Good news for a change!

about a month ago, because I'm an idiot, I cut out some excess telephone wire without remembering that it is no longer used for telephone but now for internet. the isp guy connected the wires back together but in a real fragile fashion.

last week the internet went out for a minute and i thought fuck! it's that wiring. it wasn't but i got on the horn and found someone to fix it. the guy came today. the nicest guy in the world. he fixed it right up. No longer fragile... it's rock solid with clips and safely out of he way.

WHEW and yeah!!

But in even bigger news, I am better. I feel better - better than I did Saturday or Sunday. I just went out to walk up and down the hall and did the whole circuit without stopping for the first time in many days. I'm panting now but not as desperately as I have been. I really am encouraged.

It could be

1. This was the day I get better regardless.
2. I needed to not start the day with even a little exercise.
3. (or really 2a) I needed more rest/sleep.
4. The new inhaler I started (Spiriva) on Saturday, really is magic.
5. I needed to breathe no chlorine
6. Swimming kills.

I need 5 and 6 to please please please not be true.

But it is nice to not feel like shit. So nice.

I finally heard back from the scooter guy. I'm meeting him (in a public place) tomorrow at 11. Worst case, he's a serial killer and I'm a dead duck. Second worse case, the thing doesn't work and I'm out $200. He's sold a lot of other things and has a 5 out of 5 star rating so I'm guessing the killer thing is probably a no. The $200 is a crap shoot and I'm willing to shoot.

PLUS... Hopefully, I'll get it home set it up, test it out and then have no use for it!

I'm all set for the housecleaner on Tuesday. I have a basket full of stuff made from her goodies.


I have another bear to add to the pile but he's not finished yet.


Today we're trying a new thing. (Who the hell is 'we'????) No swimming. There may be a walk down the hall just to test the lung status but maybe not. I'm going to try an stay quiet and just do what is comfortable to do.

Yesterday I got out my shovel and dug into lung issues on Google. I hit a pocket of some real technical medical shit and decided that maybe a few years of medical school beats a few hours of Googleing but still I got some good info, I think. At least info that makes me feel better.

One thing I learned which is particularly comforting in a kind of odd way is that fixing shortness of breath does not mean oxygen 24/7. Dyspnea (shortness of breath) is what I have and it is different than hypoxemia (low blood oxygen) which is what they fix by strapping on an oxygen tank. I do not have hypoxemia.

I also found, maybe, a deal on a scooter. One (or 1.5) big scooter issues is where, in my house, to keep it when I don't need it. Because, hopefully, there will be big blocks of time when I won't need it. So The foldable, travel kind is what I want. But, of course, those are more expensive. They range from about $600-$1500 new. However, it turns out, most people don't buy new. There are bascillion used scooters for sale. Kind of creepy when you figure this is true because their owners died and/or are not now well enough to use them. But, whatever.

I found one 'for sale' from a guy over near the Microsoft campus who says it was new in the sealed box in a storage unit he bought the contents of. This model sells for $700. He was asking $300. I offered $200 and he said ok. I'm waiting now to hear pickup/sale details from him. So if he follows through, and he's not lying and this thing works, it will be perfect. Stay tuned.

So far I've wallowed in bed but I think maybe that's not going to work long term. I think I'll get up and get dressed and go wallow in the living room for a while.

Doing nothing. Exciting stuff!

Less than good

Swimming today - 1
Land yesterday - 3

This is not good. Today's swim was so bad that I only got half the distance in the usual time and I'm pretty sure that's a generous report. It was so bad that the swimmer in the next lane stopped and asked me if I was ok. "You usually never stop and today you are all stop." Yep.

I think tomorrow, I'll skip first thing in the morning and try heading to the pool after I've been up for a while and see if that makes any difference. I swim for fun and today was not fun.

I have had a very healthy life. I can pretty much remember and count on one hand the total number of times I've been sick enough to stay in bed for more than a day for all of my 68 years. I broke my arm once when I was a teenager. That's it. That's the sum total of my physical misery. Until now. I have no tools to deal with this. I keep thinking that life is too short to live any of it in this kind of distress. If all goes well, I may have 10-15 years left. I'm not at all interested in spending them like this.

And then, my other self says. WTF. Get over yourself. If you sit still and don't move, you are fine. There is lots of stuff you can do sitting still - stuff you really like to do. Yes, if this goes on forever, it will suck but surely you can suck it up and deal with it for now and until it gets better. If, this time next week, it is not, call Dr. Lung and get a plan.


Meanwhile in the tiny part of my current life that is not whiny, I'm doing laundry this morning and plan on some sewing. I want to remember to check on the football games. I'm now mildly interested in the scores, not particularly the games.

I feel better when I have a plan

Swim today - 4
Land yesterday - 4

Today was spent researching scooters. The Mobility kind. The foldable/storable kind. Pricey but, they will get me to baseball games if all else fails. It looks like my insurance may cover some of the cost but even if not, at least it's an option. With choices. That will work. And fit into my house without taking up half of it.

Tomorrow it will be one week since I was at Dr. Lung's. I feel way worse now than I did then. I'm giving it another week and then I'm going to contact him ... I know you said time... but how fucking much time??!!

I did go take the garbage down to the dumpster and noticed there was a rather odd looking queue in front of the front door of the building.

After the garbage dump, I went out to investigate. There are young and old with bags of stuff lined up nearly the entire block (and it's along block). I finally asked somebody... Marshawn Lynch (he used to be a Seahawks football player) has a pop up shop at the end of the block and, apparently is there today signing autographs. This is, for some - old and young and fat and thin - a VBD. So they are queued up with their stuff to sign. Weird. He hasn't played here in nearly a year according to Wikipedia.

On the up side I only had to stop once on the garbage/queue investigation trip.

I made 1.5 dolls. And I'm happy with the progress with the Christmas present goods. I think my house cleaner will be happy with the results.

My tracker and I agree...

My swim this morning was not terrible because an hour in the water is a better hour than any other BUT it was not a good swim. I did a couple of 200 yard swims but mostly did 50's and 100's with stops in between to catch my breath.

Then I went to the grocery store - slowly - and handled that without issue. However, getting everything from the car to my condo was a big issue.

It's all so depressing. Last night I woke up and could hear the Amazon party breaking up. It is maybe 40 feet from my bed to the sliding glass doors and I actually did lie in bed and debate whether or not it was worth the panting/gasping it would take to get from bed to the door and back. (My breathing is way way way worse when I get up in the morning or the middle of the night. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to be able to move without gasping but then it's ok.)

I gave up on walking to the ballpark next Wednesday. ljtourist is coming as my +1. So, if he agrees, I'm going to pick him up and drive us the ballpark and let him drop me off at the door and then park the car. Then I can take him home after. I'm assuming a lot but I think he'll go for it.

Last night I thought about a motorized Razor ... my balance sucks but otherwise, I'd be tempted to try one. If this does not get better by March 30 - my first game of the season, I'm not sure what I'll do. Maybe there's a magical tiny, foldable, electric scooter I could get. I wish there was a magical, tiny, foldable, electric scooter store.

But enough of that. Time to get on with my day. I need to put away the groceries and put on another shirt. It is chilly in here. And then maybe a little doll making.


Just tried the hallway walk. Up and back 200 yards. Made it tonight with no stopping. But had that been a real walk, I would have had to make at least a short stop at 200 yards before going on.

Google says it's 1056 yards between here and the baseball stadium which is the goal for next Wednesday. The program starts at 7:30pm. Maybe if I leave on Tuesday.

ok, just ok

Today is a rare space heater day. It's really when my hands get cold that I turn on this little tiny space heater. Yes, I could put on gloves or mittens but I don't. The space heater is fine.

The Amazon crowd should start arriving soon. It is 46 degrees outside here right now. (66 inside) And the rain is supposed to start momentarily. Excellent weather for an outdoor party. I'm sure those giant tents have heaters in them but really. Ugh.

I did get a doll made and a wild looking creature. And I went outside... across the street and down the block to the ATM. Made it there and back ok. But, outside of that and the encouraging swim this morning it's been a crap day lung wise. This shit is getting old.

I did sort through the foreign currency that Sandy gave me a few weeks ago. The coins are mostly not worth anything. But, unless I'm not reading the internet correctly, the Japanese yen are worth about $80. So I sent them off today for exchange. Cash in an envelope. That's safe, right? Nothing ventured. Also there was a bunch o' still valid Canadian cash so I added it to my own Canadian cash stash and now I've got more than $100 to sprinkle around Victoria or Vancouver whichever I hit next. So pretty good haul and fun working through it.

Back weeks ago when I cut off the excess phone cable in the closet and so cut off my internet, the Wave G guy cobbled together a fix for me but knowing that if Zoey sneezes in the right place, I could go down again has bugged me. I just didn't know what to do about it. I mean it's telephone wire. The telephone company is not going to want to come out and fix it. The Wave G guy was great to do what he could but he was clear that he was working outside his box there.

So when my brother was here, I grilled him and he gave e the clue - low voltage. The internet turned up a bunch of electricians but that's way more fire power than I need. I did fine one dude who had the worst website I've really ever seen. I noted the name and phone number and moved the task to Someday I'll Get A Roundtoit. Then today I picked up the modem because the cables were caught on something and the internet went down. FUCK. Finally, I figured out I'd hit the 'off' button when I picked it up and got the internet back but it spurred me to to call the guy.

He turned out to be exactly what I need. He's a 1 guy + 2 half guys (great visual, I think) and all they do is cable - coax, fiber, phone, whatever. He had me send a picture. Then he sent a picture of the gizmo he would use to fix. $50 ok? Absolutely (my brother said that it might cost as much as $300). He said he'd be out next week. Whew.

Now I think I'll finish off Major Crimes. I have 1.25 episodes left. I'm going to miss this series. But, it's time to say goodbye. Plus I have a teddy bear arm and two ears to finish while I watch.

today's swim = 6
yesterday's day = 5

Is it me or Memorex?

This morning was the first time since early December - except some of the prednisone days - that my swim felt better than the day before. Not worlds better but better is better than not and I'll take it. I not only didn't have to stop as often and as long, I really just flat felt better. It is so encouraging not to feel worse.

However... my tracker says it was not even as good as yesterday's swim. So, here's the rule about me and my tracker. Anytime it reports a better result than I expect, we go with the tracker. Anytime it reports not as good as I expect, we go with me. When you are 68, almost 69 years old, you get to make whatever rules you want. And that's the rule I want.

Also, last night something weird happened. I had tried walking the hallway earlier in the day and it wasn't good. In fact, I really just felt crummy. I was watching TV and thought that maybe I'd try the hallway one more time, just to see. My plan was that I'd take a hit off the albuterol inhaler, wait 15 mins (until Jeopardy was over) and try again. In about 10 minutes I realized that I no longer felt crummy. The walk wasn't that great or even that much better but I felt better. Weird. Mostly when I suck down the albuterol, I can't really feel a difference. But last night I absolutely did.

So maybe there's hope for me yet.

I think today I'll tackle the fabric in the house cleaner's basket and make a doll or two or creature. I have a bear 3/4ths done with some of the yarn. I do want to have some results to show her when she's here next Wednesday.

We are 6 weeks away for the first baseball game of the season. Spring training game but I'm counting it. And so looking forward to it.