She served from 1926 to 1928. We have not had one since.